SOV Log Book| Jul 03, 2015

The “Esvagt Faraday” in operation

Wind farm service: teamwork is essential

“Esvagt Froude” and “Esvagt Faraday”, Siemens’s new service operation vessels, are the result of excellent teamwork involving a large number of people. Throughout the design process, the shipyard, shipbuilders Esvagt, and Siemens, the client, came up with a number of clever ways to turn the idea into reality. And, of course, as far as life aboard and offshore service missions are concerned, teamwork continues to be of paramount importance. The numerous guests at the launch of the “Esvagt Farada ...

SOV Log Book| Jul 01, 2015

Ingo Bischof

Servicing one turbine after the other – Living and working on a wind farm

Recently christened, the “Esvagt Faraday” , Siemens’ new SOV, is now in operation on German offshore wind farms. Ingo Bischof, Project Manager for the Butendiek wind farm in the North Sea, has just returned from a trial tour of duty. He explains what it’s like to live and work aboard the new service operation vessel. The high, curved bows of the freshly launched SOV “Esvagt Faraday” soaring into the Hamburg skies are an impressive sight. At almost 84 meters, the special ship is a world first, d ...

SOV Log Book| Jun 26, 2015

The world’s first -Our offshore Service Operation Vessel

Full steam ahead for Siemens’ new SOVs

“I am a little nervous after all,” admitted the patroness of Siemens’ brand-new service operation vessel before christening the new ship at Hamburg harbor. The young lady in question, Ruth Harkort-Berge, daughter of wpd’s Offshore CEO Achim Berge Olsen, brought the launch a great deal of luck: the bottle shattered with a loud bang, and the name of the new vessel, “Esvagt Faraday,” was revealed. In the world of navigation, the customer is traditionally king and hence also provides the patroness ...

SOV Log Book| Jun 25, 2015


Bridging waves with Service Operation Vessels

Out on the high seas, far from the coast, the winds are particularly strong. This is the ideal place for offshore wind farms, and it is precisely here, thanks to the trend towards renewable energy, that large wind farms are being built. Yet until now, no appropriate maintenance concept for these high-performance power stations has been developed. By developing the idea of special service operation vessels (SOVs), Siemens has adopted a new, innovative approach, focusing on greater security and ef ...

SOV Log Book| Jun 24, 2015

In service soon - the Baltic II SOV conducts final sea trials in Norway

Offshore service operation vessels: from idea to completion

The wind energy sector is growing and growing – and its services must also keep up to speed. Siemens developed a concept to tackle this at an early stage, and has opted to deploy offshore service operation vessels (or SOVs for short). We’ve reported regularly on these special SOVs in the EnergyBlog over the past year – and two of them are now in operation. State-of-the-art offshore wind farms have an output of several hundred megawatts and, increasingly, they are located at some distance from t ...