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Press Team Industries| Jun 03, 2016


Prozesse clever und nachhaltig optimieren

Siemens Industry Software GmbH bietet im zweiten Halbjahr 2016 fünf Foren zur Prozess- und Qualitätsoptimierung Prozesse optimieren, Qualität steigern und Kosten senken: Auch im zweiten Halbjahr adressieren fünf Foren der Siemens Industry Software GmbH diese Themen. Die deutschlandweiten Veranstaltungen richten sich an Fach- und Führungskräfte aus Produktionsplanung, Qualitätssicherung, EDV/ IT, Recht und Logistik. Den Auftakt macht am 13. September 2016 in Frankenstein das IBS QMS:forum APQP ...

Ann Arys| May 19, 2016

itc rubis 1

Pour une protection totale de son terminal de stockage pour liquides et gaz, ITC Rubis a choisi Simatic PCS 7

ITC Rubis – Antwerp Terminal est une entreprise internationale innovante en pleine expansion, active dans le domaine du stockage et du transbordement du pétrole, du gaz et des produits chimiques. Son terminal de stockage se compose de 4 réservoirs à gaz sous pression et de 34 réservoirs en acier doux ou inoxydable destinés aux liquides. Ils représentent une capacité totale d’environ 14 000 m3 de gaz liquide et de 96 000 m3 d’autres produits liquides. Pour s’assurer que le système d’automatisat ...

Ann Arys| May 19, 2016

itc rubis 1

ITC Rubis zorgt voor een volledige bescherming van de vloeistof- en gasopslagterminal met Simatic PCS 7

ITC Rubis – Antwerpen Terminal is een innovatieve en groeiende internationale speler op het vlak van aardolie, gas en chemicaliën. De opslagterminal van het bedrijf bevat 4 onder druk gezette gaskogels en 34 vloeistoftanks die gemaakt zijn van zacht of roestvrij staal. Samen zijn deze goed voor ongeveer 14.000m3 vloeibaar gas en 96.000m3 vloeibare producten. Om ervoor te zorgen dat het automatiseringssysteem van deze opslagplaats 100% veilig, betrouwbaar en te allen tijde operationeel is, scha ...

Press Team Industries| Apr 22, 2016

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Siemens at the Hannover Messe 2016 – Tec2You

Ingenuity for life starts with youAlongside its main booth in Hall 9, Siemens will also be present at this year’s fair in the Tec2You Pavilion in Hall 11. Under the banner “Ingenuity for life starts with you”, high school students will have the chance to find out in detail about training and dual courses of study offered in the technology sector. Over an area of around 100 square meters, the young visitors will have the chance to find out how companies are already able to benefit from the conver ...

Ines Giovannini| Mar 23, 2016

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Siemens at the Hannover Messe 2016

Ingenuity for Life – Driving the Digital EnterpriseIt is about a month to go until Hannover Messe 2016. From April 25 to 29, Siemens will be showcasing its products at the world’s most important industrial trade fairs under the motto “Ingenuity for life – Driving the Digital Enterprise”. Visitors will be able to learn all about the company’s comprehensive portfolio, specifically solutions for the fields of electrification, automation and digitalization in Hall 9. Numerous innovations will be pr ...

Carolin Paravan| Mar 17, 2016

StocExpo 2016

Digitalization the talk of the town at StocExpo 2016

The StocExpo 2016 in Antwerp will come to an end in only a few hours from now. However, following three days of numerous interesting discussions with clients, manufacturers and system partners about latest tank storage trends and innovations, there is widespread agreement that the gathering was once again a highly informative and well worth the visit.Despite the stressful networking schedule, we are returning home highly pleased with the sales leads we were able to generate as well as the opinio ...

Carolin Paravan| Mar 16, 2016

Tank Farming

Finely tuned instrumentation enabling sound returns

Inventory monitoring, overspill protection and loss control, emissions monitoring, leak detection and localization and, of course, product metering – these are tasks that all bulk storage facilities deal with everyday. One thing they all have in common is the need for reliable and accurate information on stock inventories and movements. Newly developed tank level monitoring instrumentation from Siemens, for example, incorporates advanced software algorithms for highly accurate continuous tank le ...

Ute Forstner| Mar 15, 2016

Staying ahead of the shifting flows – with digital tank storage efficiency and flexibility

As various articles leading up to StocExpo 2016 in Antwerp have already pointed out, the global tank storage industry has undergone significant changes within recent years, particularly with respect to the supply and demand landscape. The US offers the best example. Once a major crude oil importer, they now joined the group of oil exporters. Russia is no longer primarily exporting its oil and gas to Europe, but also to China. With the lifting of sanctions, Iran is re-entering the oil market. In ...

Mike Carlson| Feb 10, 2016

DistribuTECH 2016: The Power of Planning for Agility in Energy

To Siemens, being focused on the future means staying ahead of the challenge and ahead of the change.  Staying ahead certainly means looking to the future and to plan for it. But in the power space, one thing is clear—traditional planning practices and static models will no longer work for the dynamics of today’s grid. The rise of distributed energy resources, intermittent generation, and fluctuation in power and energy markets has changed how utilities manage their power, and ultimately, their ...

Mike Carlson| Feb 04, 2016

DistribuTECH 2016: How Can Utilities Stay Ahead of the Change? Agility in Energy.

There is no lack of change in today’s energy landscape and no surprise that this puts the US energy industry at a crossroads - one of challenge but also possibility. Utilities are at the heart of this transformation. Forces at the consumer level with the shift to “prosumer” behavior, the increasing amount of data being created inside and outside a utility’s walls, the pressures created by a turbulent regulatory and policy environment, an influx of distributed and alternative power generation, an ...