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TheEnergyBlog Team| Apr 24, 2015

SIESTORAGE - initial installation at Enel in Italy

Continuous Power Flow? Totally Integrated!

Walking from one end of Siemens’ 3,500-sqm exhibition area to the other at this year’s Hannover Messe one solution was prevalent across all areas, from Energy to Industry: Totally Integrated Power. It was a way to physically experience the comprehensive scope of Siemens’ end-to-end portfolio encompassing software and hardware products, systems and solutions for all voltage levels – from high-voltage in-feed, to low-voltage consumption, from grid access via industry application to home supply. Ba ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Apr 21, 2015

Saving costs is an important factor in the wind energy business

Higher Cost Efficiency for Wind Energy

In an environmentally friendly generation mix, wind energy is now playing a major role the world over. A long way to come for a comparatively young technology. While developments to tap its full potential are still well under way, Siemens’ wind energy innovations showcased  at this year’s Hannover Messe have  one goal in common: To make the well-established renewable energy source more cost efficient. Siemens is aiming to reduce the costs of wind power. Different approaches will contribute to t ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Apr 16, 2015

Digitalization is enhancing Sustainable Energy Production - ALICE is a self-optimization process that has been developed to teach wind turbines how to automatically and optimally adapt their operation to its local conditions

The Winds of Digital Change - How Digitalization is enhancing Sustainable Energy Generation

As in previous years, the vast majority of solutions being showcased at this year’s Hannover Messe are focused on industrial digitalization in line with that ubiquitous buzzword, Industrie 4.0. As a counterpoint to this prevailing wind, I’d like to use this post to take a look at how digitalization is also revolutionizing the way energy is generated – and more specifically, wind energy. Two innovations in particular have caught my eye this year at the Siemens booth in Hall 9, which show how digi ...

Peter Jefimiec| Apr 10, 2015

Overview of the Siemens booth at the Hannover Messe 2015

Press Diary & Press Lounge at the Hannover Messe 2015

April 13 - 17. The Hannover Messe 2015 is on the doorstep. The two most important Siemens press diary dates at this year’s fair: International Siemens Press Conference Klaus Helmrich, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG with responsibility for the Digital Factory and Process Industries and Drives Divisions, will deliver an address entitled “On the way to Industrie 4.0 – the Digital Enterprise” Monday, April 13 | 6.00 p.m. Convention Center, Room 1  Press Breakfast On the second day ...

Living Energy| Mar 31, 2015


Weinhold’s Power Lines: Giving Form to Ideas

Selective Laser Melting for the Energy Business What is selective laser melting (SLM)? This innovative manufacturing process often reminds me of the “beamer” device in the TV series Star Trek: Information, given form, is translated into matter. A laser beam is applied to metal powder particles and welds them into threedimensional structures, layer by layer. Guided by a CAD blueprint, the substance rapidly hardens into a complex part. Compared to the more established 3-D plastic printing process ...

Christian Böse-Baer| Mar 19, 2015


Siemens auf der Cruise Shipping 2015 in Miami

Siemens Navy & Commercial Vessels und Siemens Media4Cruises zeigen auf der Cruise Shipping neue Trends, frische Impulse und technologische Innovationen für Passagierschiffe. Mittelpunkt des Messeauftritts ist der neue SISHIP eSiPOD-M. Seit 30 Jahren ist die Cruise Shipping Miami eine der führenden Fachmessen und Konferenzen für die Kreuzfahrtindustrie an der Siemens Navy & Commercial Vessels seit 15 Jahren teilnimmt. In diesem Jahr werden rund 900 Aussteller dabei sein und über 11.000 B ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Mar 17, 2015

The SGT5-8000H gas turbine developed by Siemens is the heart of the highly efficient combined cycle gas turbine power plant

Record-Breaking Power Plant

One of the challenges of Germany’s energy transition is to safeguard security of supply with the rising share of volatile renewable energy feeding into the grid. Stadtwerke Düsseldorf decided to ensure their city’s electricity demand locally, within sight of the city center, with a record-breaking combined heat and power plant at the city’s Rhine port in Lausward – a tailor-made turnkey solution from Siemens. A multimedia TechStory showcases the challenges and achievements, as well as the people ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Mar 06, 2015

the efficiency of the overall system is the key to further lowering the levelized cost of energy from wind

Sustainable energy – efficiency is crucial

Only six more weeks to go until this year’s Hannover Messe, and our preparations for this important event are, of course, running full speed ahead. The motto of the Siemens booth this year is “On the way to Industrie 4.0 – Driving the Digital Enterprise.” But what kinds of highlights and surprises can visitors to the trade show expect to find? In a Hannover Messe blog series our colleague Adam Wesoly offers a preview of what’s to come over the next few weeks.For me, the development of wind power ...

Living Energy| Mar 03, 2015

“Today it’s cool to become and engineer, it has completely changed since I was a student,” Prof Jacob Østergaard remembers

A new brand of engineers

This is the final part of our decentralized energy blogpost-series with Professor Jacob Østergaard. Here you can find the first part of the series: The island in building 329 Click here to read part 2: The energy partisan “Follow me, follow me,” the older students carrying the colored flags shout to the dozens of novices following them through the halls of Denmark's Technical University (DTU), set on the fringes of the capital, Copenhague. It is orientation day, and hundreds of students pass ...

Denis Imamovic | Feb 26, 2015

Siemens GIL in Kaprun, Austria – 45° installation to connect the Limberg hydro power plant to the grid

Overhead lines in a can – the GIL alternative to power cables

This is part 2 from my gas-insulated transmission lines blogpost-series. Here you can find the introducing part: "Power trip – Are there alternatives to overhead transmission lines?". The increasing demand for power brings high-voltage and extra high-voltage lines closer to the end users in urban areas or even the heart of cities. But space for high-voltage transmission systems is more and more restricted and environmental requirements such as EMC and fire protection are of fundamenta ...