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Christian Böse-Baer| May 26, 2015


IDS roadshow truck – Energy-saving and reliable operation of turbomachinery

Under the banner of “IDS - Extra Value Integrated”, the new Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) roadshow truck is on its European tour. The third article of our series on the exhibits in the IDS roadshow truck shows how perfectly matched combination of Simotics FD motors and Sinamics G120P frequency converters enable the cost-efficient, energy-saving and reliable operation of turbomachinery. Pumps, fans and compressors are playing a central role in a wide range of industrial sectors. Turbomachines a ...

Christian Böse-Baer| May 20, 2015


IDS roadshow truck – Discrete materials and container handling

Under the heading “IDS - Extra Value Integrated”, the new IDS roadshow truck has been touring Europe since November 2014. A series of three news articles to be published in the course of the coming weeks describes the main exhibits in the truck. The second article of our four-part series “Exhibits in the IDS roadshow truck” presents the IDS portfolio of drive and automation solutions for discrete materials and container handling systems. The seamless interaction of all IDS components allows Sie ...

Christian Böse-Baer| May 12, 2015


IDS roadshow truck – Improving the performance and energy efficiency of storage-and-retrieval systems

Under the heading “IDS - Extra Value Integrated”, the new IDS roadshow truck has been touring Europe since November 2014. A series of three news articles to be published in the course of the coming weeks describes the main exhibits in the truck. The first of these articles explains why drive and automation solutions are key to improving the performance and energy efficiency of storage-and-retrieval systems in high-bay warehouses. So-called rack feeder systems have become an essential part of mo ...

Saving costs is an important factor in the wind energy business

Higher Cost Efficiency for Wind Energy

In an environmentally friendly generation mix, wind energy is now playing a major role the world over. A long way to come for a comparatively young technology. While developments to tap its full potential are still well under way, Siemens’ wind energy innovations showcased  at this year’s Hannover Messe have  one goal in common: To make the well-established renewable energy source more cost efficient. Siemens is aiming to reduce the costs of wind power. Different approaches will contribute to t ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Apr 16, 2015

Digitalization is enhancing Sustainable Energy Production - ALICE is a self-optimization process that has been developed to teach wind turbines how to automatically and optimally adapt their operation to its local conditions

The Winds of Digital Change - How Digitalization is enhancing Sustainable Energy Generation

As in previous years, the vast majority of solutions being showcased at this year’s Hannover Messe are focused on industrial digitalization in line with that ubiquitous buzzword, Industrie 4.0. As a counterpoint to this prevailing wind, I’d like to use this post to take a look at how digitalization is also revolutionizing the way energy is generated – and more specifically, wind energy. Two innovations in particular have caught my eye this year at the Siemens booth in Hall 9, which show how digi ...

Carolin Kieschnick| Mar 27, 2015

Pillath Petra Rene

Telecontrol and many more thrilling topics: Four days at Wasser International come to an end

Rolf Pillath, Petra Geiss and René Jacobs from Siemens' booth team (from left to right) were very pleased with the response at the booth. The Wasser Berlin International trade fair was a resounding success for Siemens with lots of interesting conversations, valuable user feedback, and a great atmosphere. Experts from around the globe gathered at this leading trade fair for the water industry from March 24 to 27. Telecontrol technology and process instrumentation attracted particularly strong in ...

Carolin Kieschnick| Mar 20, 2015


Sustainable water use: Greater efficiency in the water industry

Health, nature, urbanization, industry, energy, food, and equality are the seven themes being highlighted by the United Nations for World Water Day 2015. Due to deficient or poorly developed infrastructures, adequate access to clean water is not available in all countries around the world. The consequences can be grave and even lead to serious conflicts and crises. And especially in the booming regions of the world, industry needs to be asking where water will come from in the future, and how th ...

SOV Log Book| Mar 19, 2015

The SOV waiting in the Esbjerg harbor to set sail for its first operation

First service operation vessel is setting sail

In the summer of 2013, construction began on two service operation vessels for offshore wind power plants, and now the first of the two sister vessels is setting sail. In January she underwent extensive sea trials in the snowy fjords of Norway. Soon after, she sailed to Esbjerg in Denmark, where she was handed over from Esvagt to Siemens on Wednesday, February 18. It was a remarkable day for both teams, whose experience and knowledge is built into the vessel. In just a few months she will begin ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Mar 06, 2015

the efficiency of the overall system is the key to further lowering the levelized cost of energy from wind

Sustainable energy – efficiency is crucial

Only six more weeks to go until this year’s Hannover Messe, and our preparations for this important event are, of course, running full speed ahead. The motto of the Siemens booth this year is “On the way to Industrie 4.0 – Driving the Digital Enterprise.” But what kinds of highlights and surprises can visitors to the trade show expect to find? In a Hannover Messe blog series our colleague Adam Wesoly offers a preview of what’s to come over the next few weeks.For me, the development of wind power ...

SOV Log Book| Feb 13, 2015


SOVs open up new horizons for offshore service - Final fitting at the Norwegian shipyard

It’s all about efficiency today

Ken Sørensen is Senior Vice President at Siemens Wind Power A/S in Brande, Denmark. Among other things, he oversees all maritime and aviation activities that are related to operation and maintenance on Siemens wind turbines. The 40-year old electrical engineer joined Siemens three years ago after having acquired broad international experience in a number of companies and countries. Sørensen is married and has two daughters, aged six and nine. In this blog post he explains what makes Siemens the ...