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Harald Mayer| Jun 01, 2015


Customer Support Center for Power and Energy: Support when you need it.

Managing a global powerhouse with business taking place in over 190 regions is no small task. Taking care of its customers’ enquiries for the energy industry on a global scale is not a walk in the park either. Michael Freitag, Head of Customer Support Center for Power and Energy at Siemens explains how his team tackles this challenge in a new video interview. Michael mentions that there are a variety of requests that the Customer Support Center is processing. “We are in charge of all customer i ...

Harald Mayer| May 11, 2015


Field Services: Siemens keeps power networks running, anywhere in the world

Outages and other power grid problems can strike at any time — even during a holiday, when there might be fewer staff available to make repairs. Siemens Field Services helps ensure system reliability by managing maintenance, repairs and more for transmission and distribution networks. In a new video, Michael Gillessen, Head of Operational Services for Siemens Asset Services, offers some examples of how Siemens Field Services helps customers around the world keep their medium- and high-voltage s ...

Harald Mayer| Dec 04, 2014


Energy Assets app: Register and track T&D assets in the field

Most electricity transmission and distribution grids include a mix of types and ages of transformers, substations and other equipment. Each asset has a unique service history and performance record, and exists in a context of environmental conditions that can affect its useful life. The new Energy Assets mobile app from Siemens allows you to keep available (on your smartphone or tablet) essential asset-specific data that you’d need when contacting customer support: model, serial number, locatio ...

Harald Mayer| Nov 21, 2014


Listen to your assets: Asset Performance Management enhances reliability, saves money

As power grids get smarter, utilities have access to new data that can help them manage grid assets far more effectively. But which factors are most important to watch closely? In a recent presentation to the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, Jorge Martinez (Product Manager at Siemens Smart Grid Solutions & Services) explained how transmission and distribution network operators can use data to enhance asset management strategies. The presentation was based on a Siemens paper prepared for ...

Charles Fialkowski| Apr 14, 2014

Separation requirements for your BMS at sites with mulitple boilers?

For years, I have always driven for complete seperation and independence for all PLC based burner management systems (BMS) as per my own personal interpetation (per NFPA 85 requirements).  Below is an excerpt from the current NFPA 85 standard.  I'm NOT talking about seperation between the control layer and the safety layer, rather, what to do when your plant has multiple boilers on site?   4.11.7* Requirement for Independence. Except as noted in, the burner managementsystem sh ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 11, 2014


Business transformation: This year's crucial utility challenge (DistribuTECH 2014 video)

In New Brunswick, Canada, a Siemens consulting project is charting a course to transform how utilities do business. There, the Siemens North American Smart Grid Center of Competence has partnered with their local utility, New Brunswick Power, to address industry trends that are challenging the traditional utility business model. The Siemens Smart Grid Compass methodology, a key tool in achieving transformation at NB Power, was showcased at DistribuTECH. Siemens management consultant John Cooper ...

Usman Sindhu| Jan 21, 2014

DistribuTECH 2014 conference is approaching – What are your expectations?

Many utility professionals are getting ready to attend the DistribuTECH conference in San Antonio, Texas next week. This year’s DistribuTECH has a rich list of topics as always to keep us engaged. I’m sure, everyone has an eye on various themes impacting the utility industry in general and your job in particular. This year will be important for utilities to strengthen and reinvent their business models. Here’s a list of themes that I’ll personally be following during DistribuTECH: 1.    How util ...

Usman Sindhu| Nov 15, 2013

How eMeter and Siemens are helping European utilities adapt and thrive

Europe's energy landscape is evolving swiftly -- and, together, Siemens and eMeter are helping European utilities keep up with the changes. Last month, prior to attending European Utility Week 2013, Siemens and eMeter, A Siemens Business, met with our European customers to revisit their priorities and direction. These utilities are working to understand the dynamic regulatory environment as well as their own internal business needs -- challenges faced by all utilities across Europe. They're als ...

Charles Fialkowski| Aug 09, 2013

How to invoke the equivalency clause in NFPA standards

When dealing with a prescriptive standards such as the NFPA 85, NFPA 86 or NFPA 87 standards, there are a number of prescribed requirements that often conflict with using modern performance based equipement (i.e. using an external watchdog timer for a Safety PLC, using hardwired relays,etc). I have challenged these concepts since the start of my career in Industrial automation as I worked for a major manufacturer of combustion equipment and believed there had to be a better way..... All NFPA sta ...

Chris King| May 31, 2013

How utilities can blend the IT/OT silos

Historically in the energy industry, information technology and operational technology have occupied very separate realms -- often for good reasons. But today, utilities can only realize the full benefits of advanced metering and smart grid systems if they join these silos to build more collaborative teams and interoperable systems. At the upcoming Siemens Smart Grid Software Leadership Conference (June 4-6, San Francisco), Larsh Johnson (founder and CTO of eMeter, a Siemens business) will lea ...