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TheEnergyBlog Team| Aug 10, 2016


Gas turbines upgraded with Wet Compression prove a game changer

More power generated at a lower cost per kilowatt, takes on demanding Middle East Summer Wet compression (WetC) is a means of upgrading gas turbines by injecting water into the air intake. This technique offers increased turbine power output and efficiency. WetC is particularly well-suited to hot climates, where summer demand for electricity often peaks at the warmest time of day. With WetC operators can react quickly to electricity demand spikes using its “push-button” power boost capability. ...

Siemens Beni Suef1

Beni Suef turbine placement: "A great example for innovation that benefits mankind!”

For Egypt, Ingenuity for life means that Siemens is helping to create a resilient, flexible and secure energy system – a milestone of this development was recently celebrated at the Beni Suef combined cycle power plant construction site. Upon completion, it will be one of the largest power plants in the world, Sarah Hashish reports from Cairo. Over the last months, the highway from Cairo to Beni Suef had witnessed the transportation of 400 tonnes of material and equipment. On Thursday May 19th ...

John Dronette| May 12, 2016

msibelt2 story

Siemens MSI wins the Best Industrial Scale title for the third year running!

For the third year in a row, the Siemens MSI conveyor belt scale has won the Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Award for Best Industrial Scale.The MSI belt scale is a proven-technology in a wide range of tough bulk material handling applications from extraction (in mines, quarries, and pits) to power generation, iron and steel, food processing, and chemicals.With more approvals than any other scale in the world, the Siemens MSI is heavy-duty, high accuracy full frame single idler belt scale used f ...

Lonnie Barker| May 04, 2016

OTC 2016 Booth Image

Join me before OTC 2016 ends!

As we continue into day three of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2016, we’ve seen a number of discussions focused on improving instrument reliability and reducing costs within oil and gas operations. With the industry facing an uphill battle, OTC is covering some of the hottest trends and challenges in the market. Their block scheduling approach is perfect because they’re able to focus on number of different issues within the industry. Topics like regulation, more innovative approaches ...

SIESTORAGE provides a stable and reliable power supply

HM16: Reliable power supply for industry

The energy market is currently undergoing significant change. The trend toward decentralized, intelligent energy systems is expected to continue. As a result, production and manufacturing have to continuously adapt to these new conditions. According to studies, worldwide energy consumption is expected to increase by about one third by the year 2030. Changes in customer demand and flexible production methods have resulted in less predictable energy requirements. Yet the stability of the power sup ...

Present-day Cairo, a metropolis that thirsts for more and stable electricity

The energy landscape in Egypt: Then and now (and in the future)

The Egypt Megaproject will boost the country’s generating capacity by 50% – but why is this massive surge needed? Learn more about the background of this groundbreaking project.When Sarah Hashish from Siemens AG first started working at the company’s headquarters in Egypt, the electricity situation was still stable. In 2011, Sarah noticed that friends and family started voicing their frustration with the unreliable supply of electricity on social media, and she frequently experienced shortages w ...

A worker steadies the turbine suspended in mid-air

The first two H-Class gas turbines touch Egyptian soil

Having seen off the H-class turbines in mid-March in Berlin leaving on a barge down the canal toward Rotterdam, Sarah Hashish and her colleagues came to the port of Adabiya to welcome the two SGT5-8000H to Egypt. On a brisk morning at the Adabiya port in Egypt, cargo weighing almost 900 tons was unloaded and placed on massive, 320-wheel, 20-axle hydraulic trailers. Looking on from the deck was Sarah Hashish from Communications and Government Affairs at Siemens AG. The sunshine offered a welcome ...

Author Sarah Hashish watches as equipment is loaded for shipping to Egypt, where she will be waiting to meet the H-class turbines at the port of Adabiyah

Homeward bound – From Berlin to Adabiyah

As she prepares her journey to Egypt, Sarah Hashish of Siemens’ Communications and Government Affairs reflects on how the Megaproject will affect the lives of ordinary Egyptians and lay the groundwork for sustainable economic growth.Watching the barge head down the canal from Berlin-Westhafen towards Rotterdam and onwards to Egypt, I’m excited to begin my own journey back home. I was born and raised in Cairo, where I began working for Siemens 15 years ago. In 2007, I moved to the Siemens headqua ...

Denis Imamovic | Mar 10, 2016

Compact Transmission Line

Compact Transmission Lines – The Power Tunnel

As the previous articles in this blog described: Underground compact gas insulated lines transfer high power in a safe way and with low losses. In this particular blogpost we want to show you specific tunneling laying solutions for this technology. There are different opportunities for the underground laying of compact transmission lines (CTL). Either they can be directly buried in the ground – like at our project in Kelsterbach at the Frankfurt airport (see video on the web), or they can be in ...

Mike Carlson| Feb 10, 2016

DistribuTECH 2016: The Power of Planning for Agility in Energy

To Siemens, being focused on the future means staying ahead of the challenge and ahead of the change.  Staying ahead certainly means looking to the future and to plan for it. But in the power space, one thing is clear—traditional planning practices and static models will no longer work for the dynamics of today’s grid. The rise of distributed energy resources, intermittent generation, and fluctuation in power and energy markets has changed how utilities manage their power, and ultimately, their ...