Living Energy| Mar 03, 2015

“Today it’s cool to become and engineer, it has completely changed since I was a student,” Prof Jacob Østergaard remembers

A new brand of engineers

This is the final part of our decentralized energy blogpost-series with Professor Jacob Østergaard. Here you can find the first part of the series: The island in building 329 Click here to read part 2: The energy partisan “Follow me, follow me,” the older students carrying the colored flags shout to the dozens of novices following them through the halls of Denmark's Technical University (DTU), set on the fringes of the capital, Copenhague. It is orientation day, and hundreds of students pass ...

Denis Imamovic | Feb 26, 2015

Siemens GIL in Kaprun, Austria – 45° installation to connect the Limberg hydro power plant to the grid

Overhead lines in a can – the GIL alternative to power cables

This is part 2 from my gas-insulated transmission lines blogpost-series. Here you can find the introducing part: "Power trip – Are there alternatives to overhead transmission lines?". The increasing demand for power brings high-voltage and extra high-voltage lines closer to the end users in urban areas or even the heart of cities. But space for high-voltage transmission systems is more and more restricted and environmental requirements such as EMC and fire protection are of fundamenta ...

Living Energy| Feb 25, 2015


I am a partisan, but don't call the police! - Professor Jacob Østergaard sees himself at the forefront of decentralized energy production

The energy partisan

Professor Jacob Østergaard, electrical engineer and founding head of the Centre for Electric Power and Energy at Denmark's Technical University (DTU), is a respectable scientist. It might strike one as a surprise then if he introduces himself as a partisan. “But please don't call the police,” he says to the team of Living Energy. “I’m a legal partisan, and I’m not using bombs or bullets for my revolution.” Instead, Jacob Østergaard uses steel, polymers, and the latest feats of engineering. “I’m ...

Living Energy| Feb 17, 2015


Instead of flying to Bornholm, Professor Jacob Østergaard (right) can steer the EcoGrid EU project remotely from his base at Danish Technical University, DTU

The island in building 329

It's a cloudy day in the outskirts of the Danish capital Copenhague, and the yellow-brick building the team of Living Energy is about to visit looks just like so many others at Danish Technical University (DTU). But once inside, that impression changes quickly. Behind a crowded workshop lies a modern control room, checking the energy supply of an entire island, as Professor Jacob Østergaard points out.The biggest experiment One in ten inhabitants of the Danish island of Bornholm is partaking in ...

SOV Log Book| Feb 13, 2015


SOVs open up new horizons for offshore service - Final fitting at the Norwegian shipyard

It’s all about efficiency today

Ken Sørensen is Senior Vice President at Siemens Wind Power A/S in Brande, Denmark. Among other things, he oversees all maritime and aviation activities that are related to operation and maintenance on Siemens wind turbines. The 40-year old electrical engineer joined Siemens three years ago after having acquired broad international experience in a number of companies and countries. Sørensen is married and has two daughters, aged six and nine. In this blog post he explains what makes Siemens the ...