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Alicia Carrasco| Apr 22, 2015

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Transforming Energy Regulations and Markets: Ofgem Seeks Input

As the electric power industry evolves, new business models present many opportunities and risks. Seeking options to constructively and proactively transform the energy market (while also lowering electric bills, benefiting the environment, and protecting the interest of current and future consumers) U.K. energy regulator Ofgem has opened a consultation to investigate nontraditional business models. Submit comments to Ofgem here: Input is invited from from utilities, i ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Mar 30, 2015

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Smart Water: Helping water utilities get ahead of infrastructure challenges

Water utilities face more daunting challenges than ever before: infrastructure keeps aging, demand for water keeps growing, pressure to conserve is higher and water supply is less secure -- all while resources to repair, upgrade and expand water networks remain constrained. Applying smart metering and other intelligence to distribution networks can help water utilities get ahead of all of these challenges. A new publication from Siemens, Take Control of Your Water Future, explains how smart wate ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Mar 24, 2015

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Making meter data management a nexus of enterprise operations: JEA case study

Utilities often deploy smart metering (AMI) networks with the initial goal of direct revenue and billing enhancements. But AMI also can be the gateway to significant strategic, business and operational benefits that can benefit every aspect of utility operations and business. When JEA (one of the largest nonprofit, community-owned utilities in the U.S., based in Jacksonville, Fla.) deployed an AMI network, they had a clear vision of a long-term strategy. AMI would improve the timeliness and reli ...

Usman Sindhu| Mar 12, 2015

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Observations from the Utility Analytics Summit 2015

The recent Utility Analytics Summit (March 3-5, Phoenix) offered insight into some innovative ways to used data analytics to solve crucial business problems. This event brought together a mix of North American utility professionals and solution providers. Here are my key takeaways: Utilities need a concerted long-term vision on analytics. Adopting a metrics-based approach to analytics is crucial. Utilities need innovative analytics solutions. Of course, "analytics" is an amorphous ...

Harald Mayer| Mar 06, 2015


Data-driven asset management: taking the next step

The operating condition of switchgear and other assets strongly influences the efficiency, performance and risk exposure of power distribution networks.  A session at a recent conference in Hong Kong, Essential Infrastructure from Vision to Engineering Reality, explored emerging opportunities in how grid operators can leverage condition data to enhance asset management. According to Norbert Kaiser, CTO of Siemens Asset Services, robust asset management begins with making asset data available ov ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 10, 2015

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Create a more intelligent distribution grid with Siemens at E-world 2015

At E-world 2015 (Feb. 10-12, Essen, Germany), Siemens will feature several offerings to help utilities create more intelligent distribution grids -- through distribution automation, data management, control centers, and intelligent field assets. Visit the Siemens booth Hall 3 / Stand 3-211 Here is a preview of some of these offerings, and how they can benefit utilities in Germany and elsewhere. (See links and attached brochures for details.) FITformer REG. This regulated distribution transformer ...

Harald Mayer| Feb 09, 2015


Substation condition monitoring: Overcoming integration challenges

Monitoring the current condition of switchgear and transformers can be a powerful strategy to help utilities prevent failures and optimize the useful life of these key assets. So why isn't every utility doing it? In a new video, Laurent van Groningen (Product Lifecycle Manager, Siemens Asset Services) explained that it often is challenging to directly integrate condition monitoring data into utility's existing systems. For instance, SCADA systems often are certified in a way that would not allow ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 05, 2015

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Spectrum Power: Intelligent control center solution for municipal and multi-utilities

One of the best ways that utilities can ensure reliability and protect their investments is to control their distribution networks effectively and efficiently. For many municipal and multi-commodity utilities, maintaining the highest standard for network control can be especially daunting. At E-world 2015 (Feb. 10-12, Essen, Germany), Siemens will demonstrate an advanced control center solution, Spectrum Power. At E-world: See a demonstration of Spectrum Power Visit the Siemens booth: Hall 3 / ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 04, 2015

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Transformer condition monitoring: Real-time dashboard extends useful life, prevents failures

Transformers are some of the most valuable assets in any power distribution network -- and their failures can be spectacular, costly, and even dangerous. One strategy to extend the useful life of transformers, and prevent creeping or catastrophic failures, is to continuously monitor their condition in real time. A Jan. 22 Engerati webinar examined how the Siemens Transformer Condition Monitoring service can offer utilities a dashboard-style, near-real-time view of these critical assets -- indiv ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 02, 2015

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Siemens at DistribuTECH 2015, Feb. 3-5, San Diego

This year marks the 25th anniversary of DistribuTECH, one of the largest annual utility industry gatherings. This conference and exhibition is expected to draw more than 10,000 attendees from around the world. In an increasingly competitive energy marketplace, inaction is no longer an option. Utilities must consider every resource to meet the challenge of shareholder and customer demands. Smart Grid by Siemens offers the industry's most innovative IT solutions -- allowing utilities to transform ...