Chris King| May 19, 2016

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Near Real Time Streaming Data

With its Reforming the Energy Vision proceeding, New York’s Public Service Commission is helping define the future of electricity. The PSC’s ideas include access to smart meter data with a new option: near-real-time streaming over Advanced Metering Infrastructure networks. So what is this, and how does it related to existing options? See the figure – but, for more detail, read on… The majority of utilities that have deployed AMI now have websites that allow customers to view their detailed energ ...

Sonita Lontoh| Apr 21, 2016


How much is the Internet of Things worth to the global economy?

(Image: courtesy of Reuters/Tobias Schwarz) This article first appeared as part of the agenda at the World Economic Forum. Sonita Lontoh is a World Economic Forum Agenda contributor. Reprinted with permission. With all the hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT), IoT Analytics recently issued an article listing the 10 most popular IoT applications. The list was composed based on what people search on Google, talk about on Twitter, and write about on LinkedIn. The top 10 are listed as fo ...

Chris King| Apr 11, 2016


Engaging Customers: Siemens' Vision for the 51st State Utility

This week, Siemens is participating in the Smart Electric Power Alliance’s 51st State Summit, presenting our vision for the Consumer-Driven Utility. Our submission proposes a consumer-driven grid, enabled and delivered in large part by regulated utilities, and lays out a roadmap to get there not just in the 51st State – but anywhere.The electricity business is being transformed by powerful forces. The evolving world is a confluence of new and less costly distributed energy resources, information ...

Harald Mayer| Apr 04, 2016

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What Do Your Transformers Need? SITRAM DIAG

Transformers are some of the costliest and most crucial assets in any utility’s fleet, and many of these devices are operating well beyond their rated lifespan. Risk of failure is higher, and spare parts can be hard to get. A comprehensive condition assessment program can offer deep insight into how transformers are doing, and what they need, in time to prevent failures and minimize cost and downtime. Siemens offers a three-level program, SITRAM DIAG, that assesses transformer data, considers r ...

Shalin Shah| Mar 31, 2016

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Making the Digital Grid “Central Nervous System” a Reality

Connecting smart grid sensors and devices to the Internet is somewhat like the human body, or more specifically, the central nervous system. In our bodies, the central nervous system gathers information from many different systems and coordinates our body’s resulting reaction. For example, if we touch something hot, the sensation is sent to our brain, interpreted as a threat, and as a result, our brain tells our hand to quickly pull away. Our central nervous system essentially ingests, processes ...