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Herman Coello| Jan 21, 2015

Grain Level Jan2015 Blog

How can you simplify your grain level measurement?

Here is the situation: a grain handling company in Minnesota needed level measurement for a cluster of eight grain silos. This seemed like a usual, run-of-the-mill request. However, the cluster consisted of six 120 foot tall concrete silos that were arranged in such a way that they formed additional storage, which resulted in two interstice or star-bin silos. Narrow tall silos present problems of their own, but the more complex geometry of interstice or star-bin silos is truly a challenge for mo ...

Herman Coello| Dec 04, 2014

2014 National Sales Meeting - LR560 Challenge

Got a minute?

That is pretty much what we have these days to do certain things. Configuring process instruments generally takes a quick skimming of the manual before the actual device setup is even attempted.Over two years ago when we released SITRANS LR560, the first 78GHz radar level transmitter, we knew that it could be set up in minutes using the quick wizard and graphical user interface.  We love to see people who never touch an instrument be amazed when they set the LR560 in just a few minutes. In a rec ...

Herman Coello| Oct 15, 2014


Product Spotlight: LR250 Hygienic Encapsulated Antenna

Siemens is introducing the latest addition to the SITRANS LR250 family, the LR250 Hygienic Encapsulated Antenna (HEA). The LR250 HEA offers  a fully encapsulated antenna with no air gaps behind the lens, thus preventing unwanted moisture build-up. This instrument has the flexibility to be used in sanitary processes and harsh environments, which is accomplished with its leading-class hygienic process connections. The SITRANS LR250 HEA uses compliant materials according to FDA and USP Class VI, an ...

Michael Sherenian| Jul 08, 2014


Stop risking it all and learn how you can prevent your tank from overfilling

While storage tank overfills are certainly not new to the chemical industry, overspills and leaks are happening on a frequent basis and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Already, 3,007 incidents have been reported to the EPA this year alone. That many overfills translates into a lot of damage that’s occurring to your employees’ safety, the environment, and your budget …and it’s only mid-year!So, in the age of information and new technology, why are overfills still happening?There are m ...

Herman Coello| Jun 12, 2014

cement part2 blog image1

Do you have a challenging level application in cement?

Hello again! On my previous blog dealing with level instruments in the cement process, I focused on level technologies that are well-suited for the dusty environment found in the cement industry. Moving forward with our discussion, you’ve probably noticed that microwave technology or solid level radar transmitters (SLR) stand out as the preferred choice in many of the level applications in the production process. High frequency microwave radar transmitters are ideal for dusty environments. The t ...

Herman Coello| May 07, 2014

cement v4

Strong growth within the cement industry is bound to require solid level measurement

Although last year’s forecast on cement was not as high as expected, there was still growth within the industry due to commercial and residential building. This year is projected to be a better year and the trend is said to continue at least until 2018. With the industry picking up speed, do you have a concrete idea of what level transmitters you will need to better manage your process?The industry has obviously changed in the turmoil. As personnel moved, some expertise moved as well.  It’s with ...

Herman Coello| Feb 28, 2014

Horn Antenna

How do you choose the right level instrument for chemically aggressive environments?

Okay, so you need to know the level on one of your tanks and you are wondering which level transmitter instrument will meet your needs.  The tank calls for a bit more attention because the material in it is chemically aggressive.  From past experiences, you know that similar tanks do not work well with instrumentation tools or costly exotic construction materials, like Hastelloy alloys.Even if choosing the right technology may not be an issue for you, you may still be interested in a level appli ...

Denny Petrovich| Feb 18, 2014

Grain 1

What are the safety hazards in your grain handling facilities? Are you developing an effective safety culture at your company? – Part Three

There are three necessary conditions for a dust explosion to occur: a combustible dust must be present; it has to be suspended in the air, typically at a high concentration; and there needs to be oxygen and an ignition source. There are many sources of ignition, and a flame isn’t the only one. Other ignition sources include electrostatic discharge and hot surfaces, e.g. overheated bearings arching from machinery, friction, and fire. The most prevalent way for a dust explosion to occur is from ov ...

Herman Coello| Jan 30, 2014

3inch Pair

Product Spotlight: SITRANS LR250 FEA

Non-contacting level measurement is simple to implement, configure, and is low in maintenance. Since its introduction into the process industry, radar level transmitters have been enhanced and radar technology is on the fast track to becoming the technology of choice for a plethora of level applications.The SITRANS LR250 family has a new member, the SITRANS LR250 FEA (Flanged Encapsulated Antenna). This new radar transmitter has a TFM 1600 lens that totally seals the process in tanks. This new m ...

Herman Coello| Jan 24, 2014


Product Spotlight: SITRANS LG Series

For those demanding level transmitter applications that are best suited for contacting level technology, Siemens delivers the right guided wave radar solution. The new SITRANS LG series is not only easy to configure, but the new flexibility to do level and interface level measurement with a single rod or even a flexible cable simplifies installation to a new level.  These guided wave radar transmitters do their job with simplicity because they are packed with tangible benefits:• Compact, rugged ...