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Herman Coello| Feb 28, 2014

Horn Antenna

How do you choose the right level instrument for chemically aggressive environments?

Okay, so you need to know the level on one of your tanks and you are wondering which level transmitter instrument will meet your needs.  The tank calls for a bit more attention because the material in it is chemically aggressive.  From past experiences, you know that similar tanks do not work well with instrumentation tools or costly exotic construction materials, like Hastelloy alloys.Even if choosing the right technology may not be an issue for you, you may still be interested in a level appli ...

Denny Petrovich| Feb 18, 2014

Grain 1

What are the safety hazards in your grain handling facilities? Are you developing an effective safety culture at your company? – Part Three

There are three necessary conditions for a dust explosion to occur: a combustible dust must be present; it has to be suspended in the air, typically at a high concentration; and there needs to be oxygen and an ignition source. There are many sources of ignition, and a flame isn’t the only one. Other ignition sources include electrostatic discharge and hot surfaces, e.g. overheated bearings arching from machinery, friction, and fire. The most prevalent way for a dust explosion to occur is from ov ...

Herman Coello| Jan 30, 2014

3inch Pair

Product Spotlight: SITRANS LR250 FEA

Non-contacting level measurement is simple to implement, configure, and is low in maintenance. Since its introduction into the process industry, radar level transmitters have been enhanced and radar technology is on the fast track to becoming the technology of choice for a plethora of level applications.The SITRANS LR250 family has a new member, the SITRANS LR250 FEA (Flanged Encapsulated Antenna). This new radar transmitter has a TFM 1600 lens that totally seals the process in tanks. This new m ...

Herman Coello| Jan 24, 2014


Product Spotlight: SITRANS LG Series

For those demanding level transmitter applications that are best suited for contacting level technology, Siemens delivers the right guided wave radar solution. The new SITRANS LG series is not only easy to configure, but the new flexibility to do level and interface level measurement with a single rod or even a flexible cable simplifies installation to a new level.  These guided wave radar transmitters do their job with simplicity because they are packed with tangible benefits:• Compact, rugged ...

Denny Petrovich| Jan 23, 2014

grain image3

What are the safety hazards in your grain handling facilities, and how are you protecting your workers? – Part Two

In my previous blog, I outlined safety hazards that can occur daily in the grain handling industry.  Here, I will discuss available tools and products that can help prevent disasters from happening.How can Process Instrumentation help prevent these disasters from happening in your grain facilities?To reduce these deadly occurrences, the grain industry is taking the necessary steps to reduce workplace hazards by automating operations.  Essentially, this helps to reduce human interaction, which de ...

Herman Coello| Sep 27, 2013


Are Microwave or radar level transmitters safe to use?

Microwave level technology has become very popular in the industry to measure the material level in a variety of closed vessels. It’s easy to see why. It is virtually impervious to the changing conditions inside a tank when they are gases, vapors or even excessive dust. As a result, it finds applicability beyond other level technologies that normally suffer due to degraded performance when operating in these environments. But what about operators: are they safe when working with radar level tran ...

Denny Petrovich| Jun 27, 2013


Why do you need Continuous Level Measurement in the Sugar Industry?

A sugar manufacturing facility needs a high level of automation and precise control over process parameters to be successful.  Continuous level measurement throughout the process allows for higher efficiency and greater output. Why is it important to have an accurate level measurement?Sugar companies need to be able to manage high energy and utility demands.  The level controls will help the plant operation and efficiency. The process of making sugar contains a lot of steps such as cleansing, j ...

Denny Petrovich| Jun 13, 2013


For the Love of Grain (take 2): are you climbing your silos frequently to take a level measurement?

Climbing silos takes time and opens you up to safety risks!  What can be done? The grain industry is growing rapidly and the evolving trends to help it include automation and instrumentation.  Silo inventory management and safety go hand in hand.  There are many decisions to be made when it comes to personnel safety and improving your bulk material handling processes.  This progress offers many opportunities and we can help determine what the best fit is for you. How can process instrumentation ...

Herman Coello| May 29, 2013


Having problems with your level measurement due to dust?

Reliable level measurement in solids level applications can be challenging sometimes. If you are unable to tell what the level is in your vessel, this can affect production. If the technology you are using cannot read through the dust, you cannot track your level measurement and material spills can occur and can cost you dearly.  Extreme dusty conditions in a silo can make it virtually impossible to obtain a manual measurement. Furthermore, in certain level applications dust can ignite and…kaboo ...

Lonnie Barker| May 21, 2013


Join me at the 3rd Annual Proppants Summit, an upcoming speaking engagement.

After reading an article I had written in Upstream Pumping Solutions (“Horizontal drilling with hydraulic fracturing of gas well / turning sand into gold”), Infocast asked me to speak at the 3rd Annual Proppant Summit, held in Houston, TX, May 21-23, 2013. In my presentation, I will be discussing some of the advancements made in recent years to level and measurements technology used to determine level and mass of frac sand and other proppants.This presentation will not only discuss the advanceme ...