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Joachim Hechinger| Nov 28, 2013

Data Driven Services Modell 1

X-ray vision of the factory

Industry 4.0 is the so-called fourth industrial revolution. The vision for tomorrow’s production: Intelligent factories where machines, materials and products communicate in an Internet of Things, mutually controlling the production. At SPS IPC Drives 2013, you can already experience the fusion of the virtual world with real manufacturing, as described with the keyword Industry 4.0. A service factory model displayed at the Siemens booth shows how production data can be used to bring strategic de ...

Ulf Bittner| Nov 18, 2013

Bernd-Gerhard Dorner

„Besondere Highlights gibt es auf der SPS eigentlich immer.“

Vom 26. Bis 28. November 2013 findet die SPS IPC Drives bereits zum 24. Mal statt. Seit 1997 ist die Messe in Nürnberg beheimatet und genau seit diesem Jahr ist Bernd-Gerhard Dorner dafür verantwortlich, dass auf dem Siemens-Messestand alles am richtigen Platz ist. Wir haben mit „Mister SPS“ über seine SPS IPC Drives gesprochen. Herr Dorner, die SPS IPC Drives ist ja seit 1997 in Nürnberg beheimatet. Wie sahen damals die Anfänge von Siemens auf der Messe aus? Bernd-Gerhard Dorner: Damals bestand ...

Ulf Bittner| Nov 18, 2013

Bernd-Gerhard Dorner

“There are always special highlights at the SPS.”

From November 26 to 28, 2013, the SPS IPC Drives will be held for the 24th time already. The show has been based in Nuremberg since 1997, and since then, Bernd-Gerhard Dorner has been responsible for ensuring that everything at the Siemens booth is in the right place. We spoke with “Mister SPS” about his SPS IPC Drives. Mr. Dorner, the SPS IPC Drives has been in Nuremberg since 1997. What did the Siemens booth at the fair look like in the beginning? Bernd-Gerhard Dorner: At that time, the SPS IP ...

Messe Blog Team| Dec 12, 2012

Connecting productivity and efficiency

SPS IPC Drives 2012: a successful trade fair for Siemens

SPS IPC Drives 2012 ended a few days ago. More than 56,000 experts visited the trade fair at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center from November 27 to 29, affirming once again the status of SPS IPC Drives as the top show for electric and electronic automation. This year roughly 90 percent of all attendees paid a visit to the Siemens booth. Covering approximately 3,000 square meters, it was not only the biggest exhibition at the entire show, it also attracted the most visitors &#x ...

Messe Blog Team| Dec 07, 2012

Connecting productivity and efficiency

Erfolgreiche Messetage für Siemens auf der SPS IPC Drives 2012

Die SPS IPC Drives 2012 ist nun seit einigen Tagen vorbei. Vom 27. bis 29. November waren mehr als 56.000 Fachbesucher auf dem Nürnberger Messegelände unterwegs. Damit hat die SPS IPC Drives erneut ihre Spitzenposition als Fachmesse zur elektrischen Automatisierung bestätigt. In diesem Jahr schauten etwa 90 Prozent der gesamten Messebesucher am Siemens-Stand vorbei. Damit war dieser mit seinen rund 3.000 Quadratmetern nicht nur der größte auf der gesamten Messe, sondern ...

Messe Blog Team| Dec 05, 2012



SIMOTICS electric motors showed at SPS IPC Drives 2012

At the SPS IPC Drives fair we showed of course our Simotics electric motors range from high efficiency low-voltage motors and DC motors to dynamic servo motors and powerful high-voltage motors. Our electric motors can be used in a wide variety of applications – from standard applications such as pumps and ventilators to highly complex motion control tasks. Low-voltage asynchronous motors We have fully implemented the efficiency classes for low-voltage async ...

Messe Blog Team| Dec 03, 2012


To Mars with PLM software from Siemens

With our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions, we help our customers to make the smartest decisions and build the best products. We take into account all areas of the product life cycle, including the initial concept, design specification, actual production, and support, all the way to the end of a product’s life. Visitors to our booth at SPS IPC Drives had no doubts. “We show visitors the complete range of PLM solutions for the entir ...

Messe Blog Team| Dec 03, 2012



How can conveyor technology be used to efficiently and safely automate logistics processes?

Whether conveying, sorting, storing, or picking, when it comes to conveyor-related processes in logistics, the key to success is productivity across the board. Innovative and consistent concepts based on standard products serve to reduce expenditures for engineering, installation, and commissioning. Standardized products with uniform interfaces contribute to an efficient conveyor technology application. Along with motor starters, converters, identification systems, switchgear, and ...

Messe Blog Team| Nov 30, 2012



Simatic Remote Support Services: Secure and comprehensive

Technology-based services are needed throughout the entire lifecycle of a plant, whether during commissioning, for maintenance and servicing during ongoing operations, or for the prevention of plant outages. They boost plant availability and ultimately your company's competitiveness. Simatic Remote Support Services make all of our expert knowledge available throughout the world, around the clock, quickly and securely. Platform technology ensures maximum security Our multilevel s ...

Messe Blog Team| Nov 30, 2012


Energy management with SIMATIC – capturing energy data

Energy efficiency is playing an increasingly important role in industry. Growing energy costs, increasing pressure to show a return on investment, and a heightened awareness of climate protection are key factors for introducing an energy management system. With energy management with Simatic, we give our customers the opportunity to further boost their competitiveness and to make their energy and environmental costs throughout the company completely transparent. “We enable ou ...