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SOV Log Book| Sep 12, 2016

Andreas Geißen, Environmental Health & Safety Officer on-board Esvagt Froude

Taking offshore safety further than ever before with Service Operation Vessels

June 2015 marked the beginning of a new era in offshore wind power, when Siemens Wind Power Service christened the first of two purpose-built Service Operation Vessels (SOVs). Now one year on we take a look back at the 1st year to find out how the vessel has performed and how those who use them every day feel they have improved their working lives at sea. In this article we follow up with Andreas Geißen, who is one of the Environmental Health & Safety Officers responsible for ensuring the da ...

Ulrich Düsel| Jun 01, 2016


AS-i wird smart - Maschinen flexibel auf Kundenbedürfnisse anpassen

Über die Vorteile von AS-Interface wird viel geschrieben. Dieses Feldbus-System ist der einfachste Weg, Sensoren und Aktoren in kompakten Maschinen oder großen Anlagen mit geringem Engineering-Aufwand einfach an die Steuerung anzubinden.  Weniger bekannt dürfte es sein, dass Sie jetzt den Netzausbau in Ihrer Maschine genau und flexibel auf die Bedürfnisse Ihrer Kunden anpassen können. Mit dem modularen AS-i Master im dezentralen Peripheriesystem können Sie ganz spezielle Aufgabenstellungen löse ...

Ulrich Düsel| Jun 01, 2016


AS-i gets smart - Flexibly adapting machines to different customer requirements

A lot has been written about the benefits of AS-Interface. This fieldbus system is the simplest way of connecting sensors and actuators in compact machines or large plants to the controller – with a minimum of engineering workload.  However, what is not so well known is that you can now adapt your machine precisely and flexibly to the requirements of your customers. The modular AS-i Master in the distributed I/O system enables you to accomplish very specific tasks, such as smart preprocessing w ...

Jonas Norinder| Apr 08, 2016

chem blog1

What are some of the challenges governing the U.S. chemical industry? – Part 1

Typically, the chemical industry is considered part of the downstream oil and gas segment where products are refined and processed by means of very high temperatures and pressures. A further segmentation splits the industry into basic chemicals and specialty chemicals (see Graphic A). Basic chemicals are manufactured in a continuous process so that low cost and a repeatable process is key in this segment. Many basic chemicals are used as feedstock for specialty chemicals, which are typically mad ...

Carolin Paravan| Mar 17, 2016

StocExpo 2016

Digitalization the talk of the town at StocExpo 2016

The StocExpo 2016 in Antwerp will come to an end in only a few hours from now. However, following three days of numerous interesting discussions with clients, manufacturers and system partners about latest tank storage trends and innovations, there is widespread agreement that the gathering was once again a highly informative and well worth the visit.Despite the stressful networking schedule, we are returning home highly pleased with the sales leads we were able to generate as well as the opinio ...

Carolin Paravan| Mar 16, 2016

Tank Farming

Finely tuned instrumentation enabling sound returns

Inventory monitoring, overspill protection and loss control, emissions monitoring, leak detection and localization and, of course, product metering – these are tasks that all bulk storage facilities deal with everyday. One thing they all have in common is the need for reliable and accurate information on stock inventories and movements. Newly developed tank level monitoring instrumentation from Siemens, for example, incorporates advanced software algorithms for highly accurate continuous tank le ...

Denny Petrovich| Feb 25, 2016


Are you climbing your silos frequently to take a level measurement?

The grain industry is growing rapidly and the evolving trends include automation and instrumentation! Silo inventory management and safety go hand-in-hand, and are consistently being enhanced. Less than five years ago, you had to climb the silos but now, you can install instrumentation to record the measurements you need and eliminate the need for personnel to physically climb the silos!  There are many decisions to be made when it comes to personnel safety and improving your processes. Events l ...

Rich Chmielewski| Dec 17, 2015

SIEMENS-Leitstand Motiv09-2251

Do you have effective process alarm management?

How can you help an operator focus on the most important alarms to run a plant successfully and safely?Effective alarm management can improve your plant’s productivity by displaying the right information at the right time to the operators. The International Society of Automation (ISA) has developed a number of standards to help automation professionals, like you, use best practices. One standard in particular, the user-developed ISA 18.2 alarm management standard, provides a blueprint to help yo ...


What has been your experience with measurement and control of compressors?

Compressors offer unique challenges for proper design due to the risk of compressor surge. Traditionally, the challenge has been a trade-off between safety and efficiency. Fortunately, today’s most modern instruments can resolve this issue.The most notable improvements concerning the instrumentation industry are differential pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and valve positioners.Differential pressure transmitter performance – recognized for its speed-of-response, total performance ...

Charles Fialkowski| Nov 03, 2015


Are you prepared for the new independence rules for BMS designs?

On December 1, 2014, the 2015 edition of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 85, Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code was approved as an American National Standard. The scope and purpose of the NFPA 85 committee, as well as its six technical sub-committees, is to establish the minimum requirements for:  design safety, installation, operation, maintenance, and training for all types of boilers including single and multiple burners, stokers, fluidized bed and heat recovery steam ...