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Usman Sindhu| May 30, 2014


Are you worried about the utility death spiral? Why not look at the innovation spiral?

A lot of news about the utility death spiral continues as solar adoption grows. Investors are also signaling for and worrying about expected changes in the utility business models. I find it exciting for the utility sector in two ways. First, the challenge presents an opportunity to create better regulatory models, which benefit consumers, and obliges utility companies to improve their brands. At the moment, utilities, especially in the regulated regions, have no incentive to become consumer foc ...

Usman Sindhu| May 16, 2014


What’s New and Upcoming in the Utility World - April 2014

The utility industry is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape with no shortage of topics to discuss. I'll be writing a recap each month of some interesting news shaping the utility industry, and I invite readers to contribute and share their thoughts as well. During April, the topics that were of most interest to me ranged from California legislation to utility mergers: 1. California Title 24 is set to begin in June 2014. According to this code, thermostats, HVAC systems, building automation sys ...

Usman Sindhu| Jan 21, 2014

DistribuTECH 2014 conference is approaching – What are your expectations?

Many utility professionals are getting ready to attend the DistribuTECH conference in San Antonio, Texas next week. This year’s DistribuTECH has a rich list of topics as always to keep us engaged. I’m sure, everyone has an eye on various themes impacting the utility industry in general and your job in particular. This year will be important for utilities to strengthen and reinvent their business models. Here’s a list of themes that I’ll personally be following during DistribuTECH: 1.    How util ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Dec 19, 2013

EcoGrid EU part 2: Lessons on engaging customers via the smart grid

On the Danish island of Bornholm, the Ecogrid EU smart grid demonstration project is providing valuable lessons in how utilities can engage customers to help everyone gain maximum benefits from smart grid technology. A 10 December IEEE Tech Insider webinar offered an overview of this project, including what Østkraft (the Danish utility based in Bornholm, which is in charge of Ecogrid EU) has been learning about engaging residential and business customers in the smart grid. Nearly 10% of all hous ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Nov 23, 2013

Meter-to-cash: What it is, and why it's only the starting point for smart meter benefits

Meter-to-cash (M2C) is one of the most common business justifications for deploying smart meters and meter data management (MDM) platforms. But MDM is much more than just M2C. MDM can comprise several strategies that help utilities increase revenues and reduce costs, not just through the billing system. "As a utility industry term, M2C is a big bucket," notes Chris King, Chief Regulatory Officer for eMeter, a Siemens business, which offers the EnergyIP MDM platform. "Vendors sell ...

Usman Sindhu| Nov 15, 2013

How eMeter and Siemens are helping European utilities adapt and thrive

Europe's energy landscape is evolving swiftly -- and, together, Siemens and eMeter are helping European utilities keep up with the changes. Last month, prior to attending European Utility Week 2013, Siemens and eMeter, A Siemens Business, met with our European customers to revisit their priorities and direction. These utilities are working to understand the dynamic regulatory environment as well as their own internal business needs -- challenges faced by all utilities across Europe. They're als ...

Casey Novak| Jan 30, 2013

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DistribuTECH Day 1 Recap

We’re getting into day two at DistribuTECH and the weather is just beautiful today. I think everyone is really enjoying the walk from their hotels to the convention center! Since I last posted, Siemens has been busy, busy! The CEO of our Smart Grid Division, Dr. Jan Mrosik, and the president of Smart Grid North America, Dr. Thierry Godart, started off yesterday taping a video interview with Tom Kindred, CIO and VP of SaskPower. Tom shared with us that their ten year IT/OT pl ...

Chris King| Jan 18, 2013

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Smart meter privacy: Minnesota, California regulators watching out for consumers

Protecting customer privacy is a top concern of policymakers as utilities roll out and utilize smart meters. This month Minnesota requested public input on smart meter privacy -- joining a growing list of states and nations considering this matter. Several months ago, the California PUC adopted the world's first comprehensive set of rules to ensure that consumers can access the detailed energy usage data gathered by their smart meter -- while also protecting the privacy and security ...

Jaren Krchnavi| Nov 23, 2012

Key drivers for new solutions

Recap of the European Utility Week 2012

I had a great time at the European Utility Week in October 2012 because I had the chance to talk to some great Smart Grid industry thought leaders. I feel I could write a book about everything I learned from this event, but I will just share briefly one part with you. The take away that I would like to share comes from Dr. Mrosik, the CEO of the Smart Grid Division. His speech was very interesting to me because I learned about four key drivers of the Smart Grid: the integration of r ...

Michael Loiacono| Oct 11, 2012

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Sharing the 700 MHz Public Safety Broadband Network with Utilities

Utilities depend on wireless communication systems to monitor the status of their infrastructure, communicate with mobile field crews, and control critical system elements such as substations.  As utilities modernize their infrastructure and make the transition to a smarter grid, their dependence on wireless communications will grow tremendously. Despite this dependence, many utilities currently have no wireless communications resources ("spectrum") reserved or dedicated ...