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Usman Sindhu| Jul 27, 2016

Quantifying merits of incorporating renewables into the electrical grid

Distributed energy resources (DER) including electric vehicles, storage, and variable generation (solar, wind) pose threats and opportunities alike to the energy providers. Storage technologies are improving and cost is coming down. The value of using storage to further energy efficiency, energy independence, energy sharing, and a transactive grid is even greater. A White House June 2016 report explores in detail the technical merits of emerging technologies such as variable energy resources (VE ...

Sonita Lontoh| Apr 21, 2016


How much is the Internet of Things worth to the global economy?

(Image: courtesy of Reuters/Tobias Schwarz) This article first appeared as part of the agenda at the World Economic Forum. Sonita Lontoh is a World Economic Forum Agenda contributor. Reprinted with permission. With all the hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), IoT Analytics recently issued an article listing the 10 most popular IoT applications. The list was composed based on what people search on Google, talk about on Twitter, and write about on LinkedIn. The top 10 are listed as fo ...

Usman Sindhu| Jan 28, 2016

mdm 2015 Fotor

Leadership in the Meter Data Management Market

The results of Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meter Data Management Products 2015 are in. Siemens EnergyIP platform along with its MDM application continues being the leader and outperform competition. The results show the product strength, stellar execution, and customers’ trust in Siemens EnergyIP platform.  Siemens strengths outlined by Gartner 1)    Siemens solution for meter data management with advanced applications provide high value to the customers with strong product capabilities and vis ...

Shalin Shah| Jan 22, 2016

2016-01-20 1222

The Fast Track to a Digital Grid

The movement to a Digital Grid is a significant and growing trend in the utility industry, which expects to generate an 18%+ growth rate between now and 2019 and create an overall market size of $118 billion. The applications for advanced analytics for the Digital Grid have the potential for adding significant business value in a number of ways – revenue enhancement, operational efficiency, and reduced costs. Digitizing the grid while maintaining normal ongoing operations is a major challenge. ...

Usman Sindhu| Jan 13, 2016

The “Digital” Grid Year 2016

Gartner Inc. data shows the utility industry has been a leader in deploying Internet of Things technology (e.g. smart meters, field devices, SCADA, communication, automation, and protective relays). But, essentially, they are Intranet of Things. These devices talk via the intranet rather than Internet. These devices have proprietary protocols and communication mechanisms. So the first wave of digitalization will occur on this Intranet of Things. At the same time consumers are the biggest catalys ...

Usman Sindhu| Oct 14, 2015

Recap of the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2015– Utilities Perspective

We expect bold statements and ideas from Gartner Research. One feels rejuvenated with new ideas after attending electric keynotes at the Gartner Symposium. This year was impressive indeed. Analysts and guest speakers talked about how to become an agile IT enterprise embracing digital business. Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president, global head of research at Gartner, shared how companies will generate digital revenue from digital business. Companies like Williams-Sonoma changed their business ...

Usman Sindhu| Aug 31, 2015


Will Data Science Discipline Help Utilities Analytics Practices?

The answer to the above question is yes. At least all participants of Siemens Twitter Chat on July 22, 2015 did concur that data science is an important discipline for utilities to gain deeper insights into the data.  You can follow the conversation at #utilichat on Twitter. It was apparent from the Twitter Chat (#utilichat) that we have more questions about solving many challenges for utilities. Utilities do collect a lot of data and volume has increased in the past few years. Zpryme survey co ...

Usman Sindhu| May 27, 2015

Exploring Merits of the Transactive Energy Model

I recently attended a workshop hosted by GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) on transactive energy. The participants discussed developments of Transactive Energy in North America. There was discussion on how Transactive Energy concept is evolving and who can benefit from it. According to GWAC: “The term “transactive energy” is used here to refer to techniques for managing the generation, consumption or flow of electric power within an electric power system through the use of economic or market ...

Carolin Paravan| Mar 27, 2015

Pillath Petra Rene

Nah und Fern(wirktechnik): Vier Tage „Wasser International“ gehen zu Ende

Zeigten sich hoch zufrieden mit der Resonanz am Stand: Rolf Pillath, Petra Geiß und René Jacobs vom Siemens-Standteam (v.l.n.r.) Viele interessante Gespräche, wertvolles Feedback von Anwendern und eine tolle Atmosphäre vor Ort: Die Messe Wasser Berlin International war für Siemens ein voller Erfolg. Vom 24. bis 27. März trafen sich Experten aus aller Welt auf der führenden Fachmesse für die Wasserwirtschaft. Besonders groß war das Interesse an den Themen Fernwirktechnik und Prozessinstrumentier ...

Carolin Paravan| Mar 27, 2015

Pillath Petra Rene

Telecontrol and many more thrilling topics: Four days at Wasser International come to an end

Rolf Pillath, Petra Geiss and René Jacobs from Siemens' booth team (from left to right) were very pleased with the response at the booth. The Wasser Berlin International trade fair was a resounding success for Siemens with lots of interesting conversations, valuable user feedback, and a great atmosphere. Experts from around the globe gathered at this leading trade fair for the water industry from March 24 to 27. Telecontrol technology and process instrumentation attracted particularly strong in ...