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Ines Giovannini| Jan 27, 2016

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Siemens at the Hannover Messe 2016

At an international press conference due to be held ahead of the Hannover Messe 2016 on March 1, Siemens will be offering a preview of its trade fair presentation and of the company’s latest solutions. Providing an insight into the company’s planned business and technological orientation and into the latest product innovations being unveiled at this year’s Hannover Messe will be the CEOs of the Digital Factory, Process Industries, and Drives and Energy Management Divisions: Anton S. Huber, Dr. J ...

Ines Giovannini| Jan 27, 2016

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Siemens auf der Hannover Messe 2016

Mit einer internationalen Pressekonferenz im Vorfeld der Hannover Messe 2016 wird Siemens am 1. März einen Ausblick auf den Messeauftritt und die aktuellen Lösungen des Unternehmens bieten. Dabei werden die CEOs der Divisionen Digital Factory, Process Industries and Drives und Energy Management, Anton S. Huber, Dr. Jürgen Brandes und Ralf Christian, einen Einblick in die geplante geschäftliche und technologische Ausrichtung geben sowie über die neuesten Produktinnovationen zur diesjährigen Hanno ...

Adam Wesoly| May 07, 2015

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Smart data: IoT analytics for manufacturing and process industries

Guest article by Ajit Jaokar Smart Data Based on my discussions at Messe Hannover, this blog explores the potential of applying Data Science to manufacturing and process control industries. In my new course at Oxford University (Data Science for IoT) and community (Data Science and Internet of Things), I explore application of predictive algorithms to Internet of Things (IoT) datasets. The Internet of Things plays a key role here because sensors in machines and process control industries gen ...

Press Team Industries| Apr 30, 2015

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Digitalization dressed to appeal to future generations

Siemens at the HMI – Digitalization dressed to appeal to future generations At the Hannover Messe 2015, Siemens exhibited solutions and products from the fields of electrification, automation and digitalization in Hall 9 under the banner “On the way to Industrie 4.0 – Driving the Digital Enterprise”. In a bid to reach out not only to its accustomed trade public but also members of the up-and-coming generation, the Siemens booth in the Tec2You Pavilion featured an Industrie 4.0 exhibit designed ...

Press Team Industries| Apr 30, 2015

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Digitalisierung auch für (zukünftige) Einsteiger

Siemens auf der HMI – Digitalisierung auch für (zukünftige) Einsteiger Auf der Hannover Messe 2015 präsentierte Siemens in Halle 9 unter dem Motto „On the way to Industrie 4.0 – Driving the Digital Enterprise“ Lösungen und Produkte aus den Bereichen Elektrifizierung, Automatisierung und Digitalisierung.  Um neben dem Fachpublikum auch die jüngere Generation zu erreichen, bereitete Siemens das Thema Industrie 4.0 im Siemens-Stand im Tec2You Pavillon jugendgerecht auf. Spielerisch lernen und ver ...

Press Team Industries| Apr 28, 2015


advance 1/2015

„Die Industrie erfindet sich neu“ – die aktuelle Ausgabe der advance (1/2015) stellt mithilfe mehrerer Kundenprojekte dar, wie sich Unternehmen zu einem „Digital Enterprise“ entwickeln. Parallel erschien zur Hannover Messe die advance product news 1/2015, die sämtliche auf der Messe präsentierten Neuheiten beinhaltet.

Press Team Industries| Apr 28, 2015


advance 1/2015

“Industry is reinventing itself” – the latest issue of advance (1/2015) introduces a couple of customer projects illustrating how companies move forward to become a Digital Enterprise. Furthermore, advance product news 1/2015 contains all product highlights showcased at this year’s Hannover Messe.

TheEnergyBlog Team| Apr 24, 2015

SIESTORAGE - initial installation at Enel in Italy

Continuous Power Flow? Totally Integrated!

Walking from one end of Siemens’ 3,500-sqm exhibition area to the other at this year’s Hannover Messe one solution was prevalent across all areas, from Energy to Industry: Totally Integrated Power. It was a way to physically experience the comprehensive scope of Siemens’ end-to-end portfolio encompassing software and hardware products, systems and solutions for all voltage levels – from high-voltage in-feed, to low-voltage consumption, from grid access via industry application to home supply. Ba ...

Saving costs is an important factor in the wind energy business

Higher Cost Efficiency for Wind Energy

In an environmentally friendly generation mix, wind energy is now playing a major role the world over. A long way to come for a comparatively young technology. While developments to tap its full potential are still well under way, Siemens’ wind energy innovations showcased  at this year’s Hannover Messe have  one goal in common: To make the well-established renewable energy source more cost efficient. Siemens is aiming to reduce the costs of wind power. Different approaches will contribute to t ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Apr 16, 2015

Digitalization is enhancing Sustainable Energy Production - ALICE is a self-optimization process that has been developed to teach wind turbines how to automatically and optimally adapt their operation to its local conditions

The Winds of Digital Change - How Digitalization is enhancing Sustainable Energy Generation

As in previous years, the vast majority of solutions being showcased at this year’s Hannover Messe are focused on industrial digitalization in line with that ubiquitous buzzword, Industrie 4.0. As a counterpoint to this prevailing wind, I’d like to use this post to take a look at how digitalization is also revolutionizing the way energy is generated – and more specifically, wind energy. Two innovations in particular have caught my eye this year at the Siemens booth in Hall 9, which show how digi ...