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Ines Giovannini| Sep 06, 2016

Saga Cruises klein

Siemens supplies highly efficient SISHIP eSiPOD propulsion solution for Saga Cruises

• Contract encompasses new generation of electric SISHIP eSiPOD propulsion system as well as power and distribution plant • Integrated propulsion system for high efficiency and manoeuvrability• Option exists for potential additional order Siemens has been awarded the contract to equip the first new build cruise liner for the British based operator Saga Cruises under contract to Meyer Werft in Papenburg. The awarded package includes a SISHIP eSiPOD propulsion system as well as power and distribu ...

Carolin Paravan| Mar 17, 2016

StocExpo 2016

Digitalization the talk of the town at StocExpo 2016

The StocExpo 2016 in Antwerp will come to an end in only a few hours from now. However, following three days of numerous interesting discussions with clients, manufacturers and system partners about latest tank storage trends and innovations, there is widespread agreement that the gathering was once again a highly informative and well worth the visit.Despite the stressful networking schedule, we are returning home highly pleased with the sales leads we were able to generate as well as the opinio ...

Carolin Paravan| Mar 16, 2016

Tank Farming

Finely tuned instrumentation enabling sound returns

Inventory monitoring, overspill protection and loss control, emissions monitoring, leak detection and localization and, of course, product metering – these are tasks that all bulk storage facilities deal with everyday. One thing they all have in common is the need for reliable and accurate information on stock inventories and movements. Newly developed tank level monitoring instrumentation from Siemens, for example, incorporates advanced software algorithms for highly accurate continuous tank le ...

Ute Forstner| Mar 15, 2016

Staying ahead of the shifting flows – with digital tank storage efficiency and flexibility

As various articles leading up to StocExpo 2016 in Antwerp have already pointed out, the global tank storage industry has undergone significant changes within recent years, particularly with respect to the supply and demand landscape. The US offers the best example. Once a major crude oil importer, they now joined the group of oil exporters. Russia is no longer primarily exporting its oil and gas to Europe, but also to China. With the lifting of sanctions, Iran is re-entering the oil market. In ...

Peter Jefimiec| Feb 15, 2016

7144 LOGIMAT Visual 160113-1 3500px

Siemens at the LogiMAT

Under the banner “All you need for logistics – efficient and flexible logistics solutions from a trusted partner”, Siemens will be at the LogiMAT 2016 in Stuttgart exhibiting its extensive portfolio for the efficient, innovative automation of logistics processes. Nuremberg. At Europe’s biggest intralogistics trade fair, Siemens will be showcasing products and solutions from the fields of drive technology, automation, industrial software and industrial identification at its booth in Hall 3 (Boot ...

Chris King| Jan 14, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10

UK Distribution Utilities Providing Greater Value for Money

UK regulator Ofgem just released the results of its review of distribution company performance from 2010 to 2015. Overall, the Distribution Network Operators have "outperformed" and "delivered major benefits for consumers throughout the period." In short – excellent results.The DNOs, who deliver power to 27 million customers, spent a total of £15 billion during the period, including over £1 bn for increasing network capacity. The graphic shows where the spending was targeted. ...

SOV Log Book| Oct 12, 2015


Onboard Esvagt Faraday: Life as an offshore technician on the SOV

In the articles marking the first 100 days of our Service Operation Vessel (SOV) in official operation, we take a closer look at what life is like onboard the SOV through the eyes of an offshore technician. The SOVs are setting new standards in the servicing of offshore wind farms. Until now, the generally accepted rule was: the greater the distance to a wind turbine from shore, the more expensive and time consuming the service. And rightly so. Before the SOV, technicians were transported using ...

SOV Log Book| Oct 02, 2015


As easy as crossing the street

Learn more about the Service Offshore Vessel's (SOV) innovative hydraulic transfer gangway, and how it can help our service technicians with their daily tasks at sea. In the first of a series of blogs posts marking the first 100 days of our Service Offshore Vessel (SOV) in operation, we take a closer look at one of the advanced mechanisms on-board the vessel – the Ampelmann transfer gangway. Most of us can probably predict with ease that accessing an offshore turbine can be a problematic and ...

Chris King| Aug 05, 2015

Utilities of the Future: British Gas Refocusing on Customers

Much has been said about the "utility of the future." British Gas is joining other European majors such as E.ON and RWE and not just talking the talk but walking the walk.In its earnings announcement last week, Centrica (British Gas's parent) said it was cutting back investment in its oil and gas division and focusing on being a customer-facing business. This was the headline finding from its corporate strategic review.Like E.ON and RWE, British Gas is turning toward what it calls its ...

Sabrina Ruhmann| Jul 21, 2015


Two become one: Developing an integrated drive unit for electric cars

That the weight of a vehicle plays a role in defining its range is nothing new. This is why electric vehicles quickly lose their appeal as a result of excessive weight: Adapting their range to comply with the requirements of end users still represents a huge challenge. As a consequence, it is not just during the design phase where it is important to reduce the amount of material used. Compact and efficientIt becomes especially critical when more complex parts such as the motor and inverter are ...