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Messe Blog Team| Apr 25, 2012


Promoting talent at Siemens

The search for the best minds and best specialists will become increasingly important for companies in the future. Well-trained, suitable candidates are sought especially for the technical jobs. That’s why Siemens invited 550 students and professors from 15 different universities, as well student trainees, apprentices, scholarship recipients, and pending graduates currently working with Siemens Industry, to Hannover to heighten their interest in Siemens technology. In tours through the ...

Messe Blog Team| Apr 25, 2012


Multiple career opportunities

As a modern company, Siemens is looking for both creative and innovative thinkers who dare to find answers to the most important questions of our time. We are looking for open, committed people with a comprehensive understanding of the world in which we live. At the Siemens Industry booth in hall 9, interested persons can get information on the job and career opportunities with Siemens. Siemens offers a multitude of trainee and mentoring programs that facilitate the start into working life f ...

Messe Blog Team| Apr 25, 2012


Impressions from the Booth - Day 2

The Siemens Industry booth once again had a high number of visitors on the second day of the Hannover Messe 2012. Among other things, the “American Day” had guests from North and South America come to our booth. See what was most impressive and enjoy the day’s highlights one more time by clicking through the photo gallery!

Messe Blog Team| Apr 25, 2012


The Americas visit Siemens Industry

As part of a German business trip, a customer delegation from the U.S., Canada, and South America visited the Siemens booths and subsequently stopped by at the Siemens Industry booth in Hall 9. The approximately 160 participants were first divided into eight groups and taken through the booth. On their tour, Siemens experts showed them the latest technologies and the extensive product life cycle portfolio. The guided tour generated considerable interest among our guests. Eckard Eberle, booth m ...

Messe Blog Team| Apr 24, 2012


Profinet for motor management

In the future, it will be possible to connect the proven Simocode pro Sirius motor management system to higher-level automation systems using the Profinet Ethernet standard. “The main advantages of this for customers are higher plant availability and thus increased productivity as well as decreased costs,” explains Marion Kase, a marketing manager for Industrial Controls. Siemens has integrated a switch in the new basic device for Profinet that enables it to create  a ring-for ...

Messe Blog Team| Apr 24, 2012


Getting expertise firsthand

Practical training directly from the manufacturer: At the Siemens booth in Hall 9, visitors can obtain information about the current Sitrain training programs. “At Sitrain, we’re already involved during the development of new products or product versions. So right from the start, we have in-depth information and are always kept up to date,” emphasizes Marianne Schoch, the Sitrain Regional Manager. The range of training courses is extensive. “At the present, we’re e ...

Messe Blog Team| Apr 24, 2012


Efficient and flexible remote access

With Industrial Remote Communication, Siemens realizes teleservice and telecontrol solutions under one roof that are widespread through private and public networks. "With remote maintenance, you can save time and transport costs and for example load the most recent program modules remotely," emphasizes Christian Schwab, Product Manager Simatic Net, the advantages of the teleservice. "In addition to the classic wired solutions or internet solutions, it is now also possible to comm ...

Messe Blog Team| Apr 24, 2012


Energy Efficiency, a factor for success

Earth's resources are becoming ever more scarce. Growing energy costs and increasingly stricter environmental requirements mean that companies have to be more efficient than they have been when it comes to energy. With its products and solutions, Siemens helps them become more energy-efficient and at the same time increase the productivity of their industrial plants. This improves a company's competitiveness regardless of the industry. Siemens tackles these important issues comprehensivel ...

Messe Blog Team| Apr 24, 2012


Compliance determines actions

Beat corruption: Right at the main entrance to the Siemens booth, visitors can arm wrestle a geared motor to see who is stronger. It is a humorous start into a serious topic: "Compliance – keeping the rules and the law and our own regulations - has become part of the DNS of Siemens," explains Dr. Jörg Flath, Compliance Officer at Drive Technologies. "Siemens stands for honest business. The proof is our presence here, in the front line." Compliance is an integral ...

Messe Blog Team| Apr 24, 2012


Impressions from the Booth – Day 1

An eventful first fair day at the Hannover Messe 2012 is over at the Siemens Industry booth in hall 9. Review the highlights and the best pictures and impressions here.