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TheEnergyBlog Team| Apr 15, 2014

Nasir Giwa

Developers are confident in our performance

This is part 4 of the Geregu-series. Nasir Giwa was appointed corporate account manager for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) at Siemens in 2011. He also doubled as the head of the former Siemens Oil and Gas Division in Nigeria until the merger of the Fossil Power and the Oil & Gas Divisions to form the new Power Generation Division in 2013. Currently, Giwa is heading this new Division in Nigeria and also is the lead contact for Siemens’ oil and gas business in the country. ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Mar 31, 2014

Joachim Wieder

"I am really happy that we did such a good job"

Joachim Wieder, who shares some of his personal experiences and impressions in this blogpost, was the Siemens project manager in charge at the Geregu II power plant. He was responsible for technical and general project management duties during the construction and warranty phases of the Geregu I power plant project, which started in early 2005, as well as other warranty projects before he was entrusted with the project management position at Geregu II. Projects like Geregu II are always a challe ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Mar 17, 2014

roland may

You can feel a sense of »get-up-and-go«

Roland May is a Berlin-based director and author. Having worked as a freelance editor for several German TV stations and formats and later as a director for advertising films for several years, he co-founded the Lavafilm production company  in 2001, which regularly contributes documentaries for renowned TV stations, such as ARD, ZDF, and ARTE. In November 2013 May visited Nigeria to work on a video about the Geregu II power plant, which was delivered by Siemens as a turnkey project. In this blog ...

Carolin Kieschnick| Mar 04, 2014

N&S 2014 Paris Wilfried

Process Safety – Better Be Safe Than Sorry

The Siemens team at Nitrogen & Syngas 2014: Industry solution experts Benjamin Cognet (left) and Wilfried Kleiser (right). Having had a safe trip back from the Nitrogen & Syngas event, we now start to follow the leads and ideas we got at the event, and follow up on discussions we had with colleagues, customers and acquaintances. One topic that has top priority, and that can be very difficult to talk about, was process safety. Of course, everyone agrees that plants should be safe. Period. ...

Winfried Wittmann| Feb 26, 2014


Siemens Proud to Partner with UI Labs for Next-Generation Innovation and Manufacturing Hub

Foto: Chuck Grindstaff, CEO of Siemens PLM Software   US-President Barack Obama today announced that the new Digital Lab for Manufacturing in Chicago will receive $70 million from the US government. As part of this public/private effort, Siemens has been named as the only supplier of product lifecycle management (PLM) software that will serve as a top tier partner for the Digital Lab. This investment announced today is part of President Obama’s effort to re-invigorate U.S. Manufacturing, create ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Feb 17, 2014


Hi-Tech in 60 Seconds - Hydraulic Clearance Optimization

Hans Maghon is back with another short video - And he brings along his hairdryer again. If you watched the last film about cooling shields, you know that this means he has prepared a new experiment for you.  This time it´s all about the perfect gap. Because a gas turbine runs more efficiently when the rotor blade tips run closer to the casing. Hans shows how millimeters can increase power. We hope you like the video!   

TheEnergyBlog Team| Feb 04, 2014

3D Web feature on Siemens gas turbines

Exclusive 360° Insights: Siemens Gas Turbines

Flexibility and high efficiency Energy systems differ from region to region. But sustainable energy supplies are needed all over the world. Efficient gas power plants almost hold the key to success. Power plants equipped with state-of-the-art Siemens gas turbines are flexible and highly efficient. These power plants can attain their full output in just a few minutes and offset the fluctuating supply of energy generated from renewable sources. Due to their high efficiency, these facilities are a ...

Michael Süß| Oct 15, 2013

Michael Süß at the Siemens booth

Tomorrow’s energy – Connecting the dots!

“What keeps energy leaders awake at night?” is the question that set the tone for the opening discussion of the World Energy Congress. Together with the head of the Global Climate and Energy Initiative of the WWF, the CEO of E.ON, the Chairman of Eskom Holding, the Chairman of GS Caltex Corporation and others, I discussed fundamental questions that energy systems will have to deal with in coming decades.  One basic question is: Can today’s markets and technologies deliver tomorrow’s energy? As ...

Christian Hoffmann| Sep 13, 2013


A Deep Passion for Oman – how efficient power generation is moving the country forward

When the evening sets in and the 12-hour shift ends for power plant operator Juma Saleh Issa Al Maskari at Barka 3, Oman’s most efficient combined cycle power plant, he loves to stroll along the beach and reflect on his homeland. “I love the sea, it is where some of my poetry comes from,” Juma Al-Maskari says. He sits down and enjoys the peaceful beach while the gentle waves inspire him to write a few lines in his book of poetry. You feel the passion for his country in his writing. “I am proud t ...

Dorothee Andris| Aug 28, 2013


Entrance to natures paradies

Paguthan, a plant prepared to contribute its excellence – even in tough times

Entering the Paguthan Power Plant grounds is like being ushered into nature’s paradise. Behind the gate at the foot of the massive cooling tower lives a wide biodiversity having over 70 species of birds and around 30 species of snakes among the lush palms and blooming bushes on the 130-hectare site. Even a cobra is happy to be a close neighbor of the 655-MW gas-fired combined cycle power plant located 10 kilometers from Bharuch in the state of Gujarat, India.  The challenge: Domestic fuel short ...