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TheEnergyBlog Team| Aug 10, 2016


Gas turbines upgraded with Wet Compression prove a game changer

More power generated at a lower cost per kilowatt, takes on demanding Middle East Summer Wet compression (WetC) is a means of upgrading gas turbines by injecting water into the air intake. This technique offers increased turbine power output and efficiency. WetC is particularly well-suited to hot climates, where summer demand for electricity often peaks at the warmest time of day. With WetC operators can react quickly to electricity demand spikes using its “push-button” power boost capability. ...

Ann Arys| Aug 09, 2016

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Vidéo : Nous optimisons proactivement les performances de votre bâtiment

Le métier de gestionnaire de bâtiment est en pleine évolution. Les options permettant de rendre les bâtiments plus sûrs, plus efficaces et plus éco-énergétiques se multiplient de jour en jour. Ces nouvelles technologies offrent aussi de nombreuses possibilités d'optimisation. Pour aider les gestionnaires de bâtiment à les exploiter au mieux et leur faciliter la tâche, Building Technologies propose toute une gamme de services, présentés dans une nouvelle vidéo. Suivre les données relatives aux ...

Ann Arys| Aug 09, 2016

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Video: hoe we uw gebouwprestaties proactief optimaliseren

Building managers zien hun job razendsnel evolueren. Ten goede, want zij krijgen alsmaar meer en betere opties om hun gebouwen veiliger, efficiënter en energiezuiniger te maken. Nieuwe technologieën bieden ook heel wat ruimte tot optimalisatie. De services van Building Technologies verlicht hun werk en stuurt hen in de juiste richting. Een gloednieuwe video maakt deze dienstverlening aanschouwelijk. Gegevens uit uw verschillende gebouwtechnieken opvolgen, die vervolgens analyseren en zo uw pres ...

Harald Mayer| Aug 02, 2016


How old is that transformer, really?

How much remaining life does a transformer really have left? The life span of a transformer is largely determined by the composition of the cellulose insulation and insulating oil. Of all the materials used they are the ones which are subjected the most to operation-dependent ageing processes. With good maintenance, and by keeping operation within design parameters, a transformer can run for well over 30 years. However, harsh environments, chronic overloading, or stressful events (such as transi ...

Ann Arys| Jul 28, 2016


Siemens opnieuw European Building Technologies Company of the Year

Bij de start van de zomervakantie bekroonde het consultingbedrijf Frost & Sullivan in Londen de Siemens divisie Building Technologies met de 2015 European Building Technologies Company of the Year award. Frost & Sullivan beklemtoonde de leidersrol van Siemens bij het stimuleren van ontwikkelingen voor de volledige industrie. “In de sector van de gebouwentechnieken heeft Siemens voorbeeldige prestaties geleverd, met klemtoon op klantgerichte innovatie”, aldus Frost & Sullivan. Een t ...

Ann Arys| Jul 28, 2016


Siemens à nouveau désignée European Building Technologies Company of the Year

Au début des vacances d’été, le cabinet conseil londonien Frost & Sullivan a décerné le prix 2015 European Building Technologies Company of the Year à notre département Building Technologies. Frost & Sullivan a souligné le rôle de leader joué par Siemens dans la stimulation de nouvelles avancées pour l’ensemble du secteur . “ En matière de technologies du bâtiment, Siemens a fourni des prestations exemplaires, centrées sur l’innovation orientée client. ”, confirme Frost & Sullivan. ...

Usman Sindhu| Jul 27, 2016

Quantifying merits of incorporating renewables into the electrical grid

Distributed energy resources (DER) including electric vehicles, storage, and variable generation (solar, wind) pose threats and opportunities alike to the energy providers. Storage technologies are improving and cost is coming down. The value of using storage to further energy efficiency, energy independence, energy sharing, and a transactive grid is even greater. A White House June 2016 report explores in detail the technical merits of emerging technologies such as variable energy resources (VE ...


Beyond supply and demand: The dynamic power grid

Technology for an increasingly complex power landscape in the Middle East   Power generation was once a linear equation: power stations produced electricity and communities used it. And power suppliers handled fluctuations in demand by firing up gas turbines or using pumped-storage hydroelectric plants. If customers required more power, producers just generated more. But the power grid is a lot more complicated these days now that renewable energy is becoming a viable alternative. Networks are ...

Living Energy| Jun 21, 2016

Siemens Karim Amin

Siemens’ Karim Amin on Strong Partnerships

Interview with the Siemens Magazine: Fresh from clinching an €8 billion contract that will boost the energy output of his native Egypt by nearly 50 percent, Siemens head of global power and gas sales Karim Amin combines a relaxed charm with a formidable grasp of an extensive portfolio. As a trained commissioning engineer, the father-of-two has a hands-on appreciation for the nuts-and-bolts of establishing a stable energy supply; whether the customer is a large country or small company, a floati ...

Living Energy| Jun 20, 2016

The fascinating thing about the technology is that the heat to power ratio can be freely adjusted Udo Brockmeier Chairman of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf

Top marks in flexibility and efficiency

In an interview with the Siemens Magazine, Udo Brockmeier from public utility Stadtwerke Düsseldorf explains what the new power plant on the Lausward site means for his city, and why opting for a future-proof technology at the right moment has paid off. “Fortuna” is different. If you hadn’t realized this before, you certainly do when you’re standing 45 meters up on the visitor platform of the new power plant block with Udo Brockmeier, chairman of the public utility Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. With a ...