Shalin Shah| Jul 13, 2016

2016-07-12 1309

[Video Blog] IoT Analytics Architectures for Utilities

Data from smart meters enable utilities to gather millions of more data points across the grid to better visualize how voltage is being distributed throughout their networks. This provides a rich variety of historic, real-time, and even predictive data. For example, this data could be used to predict how a local transformer might fail in different scenarios, based on its type, age, and network load. Before the Internet of Things (IoT) came along, utilities small and large had taken to the Cloud ...

Shalin Shah| Jun 28, 2016


How to Calculate Microgrid ROI for Your Project: Through a Practical Case Study

Microgrids are becoming increasingly popular amongst communities, businesses, universities, hospitals, and others seeking reliable and cost-effective energy. However, since they are complex solutions, including a variety of energy load types and different forms of energy generation (e.g., renewables), investors have yet to establish replicable financing models for microgrids. This is a dilemma that Algonquin College in Ontario, Canada recently faced. With more than 54,000 full- and part-time st ...

Harald Mayer| Jun 03, 2016


Transformer Spare Parts: Be Prepared for Grid Reliability

Grid reliability is now a top priority, and challenge, for utilities — thanks, in part, to vast increases in the amount of renewables and other distributed resources on the grid. Transformer maintenance is an important part of achieving reliability, since transformers are working harder than ever. Downtime isn’t just costly; it can stress and compromise other parts of your grid. Siemens Customer Services (Transformer Lifecycle Management (TLM)) offers easy, fast access to the right spare parts f ...

Sonita Lontoh| Jun 02, 2016


What does the internet of things mean for the energy sector?

This article was first published on the World Economic Forum agenda. It’s reprinted here with permissions. Sonita Lontoh is the Vice-President of Marketing at Siemens Digital Grid and will be speaking at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit hosted by President Barack Obama in Silicon Valley on 22-24 June. When renowned American psychologist Abraham Maslow came up with his famous Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in 1943, he had studied what he called “exemplary” people, such as Albert Einstein, E ...

Chris King| May 19, 2016

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Near Real Time Streaming Data

With its Reforming the Energy Vision proceeding, New York’s Public Service Commission is helping define the future of electricity. The PSC’s ideas include access to smart meter data with a new option: near-real-time streaming over Advanced Metering Infrastructure networks. So what is this, and how does it related to existing options? See the figure – but, for more detail, read on… The majority of utilities that have deployed AMI now have websites that allow customers to view their detailed energ ...