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Sophie Gredinger| Apr 06, 2016


500th anniversary of the Purity Law – a curse or a blessing?

Imagine looking forward to a cool, refreshing beer – only to be served with a tepid brew redolent of stagnant pond-water. Not a particularly pleasant thought, is it?That's pretty much how people must have felt 500 years ago when unscrupulous brewers thought nothing of mixing a whole range of other ingredients into the mash. Alongside hops, water and barley, it wasn't unusual for fly agaric, deadly nightshade or ox gall to find their way into the tun. Until 1516, that is, when Duke William IV dec ...

Doug Ortiz| Mar 03, 2016

AE Blog - Doug Ortiz

How do you Measure your Plant’s Energy Usage?

Diminishing resources, rising prices and increased sensitivity to environmental issues makes the efficient use of energy more important today than ever before, especially in areas with high consumption. Using intelligent power management with energy-efficient components can easily optimize energy management in process plants and significantly reduce operating costs. Be sure to take advantage of systematic, scalable solutions; from basic power monitoring to complete, integrated energy management ...

Ursula Lang| Feb 08, 2016

B DF TireTechnologyExpo 1

Siemens at the sixteenth Tire Technology Expo

Hanover, Germany. Siemens will be presenting its portfolio for the tire manufacturing process at the sixteenth Tire Technology Expo from February 16 – 18, 2016. The comprehensive exhibition portfolio on show in Hall 19/20, Booth 4014, will range from automation and drive components through software for factory planning to solutions for tire factory maintenance. Siemens will be present at Europe’s premier international tire design and production trade fair and conference showcasing its extensive ...


What has been your experience with measurement and control of compressors?

Compressors offer unique challenges for proper design due to the risk of compressor surge. Traditionally, the challenge has been a trade-off between safety and efficiency. Fortunately, today’s most modern instruments can resolve this issue.The most notable improvements concerning the instrumentation industry are differential pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and valve positioners.Differential pressure transmitter performance – recognized for its speed-of-response, total performance ...

Ines Giovannini| Nov 09, 2015


Transparent processes make breweries more competitive

Hops, malt, yeast and water may be the only ingredients permitted in beer under the German Beer Purity Law, but they are no longer enough to ensure that beer is produced under competitive conditions. “Production data is becoming ever more important as a fifth vital ingredient for modern breweries – from the raw materials receiving department to the filling cellar. This data, used in conjunction with modern automation technology, helps to determine optimum operational sequences and helps the cr ...

Ursula Lang| Oct 29, 2015

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fresh off the press: Siemens MediaService October 2015

Industry NewsThe October issue of Siemens Media Service presents a variety of new products and practical applications in drive and automation technology. First up is a new transponder, the latest addition to Siemens’ RFID portfolio. Also, the Sinamics G120C converter is now available in a new housing size. A luxury stud uses Siemens technology and a sophisticated suction unit to remove vast amounts of horse manure. Steel or stone, paper or glass, or even food – Siemens automation techno­logy is ...

Gerhard Stauss| Apr 22, 2015


Top-class energy efficiency

Sirius switching devices are ready for the new international IE3 energy efficiency class, which has been a legal requirement in Europe since January 01, 2015 for motors in line operation. The higher energy savings with industrial motors go hand in hand with increased starting currents and changed dynamic operating behavior. The Sirius switching devices also offer optimized switching and protection functions. A description of the challenges faced by the Siemens developers and other background inf ...

Adam Wesoly| Mar 25, 2015


A promising future for water – a question of efficient technology 

Water covers two-thirds of the earth, and only 0.3 percent of it is available in potable form. With the world’s population growing rapidly, something must to be done about this situation. We need innovative technology that can sustainably and efficiently ensure the supply of drinking water. At Wasser Berlin International, which takes place from March 24 to 27, 2015, international experts will come together under the motto “Green Cities – Blue Solutions” to share their experiences and learn about ...

Living Energy| Jan 15, 2015

Preparing for the interview with CEO Bob Carter and President Todd Carter

Telling the Story

Over three days in August, Diana Smith, a journalist and resident of Texas, met up with the Carter family, who head the Dallas-based Panda Power Funds, to interviews them and research for a reportage in Living Energy. She is telling the inspiring story of the Carter’s – well, Texas-sized – hospitality!Our job was to cover intricate workings of a power plant and the people responsible for it. Like many, I get up bleary-eyed in the morning and flip on the light switch, having just a vague notion o ...

Living Energy| Jan 13, 2015

All the Carters share a big love for the wildlife

Getting Back More than You Can Ever Dream

The other of the Panda house and name, Janice Carter, invited the Living Energy media team to her office and her home to discuss her family, her work and why giving back really matters.Recently, a high school senior from a low income, inner city neighborhood in Dallas made a trip to see Janice Carter at her tenth floor office in the company’s downtown high rise. “I told her to sit in my chair,” Carter relates. As she was sitting there taking in the beautifully-appointed office and expansive view ...