Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 13, 2015


DistribuTECH 2015: Utility industry reflects on, reassesses technology, trends

Last week, at DistribuTECH 2015, utility industry professionals from North America and elsewhere took the opportunity to reflect on how they can enable "prosumers" while preparing their grids and businesses for more third-party players -- and for the unknown. Who are the prosumers? In his summary of DistribuTECH, Jeff St. John of Greentech Media described this emerging group of customers as, "the solar-equipped, battery-backed, EV-driving, Nest-thermostat-enabled customer who expe ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 10, 2015

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Siemens at E-world Energy and Water 2015, Feb. 10-12

On Feb. 10-12, utility and industry professionals from around the world will gather at E-world -- a leading European trade fair and conference on smart energy and water systems. On Twitter, follow @Siemens_SG and #Eworld2015 Watch this page for featured E-world information from Siemens: Transformer condition monitoring: Real-time dashboard extends useful life, prevents failures.Spectrum Power, the intelligent control center solution for municipal and multi-utilities. (Demonstrations available b ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 10, 2015

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Create a more intelligent distribution grid with Siemens at E-world 2015

At E-world 2015 (Feb. 10-12, Essen, Germany), Siemens will feature several offerings to help utilities create more intelligent distribution grids -- through distribution automation, data management, control centers, and intelligent field assets. Visit the Siemens booth Hall 3 / Stand 3-211 Here is a preview of some of these offerings, and how they can benefit utilities in Germany and elsewhere. (See links and attached brochures for details.) FITformer REG. This regulated distribution transformer ...

Harald Mayer| Feb 09, 2015


Substation condition monitoring: Overcoming integration challenges

Monitoring the current condition of switchgear and transformers can be a powerful strategy to help utilities prevent failures and optimize the useful life of these key assets. So why isn't every utility doing it? In a new video, Laurent van Groningen (Product Lifecycle Manager, Siemens Asset Services) explained that it often is challenging to directly integrate condition monitoring data into utility's existing systems. For instance, SCADA systems often are certified in a way that would not allow ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 09, 2015

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EnergyIP smart grid integration platform meets tough German security requirements

In 2016, grid operators will be installing millions of smart meters throughout Germany. These metering systems must meet stringent new German IT security standards. Siemens is enhancing EnergyIP (the industry-leading smart grid application and meter data management platform) with special features for the German smart metering market. The Energy IP Smart Grid Integration Platform is a comprehensive solution from Siemens that handles both the operation of intelligent measuring systems (smart meter ...