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Denis Imamovic | Oct 22, 2015

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One line, many possibilities

In our fifth blogpost, we want to talk about one of the main advantages of GILs: their small trench width in comparison to other power transmission lines. In the current discussions about grid expansion plans, public opposition can be very strong especially in city areas or areas, where environment is protected (e. g. national parks). A main argument mentioned is the visual impact of overhead lines (OHL) and the related space requirements needed for installation. In this context, underground t ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Oct 19, 2015

The trend goes towards distributed, higher performing solutions

Welcome to the future of offshore HVDC

Three hours before the National Maritime Conference on 19-20 October, Siemens presented its next generation of direct-current (DC) technology. Encapsulated, smaller, lighter, and easier to build, this new distributed solution makes connecting offshore wind power plants to the grid more cost-efficient and simple – a radical step towards substantial cost reductions in offshore wind energy. About every two years, the heavyweights of Germany’s offshore industry come together to debate and discuss t ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Oct 16, 2015

Electricity from the three wind farms Butendiek, DanTysk and Sandbank is transmitted to the mainland via the SylWin1 grid connection

Conquering the North Sea – with HVDC

Siemens is leading the way on DC grid connections. With four offshore substations operating and another under construction, we have more experience than anybody else in the world.When it comes to DC grid connections for offshore windfarms, the North Sea is not just the biggest game going, it is the only game going. DC connections are being considered carefully in other parts of the world, but only in the ocean to Germany’s northwest do they actually exist.Siemens has supplied most of these DC su ...

SOV Log Book| Oct 12, 2015


Onboard Esvagt Faraday: Life as an offshore technician on the SOV

In the articles marking the first 100 days of our Service Operation Vessel (SOV) in official operation, we take a closer look at what life is like onboard the SOV through the eyes of an offshore technician. The SOVs are setting new standards in the servicing of offshore wind farms. Until now, the generally accepted rule was: the greater the distance to a wind turbine from shore, the more expensive and time consuming the service. And rightly so. Before the SOV, technicians were transported using ...

These are the different AC grid access concepts

To AC or to DC – that is the question

Power generated by ocean-based wind turbines can be transmitted to shore by either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). Siemens offers both options; the choice depends mainly on the distance to be covered. The best spots always go first. For wind-turbine sites, this is just as true as it is for seats in a theater or a cinema. Over the past 10-15 years, many of the top, land-based locations for turbines have been snapped up. You can’t miss them from an airplane, a motorway or a long ...

Chris King| Aug 05, 2015

Utilities of the Future: British Gas Refocusing on Customers

Much has been said about the "utility of the future." British Gas is joining other European majors such as E.ON and RWE and not just talking the talk but walking the walk.In its earnings announcement last week, Centrica (British Gas's parent) said it was cutting back investment in its oil and gas division and focusing on being a customer-facing business. This was the headline finding from its corporate strategic review.Like E.ON and RWE, British Gas is turning toward what it calls its ...

Denis Imamovic | Aug 05, 2015

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When cables won't do

GIL’s Electromagnetic Advantage

As three previous posts in this series have shown, gas insulated lines (GILs) offer many advantages to pyloned power lines or buried cables. Here’s another advantage: they are more electromagnetically compatible. GILs are a great solution for specific challenges. In populated areas, for lines carrying more than 380 kV and 2,000 A, the line-in-a-can option allows high-tension lines to pass close to people and to occupy relatively little space. Fire risk is zero, and GILs can be put into multi-fu ...

Chris King| Jul 17, 2015


A New Paradigm in EV Charging - More Convenient, Less Expensive

I had the pleasure this week at LinkedIn’s global headquarters of helping to introduce a radical new concept in electric vehicle charging.FreeWire Technologies, Inc. is piloting its invention, the Mobi Charger™, to provide EV charging to LinkedIn’s employees. Mobi Charger turns traditional charging on its head by bringing the charger to the car – instead of the driver bringing the car to the charger. Siemens is a partner in the project, providing the data collection, management, and energy billi ...

Gregory Manning| Jun 18, 2015

digesters picture - greg manning blog

What is biogas, what are some approaches to digester optimization and how does it affect me?

If you work in or around the wastewater industry you have most likely heard of, or been involved in some sort of investigation on solids waste digesters. Their use in the industry has surpassed just being a trend and is getting closer to becoming an ubiquitous facet of most medium-sized to large-sized facilities.I recently attended a 2-day conference on wastewater with my sole objective being to understand the general attitude toward the operation of digesters, what facilities are doing to optim ...

Harald Mayer| Jun 11, 2015


Transformers, backbones of the AC Voltage Grid

At the early age of electricity a war of currents took place— DC v.s. AC, also known as direct current and alternating current. Both technologies offered many advantages but also disadvantages. One major step towards today’s alternating current grids was the invention of transformers. The transformer enabled higher voltage levels in the grid, which allowed a more efficient transmission of energy and application specific voltage levels. That was the beginning of the success story of transformers. ...