Martin Shalhoub| Sep 14, 2016

2016-09-14 1444

Successfully Integrating Increasing Levels of Distributed Energy Resources

Successfully integrating increased levels of distributed energy resources (DER) into a distribution network is a complex process, impacting both transmission and distribution systems as well as Planning and Operations departments. The identification of potential issues and designing of effective solutions relies heavily on effective planning and analysis. Siemens PTI’s core expertise in power system analyses provides planning insights that enable our clients to make technical and economic busin ...

Harald Mayer| Aug 02, 2016


How old is that transformer, really?

How much remaining life does a transformer really have left? The life span of a transformer is largely determined by the composition of the cellulose insulation and insulating oil. Of all the materials used they are the ones which are subjected the most to operation-dependent ageing processes. With good maintenance, and by keeping operation within design parameters, a transformer can run for well over 30 years. However, harsh environments, chronic overloading, or stressful events (such as transi ...

Usman Sindhu| Jul 27, 2016

Quantifying merits of incorporating renewables into the electrical grid

Distributed energy resources (DER) including electric vehicles, storage, and variable generation (solar, wind) pose threats and opportunities alike to the energy providers. Storage technologies are improving and cost is coming down. The value of using storage to further energy efficiency, energy independence, energy sharing, and a transactive grid is even greater. A White House June 2016 report explores in detail the technical merits of emerging technologies such as variable energy resources (VE ...

Shalin Shah| Jul 13, 2016

2016-07-12 1309

[Video Blog] IoT Analytics Architectures for Utilities

Data from smart meters enable utilities to gather millions of more data points across the grid to better visualize how voltage is being distributed throughout their networks. This provides a rich variety of historic, real-time, and even predictive data. For example, this data could be used to predict how a local transformer might fail in different scenarios, based on its type, age, and network load. Before the Internet of Things (IoT) came along, utilities small and large had taken to the Cloud ...

Shalin Shah| Jun 28, 2016


How to Calculate Microgrid ROI for Your Project: Through a Practical Case Study

Microgrids are becoming increasingly popular amongst communities, businesses, universities, hospitals, and others seeking reliable and cost-effective energy. However, since they are complex solutions, including a variety of energy load types and different forms of energy generation (e.g., renewables), investors have yet to establish replicable financing models for microgrids. This is a dilemma that Algonquin College in Ontario, Canada recently faced. With more than 54,000 full- and part-time st ...