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Ann Arys| Jul 28, 2016


Siemens opnieuw European Building Technologies Company of the Year

Bij de start van de zomervakantie bekroonde het consultingbedrijf Frost & Sullivan in Londen de Siemens divisie Building Technologies met de 2015 European Building Technologies Company of the Year award. Frost & Sullivan beklemtoonde de leidersrol van Siemens bij het stimuleren van ontwikkelingen voor de volledige industrie. “In de sector van de gebouwentechnieken heeft Siemens voorbeeldige prestaties geleverd, met klemtoon op klantgerichte innovatie”, aldus Frost & Sullivan. Een t ...

Ann Arys| Jul 28, 2016


Siemens à nouveau désignée European Building Technologies Company of the Year

Au début des vacances d’été, le cabinet conseil londonien Frost & Sullivan a décerné le prix 2015 European Building Technologies Company of the Year à notre département Building Technologies. Frost & Sullivan a souligné le rôle de leader joué par Siemens dans la stimulation de nouvelles avancées pour l’ensemble du secteur . “ En matière de technologies du bâtiment, Siemens a fourni des prestations exemplaires, centrées sur l’innovation orientée client. ”, confirme Frost & Sullivan. ...

Usman Sindhu| Jul 27, 2016

Quantifying merits of incorporating renewables into the electrical grid

Distributed energy resources (DER) including electric vehicles, storage, and variable generation (solar, wind) pose threats and opportunities alike to the energy providers. Storage technologies are improving and cost is coming down. The value of using storage to further energy efficiency, energy independence, energy sharing, and a transactive grid is even greater. A White House June 2016 report explores in detail the technical merits of emerging technologies such as variable energy resources (VE ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Jul 18, 2016


Beyond supply and demand: The dynamic power grid

Technology for an increasingly complex power landscape in the Middle East   Power generation was once a linear equation: power stations produced electricity and communities used it. And power suppliers handled fluctuations in demand by firing up gas turbines or using pumped-storage hydroelectric plants. If customers required more power, producers just generated more. But the power grid is a lot more complicated these days now that renewable energy is becoming a viable alternative. Networks are ...

Living Energy| Jun 21, 2016

Siemens Karim Amin

Siemens’ Karim Amin on Strong Partnerships

Interview with the Siemens Magazine: Fresh from clinching an €8 billion contract that will boost the energy output of his native Egypt by nearly 50 percent, Siemens head of global power and gas sales Karim Amin combines a relaxed charm with a formidable grasp of an extensive portfolio. As a trained commissioning engineer, the father-of-two has a hands-on appreciation for the nuts-and-bolts of establishing a stable energy supply; whether the customer is a large country or small company, a floati ...

Living Energy| Jun 20, 2016

The fascinating thing about the technology is that the heat to power ratio can be freely adjusted Udo Brockmeier Chairman of Stadtwerke Düsseldorf

Top marks in flexibility and efficiency

In an interview with the Siemens Magazine, Udo Brockmeier from public utility Stadtwerke Düsseldorf explains what the new power plant on the Lausward site means for his city, and why opting for a future-proof technology at the right moment has paid off. “Fortuna” is different. If you hadn’t realized this before, you certainly do when you’re standing 45 meters up on the visitor platform of the new power plant block with Udo Brockmeier, chairman of the public utility Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. With a ...

Harald Mayer| Jun 03, 2016


Transformer Spare Parts: Be Prepared for Grid Reliability

Grid reliability is now a top priority, and challenge, for utilities — thanks, in part, to vast increases in the amount of renewables and other distributed resources on the grid. Transformer maintenance is an important part of achieving reliability, since transformers are working harder than ever. Downtime isn’t just costly; it can stress and compromise other parts of your grid. Siemens Customer Services (Transformer Lifecycle Management (TLM)) offers easy, fast access to the right spare parts f ...

Sonita Lontoh| Jun 02, 2016


What does the internet of things mean for the energy sector?

This article was first published on the World Economic Forum agenda. It’s reprinted here with permissions. Sonita Lontoh is the Vice-President of Marketing at Siemens Digital Grid and will be speaking at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by President Barack Obama in Silicon Valley on 22-24 June. When renowned American psychologist Abraham Maslow came up with his famous Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in 1943, he had studied what he called “exemplary” people, such as Albert Einstein, E ...

Siemens Beni Suef1

Beni Suef turbine placement: "A great example for innovation that benefits mankind!”

For Egypt, Ingenuity for life means that Siemens is helping to create a resilient, flexible and secure energy system – a milestone of this development was recently celebrated at the Beni Suef combined cycle power plant construction site. Upon completion, it will be one of the largest power plants in the world, Sarah Hashish reports from Cairo. Over the last months, the highway from Cairo to Beni Suef had witnessed the transportation of 400 tonnes of material and equipment. On Thursday May 19th ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| May 03, 2016

SIESTORAGE provides a stable and reliable power supply

HM16: Reliable power supply for industry

The energy market is currently undergoing significant change. The trend toward decentralized, intelligent energy systems is expected to continue. As a result, production and manufacturing have to continuously adapt to these new conditions. According to studies, worldwide energy consumption is expected to increase by about one third by the year 2030. Changes in customer demand and flexible production methods have resulted in less predictable energy requirements. Yet the stability of the power sup ...