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Chris King| Nov 14, 2013

New guidelines should increase demand response in Europe

Last year the European Commission (part of the three-part EU government) published the 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive -- which set legally binding measures to step up Member States' efforts to use energy more efficiently at all stages, from production to distribution to consumption. Last week, the EC explained more about how to implement the EED, by issuing additional guidance on energy efficiency to Europe's Member States on energy efficiency. To date, demand response has been limited in Euro ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Oct 14, 2013


Ready for 2020? Meter data management helps utilities prepare

2020 is the target for meeting the EU's ambitious renewable energy goals -- and it's closer than you might think. Technology choices that European utilities make in the coming year, especially concerning meter data management, will help determine how well utilities can help achieve these goals. At European Utility Week this year, Aaron De Yonker (Vice President of Products at eMeter, a Siemens business) will discuss some versatile MDM options that can help utilities adapt their operations and bu ...

Chris King| Sep 24, 2012

Green Jobs: Insight from Governor Bill Richardson

This week I had the pleasure of having morning coffee with Bill Richardson, the former Secretary of Energy and former Governor of New Mexico. From his perspective of more than 30 years of public service -- and his bid for the Presidency in 2008 -- he offered two key insights about clean tech, clean energy and the smart grid. Jobs. Gov. Richardson believes jobs are the most important economic issue today. Also, clean tech is one of the economy's fastest growing sectors -- and it provides good ...

Alicia Carrasco| Aug 27, 2012


Northern Ireland's positive business case for smart meters

Originally posted on 8/13/12 on former eMeter blog By Alicia Carrasco | August 13 2012 Congratulations to Northern Ireland, which has joined the club of over 30 states and countries with positive business cases for smart meters. Recently the Northern Ireland Department of Enterprise, Trade & Investment released the region’s smart meter cost-benefit analysis Implementing smart meters for the nearly 1 million electricity customers there is expected to yield net savings ...

Alicia Carrasco| Aug 27, 2012

U.K. moves to make energy markets smarter

Originally posted on 8/2/12 on former eMeter blog By Alicia Carrasco | August 2 2012 It’s not just meters and power grids that are getting smarter. U.K. energy regulator Ofgem is advancing plans to make energy markets in that nation “smarter” — that is: more efficient and yielding better consumer outcomes. Smarter energy markets also would provide consumers with ready access to an abundance of easily digestible information about their energy use, plus time-varying pri ...

Alicia Carrasco| Aug 27, 2012


Smart meters simplify the language of energy

Originally posted on 7/31/12 on former eMeter blog By Alicia Carrasco | July 31 2012 A British Gas website explains common energy terms and issues in plain language for business customers. British Gas has a “plain English” campaign to help business customers understand their energy contracts and bills. The website, Making Business Energy Simple, covers the basics of energy and energy costs as well as savings tips. Prior to launching this site, British Gas commissioned a researc ...

Alicia Carrasco| Aug 24, 2012


Spain: Smart meters would avoid meter reading hassles, inaccurate bills

Notice posted in the elevator of a Barcelona apartment building. Tenants must write down their current electric meter reading here in order to avoid getting an estimated bill. (Click to enlarge)  Originally posted on 7/19/12 on former eMeter blog By Alicia Carrasco | July 19 2012 In most of Europe it’s just once per year that utilities send staff out to read customer electric meters. However, most customers receive monthly or quarterly bills, based on consumption as estimated by th ...

Alicia Carrasco| Aug 24, 2012

Grid4EU: Key players across Europe collaborate on smart grid innovation

Originally posted on 5/15/12 on former eMeter blog By Alicia Carrasco | May 15 2012 A major new European Union program aims to enhance several major smart grid pilot projects happening around Europe.    The Grid4EU program helps six major European smart grid projects collaborate to spur innovation and enhance results. Grid4EU — a four-year, multi-national project — comprises six smart grid projects by utilities in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and the Czech ...

Alicia Carrasco| Aug 24, 2012

How sustainable cities can engage citizens: from London to New York

Originally posted on 4/13/12 on former eMeter blog By Alicia Carrasco | April 13 2012 London offers huge potential to become a truly sustainable city — thanks to smart meters, decentralized energy production, and smart people. I live in London, and am pleased that there are initiatives here which recognize and promote the deployment of smart meters for electricity (and hopefully, soon, water). These efforts note the benefits that smart meters can provide — such as helping people s ...

Alicia Carrasco| Aug 24, 2012

Denmark commits to 100% renewable energy

Originally posted on 4/9/12 on former eMeter blog By Alicia Carrasco | April 9 2012 Recently the government of Denmark committed to shifting half of its total energy consumption to renewable resources in a decade — and to go to 100% renewables by 2050.   Elements of the Danish smart grid, from Energinet/DK report. (Click to enlarge) On March 22 the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Buildings released an agreement to meet half of that nation’s electricity need with win ...