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Charles Fialkowski| Nov 03, 2015


Are you prepared for the new independence rules for BMS designs?

On December 1, 2014, the 2015 edition of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 85, Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code was approved as an American National Standard. The scope and purpose of the NFPA 85 committee, as well as its six technical sub-committees, is to establish the minimum requirements for:  design safety, installation, operation, maintenance, and training for all types of boilers including single and multiple burners, stokers, fluidized bed and heat recovery steam ...

Charles Fialkowski| Apr 14, 2014

Separation requirements for your BMS at sites with mulitple boilers?

For years, I have always driven for complete seperation and independence for all PLC based burner management systems (BMS) as per my own personal interpetation (per NFPA 85 requirements).  Below is an excerpt from the current NFPA 85 standard.  I'm NOT talking about seperation between the control layer and the safety layer, rather, what to do when your plant has multiple boilers on site?   4.11.7* Requirement for Independence. Except as noted in, the burner managementsystem sh ...

Charles Fialkowski| Jan 08, 2014

Fialkowski to Present on NFPA equivalency clause at Instrumentation Symposium

If you've ever wondered how you can acheive compliance on your BMS to the prescribed requirements in the NFPA standards (85, 86 or 87) you should attend my presentation on Tuesday, January 21st @ 3:20pm at the 69th Annual Instrumentation Symposium for the Process Industries, January 21-23, 2014 - Memorial Student Center, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.  This paper was a great collaborative effort between myself, Michael Polagye, FM Global and Mike Scott, AEsolns. The program, ...

Charles Fialkowski| Sep 19, 2013

What SIL level should your burner management system achieve

A few weeks ago I attended a technical conference in Alaska where Mr. Mike Scott from AEsolutions was a presenter.  Mike's presentation title was "Safety Instrumented BMS" which of course I was extremely interested in hearing someone else's take on this.  Mike talked about the potential risks associated with any application with a flame (boilers, heaters, thermal oxidizers, process heaters, etc..) and in summary he concluded that all the applications he sees would require a SIL 2 BMS t ...

Charles Fialkowski| Aug 09, 2013

How to invoke the equivalency clause in NFPA standards

When dealing with a prescriptive standards such as the NFPA 85, NFPA 86 or NFPA 87 standards, there are a number of prescribed requirements that often conflict with using modern performance based equipement (i.e. using an external watchdog timer for a Safety PLC, using hardwired relays,etc). I have challenged these concepts since the start of my career in Industrial automation as I worked for a major manufacturer of combustion equipment and believed there had to be a better way..... All NFPA sta ...

Charles Fialkowski| Jul 11, 2013

Siemens BMS 400F Live demo July 17 in Houston TX

If your in the Houston area next week, register to attend a 1-day Safety Instrumented System (SIS) seminar.  Not only will you learn about the ISA 84 safety standard, you'll also get a chance to have a first hand review of Siemens BMS 400F (A SIL 3 rated BMS solution). The event is being hosted by Cimation, a local solution/engineering firm.  The seminar will be lead by Siemens Process Safety and BMS expert Mr. Luis Garcia.  More information on the event and to register please go to:  http://www ...

Charles Fialkowski| Apr 10, 2013

Stop the guess work on when and how to test your BMS (or SIS)

This topic has been hitting the safety wire for some time now, and is the topic of my paper that I will present on April 30, at the  AIChE pring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety in San Antonio.  Attend the Siemens presentation: Take the Guess Work Out of Testing Your Safety Instrumented System   Process Safety expert, Charles Fialkowski, will present his paper, Tuesday, April  30, at 10:15am ...

Charles Fialkowski| Jan 29, 2013

Safety PLCs used for burner management really don’t care about your furnace or boiler

One of the most confusing issues for those looking to upgrade old burner management systems (BMS) from relay or solid-state control to programmable technology (i.e. PLC) is what kind of information does the designer need to know about your process?  Eventually they’ll need to know all of the important operating parameters about your particular unit (to program it), but in order for them to quote you a price, they’ll be more interested in basic stuff l ...

Your Burner Management system isn't just for burners anymore!

Last week while visiting a plant I noticed the engineer got confused while talking about their automation system(s) that controled the operation of their boiler(s). He kept mentioning 3 uniqe system names, but could only come up with 2 systems.  He insisted they had a burner management, boiler safety and combustion control system, but as we walked down the unit, we only found 2 control cabinets.    As I expected, the burner management and boiler safety were really just one in the ...

Fialkowski appointed as ISA's BMS committee chair

Charles Fialkowski has been appointed to the ISA safety and security division committee chair for Burner management systems.  In this role, Fialkowski will provide technical content, articles, etc. to the ISA safety and security division website.  Let us know if there is anything you'd like to see addressed.