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They’re on the way from Michigan to Holland - a turbine passes through a tight spot under a bridge

Every journey comes to an end: Final destination Holland Energy Park

This is the third part of our blogpost series covering the journey of two gas turbines from Sweden to the USA. Find here the first and the second part of the series. With the P21 – Power for the 21st Century Initiative, the American town of Holland intends to secure its power supply for the next few decades in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner. Two high-efficiency industrial gas turbines SGT-800 from Siemens will play a crucial role. The Swedish-made machines have ...

Denis Imamovic | Aug 05, 2015

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When cables won't do

GIL’s Electromagnetic Advantage

As three previous posts in this series have shown, gas insulated lines (GILs) offer many advantages to pyloned power lines or buried cables. Here’s another advantage: they are more electromagnetically compatible. GILs are a great solution for specific challenges. In populated areas, for lines carrying more than 380 kV and 2,000 A, the line-in-a-can option allows high-tension lines to pass close to people and to occupy relatively little space. Fire risk is zero, and GILs can be put into multi-fu ...

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The two gas turbines SGT-800 on their way from Sweden to the US - the Fagelgracht, which measures around 137 in length, is a dedicated Dutch ship

Two strong Swedes cross the ocean

This is the second part of our blogpost series covering the journey of two gas turbines from Sweden to the USA. Find the first part of the series here. An SGT-800, the largest and most powerful of Siemens’ industrial gas turbines, has a capacity of about 400 middle class cars. Along with an SST-400 industrial steam turbine, two of these machines will form the heart of the Holland Energy Park, one of the most environmentally friendly, fossil-fired power plants in the United States. But before re ...

A unique journey - Two gas turbines on their way from Sweden to the USA

A unique journey: Two gas turbines on their way from Sweden to the USA

It will be one of the most sustainable fossil fuel-based power generation facilities in the US: The Holland Energy Park combined cycle power plant in Michigan. The plant’s core will consist of two industrial gas turbines and an industrial steam turbine of type SST-400 made by Siemens. The two gas turbines of type SGT-800 have now begun their journey from Finspong, Sweden, to Holland in Michigan. No job for wimps: Moving 130 tons Each of the two gas turbines, which are destined for the Holland ...

SOV Log Book| Jul 10, 2015


Full steam ahead with Siemens’ BlueDrive system

It’s not so bad to be different

The childhood fairytale ‘The Ugly Duckling’ is a classic story about a duckling that is somewhat different to his counterparts. And with this fairytale in mind it comes to no surprise why so many have referred to our Service Offshore Vessel (the SOV) as an ugly duckling – as it too is quite different from other vessels. But the SOV’s extraordinarily shaped bow and high superstructure are not the only reasons why it is so distinctive. Inside the hull lays a unique piece of propulsion engineering, ...