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Stefanie Assner| Nov 28, 2013


Guided Tours at the largest booth at SPS IPC Drives 2013

If you want a quick and informative overview of the Siemens booth at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, you should take a Guided Tour. Under the slogan “Making Things Right,” experienced guides offer visitors a tour of the Siemens exhibition highlights in about 20 minutes. Last year, more than 2,500 visitors from around the world, a total of 175 individual groups, participated in various guided tours. This year, we expect to see at least as many participants as before, including delegations from c ...

Joachim Hechinger| Nov 28, 2013

Data Driven Services Modell 1

X-ray vision of the factory

Industry 4.0 is the so-called fourth industrial revolution. The vision for tomorrow’s production: Intelligent factories where machines, materials and products communicate in an Internet of Things, mutually controlling the production. At SPS IPC Drives 2013, you can already experience the fusion of the virtual world with real manufacturing, as described with the keyword Industry 4.0. A service factory model displayed at the Siemens booth shows how production data can be used to bring strategic de ...

Adam Wesoly| Nov 26, 2013

Siemens Making Things Right

The highlights for increased efficiency and productivity

„Making Things Right!“ is the theme Siemens chose for its presence at the SPS IPC Drives 2013 trade fair in Nuremberg – how can I produce products even better? That’s a question all manufacturers have to ask themselves today, when faced with global competition. As simple as it may sound, the question has many facets, all of them to do with increasing efficiency and productivity. Siemens provides convincing answers with its comprehensive portfolio that makes it possible to closely link all steps ...

Ulf Bittner| Nov 26, 2013


Unser Messestand auf der SPS IPC Drives ist fertig – es kann losgehen!

In den letzten Tagen haben wir bereits über Twitter den Aufbau unseres Messestandes dokumentiert. Nun wollen wir auch auf unserem Blog einen kurzen Einblick hinter die Kullissen geben. Es geht nämlich wieder los! Der Aufbau unseres Messestandes ist abgeschlossen – alle Messewände und Exponate sind da wo sie sein sollen. Die 22. SPS IPC Drives in Nürnberg hat heute Morgen um 9 Uhr ihre Pforten für das interessierte Publikum geöffnet. Mittlerweile ist es die wichtigste Fachmesse für elektrische Au ...

Ulf Bittner| Nov 26, 2013



Our booth at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair is ready: Let’s get started!

In the past couple of days we already documented the booth construction on Twitter. Now, it’s time to give you a quick backstage tour of the premises here on this blog and show you: we’re ready to get started! We finished setting up the booth – all the exhibition walls and exhibits are exactly where they’re supposed to be. The 22nd SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg opened its gates to the public today at 9 o’clock. By now, it has evolved into the most important trade fair for electric autom ...

Adam Wesoly| Nov 23, 2013


Mission Energy Efficiency: On a Grand Tour with the Truck

It has traveled far more than 50,000 km on its “marathon tour” throughout Europe during the last year and a half, visiting 111 venues and 99 cities in 16 countries. Now it is making a second stop at the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg: the Energy Efficiency Roadshow. Over an area of 55 square meters, the mobile exhibition housed in a 17-meter-long truck demonstrates how energy consumption and costs can be reduced in industrial environments in an (easily) understandable and fascinating manner. Savin ...

ISO 50001 – The license to save energy

Energy prices are rising Experts expect electricity prices for German industry to rise by around 70 percent by the year 2030. This was the conclusion reached by management consultancy Roland Berger in a survey of energy-intensive industries. At the same time, the world market price for oil quadrupled in 2010 relative to the consumer goods index. The examples show that energy is growing more expensive. In times like these, to stay competitive it is especially crucial for industrial companies to m ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Oct 09, 2013


Why smart grids need smart buildings

The increasing portion of renewable energy generation will create a variety of challenges for grid operators in the near future. Renewable resources fluctuate, which can make the grid less stable and increase the need for excess reserve. Buildings comprise a large part (41%) of global energy consumption, and smart buildings can -- and will -- play a very significant role in addressing some of these challenges. Buildings also offer a tremendous and, so far, not fully explored opportunity for ener ...

Franziska Heinze| Sep 19, 2013


Siemens shows the way to boost productivity and improve energy efficiency at drinktec 2013

As the world´s largest beverage exhibition, drinktec is the most important event for meeting existing and potential customers in one place to discuss how Siemens Industry can support them in their production challenges, according to Gunther Walden, Head of Food and Beverage, Siemens Industry. Mr. Walden said the main topic of drinktec 2013 in Munich is boosting productivity and increasing energy efficiency so there is a wide selection of innovative products on display at the booth that show just ...

Andrea Loesch| Aug 15, 2013


pumps energy efficiency

How is energy saved in hydraulic pumps in the metalworking industry?

Hydraulic systems can provide the highest power densities that exist in drive technology today. In practice, however, their efficiency does not always match their good reputation. The reason is that the process does not extract everything that is possible. Experience nevertheless shows that by using modern switching and control technology, considerable improvements in efficiency can be achieved in hydraulic systems. Forming processes in the metalworking industry – and not just here – are frequen ...