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Present-day Cairo, a metropolis that thirsts for more and stable electricity

The energy landscape in Egypt: Then and now (and in the future)

The Egypt Megaproject will boost the country’s generating capacity by 50% – but why is this massive surge needed? Learn more about the background of this groundbreaking project.When Sarah Hashish from Siemens AG first started working at the company’s headquarters in Egypt, the electricity situation was still stable. In 2011, Sarah noticed that friends and family started voicing their frustration with the unreliable supply of electricity on social media, and she frequently experienced shortages w ...

A worker steadies the turbine suspended in mid-air

The first two H-Class gas turbines touch Egyptian soil

Having seen off the H-class turbines in mid-March in Berlin leaving on a barge down the canal toward Rotterdam, Sarah Hashish and her colleagues came to the port of Adabiya to welcome the two SGT5-8000H to Egypt. On a brisk morning at the Adabiya port in Egypt, cargo weighing almost 900 tons was unloaded and placed on massive, 320-wheel, 20-axle hydraulic trailers. Looking on from the deck was Sarah Hashish from Communications and Government Affairs at Siemens AG. The sunshine offered a welcome ...

Author Sarah Hashish watches as equipment is loaded for shipping to Egypt, where she will be waiting to meet the H-class turbines at the port of Adabiyah

Homeward bound – From Berlin to Adabiyah

As she prepares her journey to Egypt, Sarah Hashish of Siemens’ Communications and Government Affairs reflects on how the Megaproject will affect the lives of ordinary Egyptians and lay the groundwork for sustainable economic growth.Watching the barge head down the canal from Berlin-Westhafen towards Rotterdam and onwards to Egypt, I’m excited to begin my own journey back home. I was born and raised in Cairo, where I began working for Siemens 15 years ago. In 2007, I moved to the Siemens headqua ...

Denis Imamovic | Mar 10, 2016

Compact Transmission Line

Compact Transmission Lines – The Power Tunnel

As the previous articles in this blog described: Underground compact gas insulated lines transfer high power in a safe way and with low losses. In this particular blogpost we want to show you specific tunneling laying solutions for this technology. There are different opportunities for the underground laying of compact transmission lines (CTL). Either they can be directly buried in the ground – like at our project in Kelsterbach at the Frankfurt airport (see video on the web), or they can be in ...

Mike Carlson| Feb 10, 2016

DistribuTECH 2016: The Power of Planning for Agility in Energy

To Siemens, being focused on the future means staying ahead of the challenge and ahead of the change.  Staying ahead certainly means looking to the future and to plan for it. But in the power space, one thing is clear—traditional planning practices and static models will no longer work for the dynamics of today’s grid. The rise of distributed energy resources, intermittent generation, and fluctuation in power and energy markets has changed how utilities manage their power, and ultimately, their ...

Mike Carlson| Feb 04, 2016

DistribuTECH 2016: How Can Utilities Stay Ahead of the Change? Agility in Energy.

There is no lack of change in today’s energy landscape and no surprise that this puts the US energy industry at a crossroads - one of challenge but also possibility. Utilities are at the heart of this transformation. Forces at the consumer level with the shift to “prosumer” behavior, the increasing amount of data being created inside and outside a utility’s walls, the pressures created by a turbulent regulatory and policy environment, an influx of distributed and alternative power generation, an ...

Siemens Brasil| Jan 28, 2016

energia sustentável siemens reparo maior turbina

A energia não pode parar!

A energia elétrica é um componente vital da sociedade atual, mas parece que é justamente quando ela falta que mais se percebe sua importância. Praticamente tudo o que está ao redor das pessoas precisa de eletricidade para funcionar, e o risco de ficar sem ela tem mobilizado especialistas da Siemens no mundo inteiro, em busca de soluções. O projeto especial “O Brasil que o Brasil quer” realizado pelo Estadão, em parceria com a Siemens, publicou a reportagem “A energia que não pode parar: a impor ...

Chris King| Jan 14, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10

UK Distribution Utilities Providing Greater Value for Money

UK regulator Ofgem just released the results of its review of distribution company performance from 2010 to 2015. Overall, the Distribution Network Operators have "outperformed" and "delivered major benefits for consumers throughout the period." In short – excellent results.The DNOs, who deliver power to 27 million customers, spent a total of £15 billion during the period, including over £1 bn for increasing network capacity. The graphic shows where the spending was targeted. ...


What has been your experience with measurement and control of compressors?

Compressors offer unique challenges for proper design due to the risk of compressor surge. Traditionally, the challenge has been a trade-off between safety and efficiency. Fortunately, today’s most modern instruments can resolve this issue.The most notable improvements concerning the instrumentation industry are differential pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and valve positioners.Differential pressure transmitter performance – recognized for its speed-of-response, total performance ...

Denis Imamovic | Oct 22, 2015

Startbild Blog No

One line, many possibilities

In our fifth blogpost, we want to talk about one of the main advantages of GILs: their small trench width in comparison to other power transmission lines. In the current discussions about grid expansion plans, public opposition can be very strong especially in city areas or areas, where environment is protected (e. g. national parks). A main argument mentioned is the visual impact of overhead lines (OHL) and the related space requirements needed for installation. In this context, underground t ...