Alicia Carrasco| Apr 22, 2015

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Transforming Energy Regulations and Markets: Ofgem Seeks Input

As the electric power industry evolves, new business models present many opportunities and risks. Seeking options to constructively and proactively transform the energy market (while also lowering electric bills, benefiting the environment, and protecting the interest of current and future consumers) U.K. energy regulator Ofgem has opened a consultation to investigate nontraditional business models. Submit comments to Ofgem here: Input is invited from from utilities, i ...

Harald Mayer| Apr 09, 2015


Cable failures: Find and prevent them with LIRA technology

Cables are an essential asset in any power grid — but even properly installed cables can fail, especially when harsh environmental conditions accelerate degradation. Without current, detailed intelligence it can be difficult to accurately locate and quickly repair cable faults. Faster repairs can save grid operators considerable money. Siemens Asset Services helps grid operators locate electric cable faults using line resonance analysis (LIRA) technology.  LIRA can detect faults in cables of a ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Mar 30, 2015

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Smart Water: Helping water utilities get ahead of infrastructure challenges

Water utilities face more daunting challenges than ever before: infrastructure keeps aging, demand for water keeps growing, pressure to conserve is higher and water supply is less secure -- all while resources to repair, upgrade and expand water networks remain constrained. Applying smart metering and other intelligence to distribution networks can help water utilities get ahead of all of these challenges. A new publication from Siemens, Take Control of Your Water Future, explains how smart wate ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Mar 24, 2015

JEA case study cover

Making meter data management a nexus of enterprise operations: JEA case study

Utilities often deploy smart metering (AMI) networks with the initial goal of direct revenue and billing enhancements. But AMI also can be the gateway to significant strategic, business and operational benefits that can benefit every aspect of utility operations and business. When JEA (one of the largest nonprofit, community-owned utilities in the U.S., based in Jacksonville, Fla.) deployed an AMI network, they had a clear vision of a long-term strategy. AMI would improve the timeliness and reli ...

Chris King| Mar 19, 2015


This week: Solar eclipse will challenge European power systems

Solar eclipses have historically been exciting and mysterious events; the proliferation of solar energy production adds a new twist. On Friday, March 20, a total solar eclipse will pass over Atlantic, cast a huge shadow over Europe, and shut down as much as 34 gigawatts (GW) of solar electricity production. This should create some excitement for power system operators. According to ENTSO-E (the European transmission operators association), this eclipse "will pose a serious challenge to the ...