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Chris King| Mar 19, 2015


This week: Solar eclipse will challenge European power systems

Solar eclipses have historically been exciting and mysterious events; the proliferation of solar energy production adds a new twist. On Friday, March 20, a total solar eclipse will pass over Atlantic, cast a huge shadow over Europe, and shut down as much as 34 gigawatts (GW) of solar electricity production. This should create some excitement for power system operators. According to ENTSO-E (the European transmission operators association), this eclipse "will pose a serious challenge to the ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Nov 07, 2014

Siemens booth EUW2014

European Utility Week 2014: Amsterdam, Nov. 4-6

Europe is one of the world's most complex and dynamic energy markets. Each European nation faces unique energy issues and market conditions. This year's European Utility Week conference and trade show highlighted a variety of innovative approaches to smart grids, energy regulation, renewable and distributed resources, demand response, reliability and more. As a diamond sponsor of EUW14, Siemens experts and Siemens customers delivered over a dozen keynote speeches and technology presentations. Th ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Nov 04, 2014

NRGi logo

Smart meter data detective work in Denmark

Utilities can learn a great deal from smart meter data. Analytics software is a powerful tool to turn data into value. In Denmark, even before deploying analytics for their installation of the Siemens EnergyIP smart grid platform, the utility NRGi has moved beyond their initial goal of enabling meter-to-cash benefits. In the last year, NRGi has also started using smart meter data to diagnose and resolve outages and other grid stress. "We chose flexible smart meters because we wanted optio ...

Chris King| Jun 26, 2014


Smart meters in Europe: Strong progress

This month the European Commission released its report on the status of smart meter deployment in the European Union. The 2012 EU Energy Efficiency Directive required Member States to deploy intelligent metering systems for the long-term benefit of consumers. Also, by September 2012 Member States had to complete a cost-benefit analysis. Over two-thirds of Member States showed a positive CBA. Most of these countries are now committed to (or have already completed) smart meter rollouts. For electr ...

Sheila Oliva| Mar 26, 2014

EWEA2014 floor

Siemens Wind Power Stands Strong at EWEA 2014

The launch of the new uprated Siemens D3 wind turbine, televised interviews on Windpower Monthly TV, and the fun and educational Siemens Wind Challenge are among the highlights of the activities the Wind Power Division carried out at EWEA 2014. The European Wind Industry Association’s annual exhibition and conference took place in Barcelona, Spain between March 10-13, 2014. Uprated D3 platform wind turbineSupported by the ‘Watts up!’ tagline, the launch of the uprated 3.2 megawatt (MW) direct dr ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Mar 04, 2014

smart metering Europe award 2014

2014 European Smart Metering Awards cover wide range of solutions

This year's European Smart Metering Awards addressed a wide range of innovative solutions to smart metering challenges: data analytics, consumer engagement, home energy monitoring, cybersecurity and more. Siemens won the Smart Metering Technology of the Year award, for cost-effective solutions to provide meter connectivity across long distances. British Gas was named Utility of the Year for their strong focus on customer involvement via an opt-in model, and success in conveying to consumers the ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 12, 2014

eworld logo blk

Smarter grids for more renewable energy in Europe: Siemens workshop at E-world 2014

The growth in renewable generation is one of the greatest challenges to power distribution networks -- and it takes a smart grid to handle this well. While European energy policymakers wrestle with harmonizing the continent's complex regulatory patchwork, the technology to put more renewable energy onto Europe's power networks marches forward. In a recent Electric Light & Power article, top Siemens executives noted: "Substation automation is integral to building a more intelligent grid ...

Usman Sindhu| Nov 15, 2013

How eMeter and Siemens are helping European utilities adapt and thrive

Europe's energy landscape is evolving swiftly -- and, together, Siemens and eMeter are helping European utilities keep up with the changes. Last month, prior to attending European Utility Week 2013, Siemens and eMeter, A Siemens Business, met with our European customers to revisit their priorities and direction. These utilities are working to understand the dynamic regulatory environment as well as their own internal business needs -- challenges faced by all utilities across Europe. They're als ...

Chris King| Nov 14, 2013

New guidelines should increase demand response in Europe

Last year the European Commission (part of the three-part EU government) published the 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive -- which set legally binding measures to step up Member States' efforts to use energy more efficiently at all stages, from production to distribution to consumption. Last week, the EC explained more about how to implement the EED, by issuing additional guidance on energy efficiency to Europe's Member States on energy efficiency. To date, demand response has been limited in Euro ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Oct 28, 2013

European Utility Week 2013 was about Smart Grid Policy, Technology, and Customer Stories

By Usman Sindhu, Senior Product Marketing Specialist, eMeter, a Siemens Business At the European Utility Week conference in Amsterdam Oct. 15-17, utility professionals and energy industry vendors were keen to understand the innovations taking place in the industry. They're also eager to work together on addressing some growing challenges. In Europe, progress on smart grid projects varies. Most European utilities have elaborate smart grid plans, but are cautiously executing on the EU 2020 renewab ...