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Hanna Maren Kroeger| Apr 04, 2014

PharmaKongress Conference Keynote

Network, experience, benefit: Impressions from Pharma Congress Production & Technology 2014

From March 24 to 25, the pharmaceutical industry met in Düsseldorf. Well, maybe not the entire industry, but with more than 500 visitors on each conference day attending more than 70 talks, Pharma Congress Production & Technology accompanied by the PharmaTechnica exhibition really was a busy venue. Two much talked-about topics - once again - were PAT and QbD. What impactwill they have on pharmaceutical production? And, most importantly, who has done an actual implementation fo these concepts ...

Hanna Maren Kroeger| Apr 03, 2014


Wissen vernetzen: Eindrücke vom Pharma-Kongress Produktion und Technik 2014

Am 25. und 26. März traf sich die Pharmaindustrie in Düsseldorf – nun gut, vielleicht nicht die ganze Pharmaindustrie. Aber mit rund 550 Besuchern an beiden Konferenztagen und über 70 Vorträgen war der Pharma-Kongress Produktion und Technik und die begleitende Fachmesse PharmaTechnica mehr als nur gut besucht. Ein Schwerpunkt waren die Themen PAT und QbD. Was ändert sich für die Produktion in der Pharmaindustrie? Und vor allem: Wer hat schon Erfahrungen in der praktischen Umsetzung? Fragen, auf ...

Carolin Kieschnick| Mar 24, 2014

StocExpo 2014

Tired but happy: Returning from StocExpo 2014

What an event! Just returning from StocExpo 2014, we are still a bit in recovery from three days packed with many, many interesting discussions with customers, suppliers, and technology partners, plus a lot of learning about the many highlights and innovations that will be changing the tank storage landscape. But we are really glad we were there, taking home not just new insights and inspiration, but some sales leads, too. Would not have missed out on StocExpo in Rotterdam whatsoever: the Sieme ...

Carolin Kieschnick| Mar 17, 2014


Arranging the right instruments for sound returns

Arranging the right instruments for sound returnsInventory monitoring, overspill protection and loss control, emission monitoring, leak detection and location as well as product metering – these are the tasks that any bulk storage facility deals with everyday. As different as these tasks seem, they all have something in common – they need reliable and accurate information on stock inventories and movements. Well arranged, your orchestra of process instrumentation, analytics and weighing systems ...

Carolin Kieschnick| Mar 14, 2014


Raising safety and performance levels in the tank storage industry

As the TankStorage magazine put it in their StocExpo preview, “nobody doubts the importance of safety in the tank storage industry”. In fact, the topic of safety has gained significant momentum, with new and stricter regulations such as the update to EEMUA 159 or the PGS 29 review. StocExpo 2014 in Rotterdam has dedicated an entire day in their 3-day conference schedule to safety in tankfarms and terminals. But what is the right answer to the question of how to ensure both process safety and opt ...

Carolin Kieschnick| Mar 04, 2014

N&S 2014 Paris Wilfried

Process Safety – Better Be Safe Than Sorry

The Siemens team at Nitrogen & Syngas 2014: Industry solution experts Benjamin Cognet (left) and Wilfried Kleiser (right). Having had a safe trip back from the Nitrogen & Syngas event, we now start to follow the leads and ideas we got at the event, and follow up on discussions we had with colleagues, customers and acquaintances. One topic that has top priority, and that can be very difficult to talk about, was process safety. Of course, everyone agrees that plants should be safe. Period. ...

Hanna Maren Kroeger| Feb 19, 2014

PAT Innovationen beschleunigen

PAT ganz praktisch – mit einer einfachen und bewährten Lösung

Es war eine Woche voller Höhepunkte, Seminare, Vorträge und Diskussionen. Wir haben Freunde und Kollegen wiedergetroffen und auch neue Kontakte geknüpft – aber vor allem haben wir viele neue Ideen mitgenommen, wie die Pharmaindustrie in Zukunft aussehen und arbeiten kann. Und natürlich hatten wir auch ein bisschen Spaß. Und was war das Ergebnis des IFPAC Annual Meeting 2014? Ein Ergebnis ist auf alle Fälle, dass PAT und QbD nicht länger „visionäre“, „viel diskutierte“ oder „intensiv geprüfte“ Ko ...

Hanna Maren Kroeger| Feb 19, 2014

PAT speeds up research and development

Putting PAT to work – with a proven, simple solution

It was a week packed full with highlights, courses, talks and discussions. It was about meeting friends and colleagues, acquiring new contacts and especially, a lot of new ideas about how the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing will look like. Additionally, it was fun, too! So what do we take home from the IFPAC Annual Meeting in 2014? Well, basically, that PAT and QbD are no longer “visionary”, “discussed” or “assessed” concepts for the pharmaceutical industry. Not familiar with these acrony ...

fertilizer PCS-7

Where man meets machine: modern operating concepts in the fertilizer industry

Amid heated discussions about the general future of the nitrogen industry, as seen at the Nitrogen & Syngas conference and exhibition in Paris – whether the boom will continue, whether emerging economies will be the market of tomorrow, and whether increasing capital costs will delay planned capacity increases – the basic technological requirements remain: improving the safety, reliability, and performance of fertilizer plants. Undoubtedly, increasing automation will boost all three key crite ...

Hanna Maren Kroeger| Jan 20, 2014

Meet the future: continuous manufacturing and PAT at IFPAC 2014

From highly flexible small-scale bioreactors for personalized medicine to continuous manufacturing lines with real-time product release, numerous applications show that Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is the answer to many of the current and future challenges faced in pharmaceutical production. PAT equipment and services will be on exhibit during this year’s IFPAC Annual Meeting, and several presentations – three by Siemens representatives – will discuss the benefits of PAT and continuous ma ...