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Diane Dunn| Feb 14, 2014


Where do engineers find love? (video)

Take a look at the SITRANS FC430, the first in our series of high-performing Coriolis flow meters with a footprint small enough for your process. What’s not to love?  

Denny Petrovich| Oct 31, 2013



How do you produce quality milk? CIP requirements are a good start.

Equipment that is used to produce milk and dairy products must be properly cleaned and maintained at all times for hygienic reasons.  There are many chemical and physical combinations of processes that are required in the complete cleaning process.  For example, it is required to specifically sanitize all milking equipment before and after the production process.  This particular process is known as Clean in Place (CIP)   Do you know the requirements for CIP cleaning?   The CIP cleaning process ...

Eric Heilveil| Jun 07, 2013


How do you innovate flow measurement?

We are thrilled to report that the SITRANS FC430 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter has been nominated for Flow Control Network’s 2013 Innovative Product of the Year! As the next generation of Coriolis flow measurement technology and one of the most compact flow meters on the market, the SITRANS FC430 features a short build-in length, suitable for liquid or gas applications within the process industry.  This flow meter’s innovations include:• Its size – smallest footprint on the market!• Factory imprinted ...

John Accardo| Jun 04, 2013

iphone app

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: SITRANS CONNECTION Flow measurement has gone mobile! - Control your flow with a touch of a button

Ever wish you could just push a button and have a tech support engineer appear at your side? With the new SITRANS CONNECTION app for iOS devices, it’s just about a reality! The new SITRANS Connection app from Siemens enables direct serial communication between your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and any SITRANS clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter. It gives you a full alpha-numeric keypad for programming your meter, downloading datalogger and site data, or uploading table data. The full keypad ...

Missy Burrows| Apr 15, 2013

FC430 blog

Is vibration affecting your Coriolis flow measurement?

The Coriolis flow meter, with multi-variable output, is highly valued in the Chemical Industry for its accuracy.  The problem is, vibration inherent to the Chemical process can affect the operation of the instrument.  So, how do you get a measurement you can trust? Here’s a perfect example. A tank farm in the Gulf Region of the US was experiencing issues with vibration.  The installed Coriolis flow meters were so affected by the external vibration that the data was rendered u ...

John Accardo| Feb 28, 2013



How can Clamp-on Ultrasonic flow meters identify what product is flowing from outside the pipe?

Many petroleum pipelines flow multiple products such as diesel fuel, gasoline and jet fuel. Between each of these products lies an interface where the flow stream transitions from one product to another. Pipeline operating companies depend on instrumentation to indicate what fluid is in the pipe and when an interface occurs in order to manage the pipeline’s operations. For example, flow arriving at a terminal is stored by product type in specific storage tanks. By knowing when an interface arriv ...

Martin Dingman| Feb 05, 2013


00 natural-gas-calcOK

How critical is accuracy in the measurement of your natural gas?

Natural gas: gas flow equals cash flow Natural gas flow measurement is a critical measurement, especially when so many hands are involved. Ultimately, even the smallest error in calculating gas flow can represent a significant error in dollars! Flow meters capable of custody transfer accuracy can greatly reduce how much money is lost when the gas starts to flow. Several flow technologies can be employed in custody transfer transactions — including differential pressure, turbine, positive displa ...

Martin Dingman| Jan 09, 2013


How do you measure thermal energy?

A year ago, I asked this very question on the blog, here.  I discussed that heating and cooling a building can take up over 33% of total energy consumption. Thermal energy measurements are required for billing and to properly assess energy consumption, as well as to control the distribution of chilled and hot water. With energy costs rising, this becomes even more important to track.It’s true that there are various methods and products on the market that will provide thermal energy measurement  ...

Martin Dingman| Dec 19, 2012


Springing to Action in a Time of Need

How can Siemens help you? That’s the all-important question we ask ourselves every single day as we strive to support our customers — whatever they may need from us, and whenever they may need it. For example, last year we launched the Quick Ship inventory program for our Process Instrumentation products and continuous gas analyzers. Our Quick Ship program was developed in direct response to customers requiring equipment quickly without the need to hold additio ...

Pat DiVisconti| Nov 19, 2012

DIVflowcontrol rental

How can renting flow meters save thousands of dollars right away?

We rent a lot of flow meters — to various industries (power, water and wastewater, HVAC, natural gas, etc.)  I’m often asked why you would want to do this.  Here’s a story I like to tell — a major medical center had received extremely high water usage bills over several months and hired an engineering firm to figure it out. They, in turn, called us. Within 24 hours of the order being placed, the engineers received Siemens’ SITRANS FUP1010 portable, ...