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SOV Log Book| Feb 13, 2015


SOVs open up new horizons for offshore service - Final fitting at the Norwegian shipyard

It’s all about efficiency today

Ken Sørensen is Senior Vice President at Siemens Wind Power A/S in Brande, Denmark. Among other things, he oversees all maritime and aviation activities that are related to operation and maintenance on Siemens wind turbines. The 40-year old electrical engineer joined Siemens three years ago after having acquired broad international experience in a number of companies and countries. Sørensen is married and has two daughters, aged six and nine. In this blog post he explains what makes Siemens the ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Feb 03, 2015

Fascinating – Linkin Park live

Power the World: Sustainability and energy poverty are humanitarian issues

Interview with Linkin Park bassist David Farrell Siemens is supporting Power the World, a program launched by the U.S. rock band Linkin Park to support the United Nations initiative »Sustainable Energy for All«. This initiative aims at enabling universal energy access with a strong focus on renewable energy, distributed generation, and energy efficiency. The »Power Booth«, a specially equipped multimedia container from Siemens, Linkin Park, and Warner Music, is calling attention to Power the Wor ...

Living Energy| Jan 15, 2015

Preparing for the interview with CEO Bob Carter and President Todd Carter

Telling the Story

Over three days in August, Diana Smith, a journalist and resident of Texas, met up with the Carter family, who head the Dallas-based Panda Power Funds, to interviews them and research for a reportage in Living Energy. She is telling the inspiring story of the Carter’s – well, Texas-sized – hospitality!Our job was to cover intricate workings of a power plant and the people responsible for it. Like many, I get up bleary-eyed in the morning and flip on the light switch, having just a vague notion o ...

Living Energy| Jan 13, 2015

All the Carters share a big love for the wildlife

Getting Back More than You Can Ever Dream

The other of the Panda house and name, Janice Carter, invited the Living Energy media team to her office and her home to discuss her family, her work and why giving back really matters.Recently, a high school senior from a low income, inner city neighborhood in Dallas made a trip to see Janice Carter at her tenth floor office in the company’s downtown high rise. “I told her to sit in my chair,” Carter relates. As she was sitting there taking in the beautifully-appointed office and expansive view ...

Living Energy| Jan 07, 2015

The mayor of the City of Temple, Danny Dunn greets Panda Power Funds President Todd Carter

Generating Power and Tax Revenue

During a summer visit to bucolic Temple, Texas, Living Energy had the pleasure of meeting the town’s Mayor Danny Dunn. The Temple plant delivered turnkey ready by Siemens for Panda Power is the largest private investment Temple has ever seen.For Mayor Dunn, “Temple Tomorrow” is more than just a city’s promotional slogan. It is the theme adopted by Temple city leaders for its strategic vision and plan and a crucial guideline in his role governing the city. Critical to that plan is growing the tax ...

Living Energy| Dec 30, 2014

Sean Hausman is the plant manager at Temple 1, the new combined-cycle gas and steam power plant that Siemens built with the latest Flex Plant fast start capability for Panda Power

There’s Nothing Like It

Sean Hausman, plant manager of Panda Power Funds Temple 1 power station, recently showcased the advanced workings of the state-of-the-art facility to the journalistic team from Living Energy.At the busy Temple 1 plant, he is like the captain of a great ship, overseeing a vast Siemens-designed Flex-Plant™ , a 758-megawatt operation that produces enough electricity to power approximately 750,000 homes. When the plant’s twin sister, Temple 2 becomes operational in 2015, the production will double. ...

Living Energy| Dec 17, 2014

“Our Temple project is the cleanest, most efficient power plant in Texas, if not the USA,” says Todd Carter about Panda’s latest collaboration with Siemens and their Flex Plant™ technology

A Life-Changing Experience

Todd Carter, senior partner and president of the family company, Panda Power Funds, recently related a story to Living Energy – on location to research a reportage and shoot a documentary – while at the company’s headquarters in Dallas.Not so long ago, Carter was sitting on a school stage, watching as his teenage son, Blake, spoke to young children at a Panda-built school in Nepal, and found himself visibly moved. “It was a great moment, like, 'How cool is that?'” says the Dallas native, who is ...

Living Energy| Dec 08, 2014

A life-long passion for wildlife - Panda Power Funds CEO Bob Carter in his office

Everyone Thinks Big in Texas

Panda Power Funds is in the process of building one of the cleanest high-efficient power plant fleet in the USA. Showing the Living Energy journalistic team around Texas, Panda’s pater familias, Bob Carter, explains why.Bob Carter, CEO of Panda Power Funds and a Robert Mitchum movie star lookalike, almost never stops working as we discovered on a three-day visit to Texas in August. Whether in his Dallas office or on his West Texas ranch, Carter is constantly checking on business. The reason? He ...

Franziska Heinze| Nov 18, 2014


Business Development Director at Actemium about longtime partnership with Siemens

Appie Broosma, Business Development Director improve their solutions at Actemium with Siemens.   Actemium has a longtime partnership with Siemens and use many of our products and systems in their industrial solutions. By exchanging their knowledge of their customers complex requierments, we at Siemens can refine our products so Actemium can improve their solutions. Find out more on our website Want to watch more statements? Follow our BrauBeviale blog series.

Franziska Heinze| Nov 14, 2014


Acting Director & Owner of Ingenieurbüro Ledwig on using Siemens products

Joachim Ledwig, Acting Director & Owner 'Ingenieurbüro Ledwig' on supporting & advicing the beverage industry since 25 years. Planning  and counseling for the beverage-, process- and energy industry since 25 years, Joachim Ledwig, not only but mainly, uses Siemens products covering the fields of automation, as well as control cabinets, transformer systems and low-voltage-switchboards. Summarizing these 25 years, even when there were problems at times, they were always openly addressed ...