Harald Mayer| Sep 28, 2015


SITRAM DRY: Keeping oil dry to preserve transformer life

Oil and water don’t mix. However, inside transformers, they can come together — with rather unfortunate effects. SITRAM DRY, a continuous transformer oil drying solution from Siemens, helps extend transformer life by removing insulation-destroying moisture from transformer oil.  The useful life of a transformer is largely determined by the strength of its solid insulation. Once the mechanical strength has lost 50% of its initial value, the end of life of the transformer’s solid insulation is rea ...

Harald Mayer| Sep 28, 2015

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Utility specialty support services

Siemens offers a range of specialized services to help electric utilities address unique issues associated with power distribution networks. These offerings build upon Siemens' vast and diverse industry and analytics expertise, as well as a deep catalogue of power distribution products. Siemens utility support services include: Operation & maintenance of power delivery assets. Reduce risk, control costs and enhance reliability by outsourcing this crucial function to a qualified service provi ...

Usman Sindhu| Aug 31, 2015


Will Data Science Discipline Help Utilities Analytics Practices?

The answer to the above question is yes. At least all participants of Siemens Twitter Chat on July 22, 2015 did concur that data science is an important discipline for utilities to gain deeper insights into the data.  You can follow the conversation at #utilichat on Twitter. It was apparent from the Twitter Chat (#utilichat) that we have more questions about solving many challenges for utilities. Utilities do collect a lot of data and volume has increased in the past few years. Zpryme survey co ...

Chris King| Aug 11, 2015

California Utilities Propose Next Generation Net Energy Metering Rates

Last week, utilities and interested parties filed rate proposals in the proceeding to determine the next generation of tariffs for customers with on-site generation, such as rooftop solar. Such customers in the U.S. have typically used a Net Energy Metering tariff (NEM), first adopted in 1980 in Idaho. Under NEM, customers’ meters keep track of only the net energy consumed in a month; i.e., the total consumed minus the total produced by the customer’s rooftop solar system. So a customer’s bill c ...

Chris King| Aug 05, 2015

Utilities of the Future: British Gas Refocusing on Customers

Much has been said about the "utility of the future." British Gas is joining other European majors such as E.ON and RWE and not just talking the talk but walking the walk.In its earnings announcement last week, Centrica (British Gas's parent) said it was cutting back investment in its oil and gas division and focusing on being a customer-facing business. This was the headline finding from its corporate strategic review.Like E.ON and RWE, British Gas is turning toward what it calls its ...