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Katrien Valkiers| Aug 24, 2016

TIA Selection Tool Cloud

NIEUW! De TIA Selection Tool nu ook beschikbaar via de Cloud

De TIA Selection Tool is nu ook beschikbaar in de cloud en  kan geraadpleegd worden via mobiele toestellen. De voordelen ? Geen installatie of downloads nodig Speciaal ontwikkeld voor mobiele toestellen Regionale prijzen ter beschikking Al jouw projecten binnen handbereik Hoe werkt het precies? Raadpleeg de informatie via deze link.  Voor meer informatie kan je ook terecht op deze pagina. 

Gerhard Stauss| Aug 22, 2016

Siemens Motek2016 Photo 1

Siemens at the Motek 2016 – Solutions for Handling, Robotics and Assembly Go Digital

Stuttgart. From October 10 to 13 in Stuttgart, Siemens will be exhibiting at the Motek, the world’s number one trade fair for automation in production and assembly with a comprehensive range of efficient automation and drive systems used in machine handling and robotics solutions. Under the banner “Solutions for Handling, Robotics and Assembly Go Digital”, the company will be presenting its broad portfolio of products and solutions to visitors in Hall 8, Booth 8102. The Siemens trade fair prese ...

Elisabet Sangrà Solé| Aug 03, 2016


Man vs. Machine? - Collaborative workforces

Robotics has already played a big part in making our lives simpler. We can now enjoy the luxury of having our coffee made by an automated machine, while our dishwasher takes a more laborious task off our hands.  As well as transforming our day to day activities at home, robots have also changed the game at work. Since the Industrial Revolution, machines have proved useful for taking on repetitive and labour intensive roles in the manufacturing sector. Fast forward two centuries and we’re now at ...

Ursula Lang| Aug 03, 2016

B1608 DFMC ScherenSinumerik 1 COPYRIGHT Gebr

fresh off the press: Siemens MediaService August 2016 - Industry News

The August issue of the MediaService Industries kicks off with a new fuse module for motor starters. In “Keeping cool on the high seas” we learn about a processor used to automate refrigeration systems up to 300 square meters in size for the storage of frozen and fresh produce on board cruise ships. Also featured: a machine tool complete with Sinumerik control which ensures precision blade milling for the production of hand-held pruning shears. We also find out how Siemens components enable opti ...

Gerhard Stauss| Jul 29, 2016

B DFFA LogoDeconta 1 AnthophylliteAsbestos COPYRIGHT Photograph Courtesy of the US Geological Survey

Contamination under control - Automation technology makes for safer decontamination

Isselburg, North Rhine Westphalia. Deconta GmbH specializes in helping companies clear asbestos residues. To prevent this hazardous mineral being transported into the environment, either by uncontrolled air exchange or by adhering to work clothing, the company produces a mobile personnel air lock system, the “Deco Mobil”. This allows workers to safely enter and leave contaminated work areas. A “Logo! 8” logic module from Siemens monitors and controls the air lock functions. The result: greater e ...

Ursula Lang| Jul 06, 2016

20160706 MediaService Juli e Seite 1

fresh off the press: Siemens MediaService July 2016 - Industry News

he July issue of the MediaService is dedicated to applications relating to drives and automation, and takes off in spectacular style by breaking the sound barrier with a visit to the Transonic Wind Tunnel at the German Aerospace Center, where Siemens technology simulates the behavior of spacecraft flying close to the speed of sound. Speed is also of the essence in our next article featuring the virtual doctor: when it comes to telemedical emergency care in remote locations such as offshore platf ...

Ursula Lang| Jun 15, 2016

MS1606 PDPA LU180

fresh off the press: Siemens MediaService June 2016 - Industry News

The June issue of the MediaService kicks off with two new product announcements with the launch of a new ultrasonic level transmitter for potentially explosive environments and a new Industrial Ethernet switch for small networks. We read how Siemens was awarded the contract to modernize a paper machine for paper producer Stora Enso Langerbrugge by the installation of new drives and replacement of the machine controller. Then we take a trip to God’s house on the application page to hear how St. M ...

David Petry| May 24, 2016


On the way to Water 4.0 - Water technologies at the Ifat Environmental Fair

Munich, Germany. The world’s biggest environmental fair, the IFAT (30 May to 3 June 2016) focusing on water, sewage and waste management is just around the corner. Siemens will be present to demonstrate how automation and drive systems, industrial software and services can make a decisive contribution towards the provision of efficient and reliable water supplies. Smart and efficient: These attributes are set to shape the water industry of the future. Siemens will be on hand to demonstrate just ...

Alma Milicevic| Apr 29, 2016


TIA Wall demonstrates customer benefits

Efficiency and productivity are crucial factors for the success of any manufacturing enterprise. Engineering will also play a key role in the future in bringing the increasing complexity of plants and machinery under control. Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), the industrial automation system from Siemens, makes sure that all automation components work together efficiently, and it is a fundamental part of our Digital Enterprise Software Suite. We’re presenting TIA's capabilities on our impress ...

Ulf Bittner| Apr 28, 2016


Startups – drivers of innovation and technology

Startups are companies that have great innovative strength, inventiveness and the ability to act quickly. They are important drivers of innovation, which makes them very important to Germany as an economic center. “Young Tech Enterprises” is the name of the area in Hall 3 at Hannover Messe 2016 where startups have a forum for presenting their businesses and establishing contacts. Siemens is also there as a partner, supporting a wide range of hopeful startup enterprises. The combination of start ...