Michelle Candelaria| Apr 18, 2014

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Siemens Smart Grid Software Leadership Conference: May 5-7, Orlando

From analytics to demand response and more, software is what makes the smart grid truly smart. On May 5-7, utility leaders and IT professionals will gather in Orlando, Florida to discuss trends in smart grid software, share best practices, and learn about next-generation technology to help utilities maximize benefits from smart grid initiatives. Learn more and REGISTER NOW. See the agenda and breakout session topics. Jesse Berst, Chairman of the Smart Cities Council, will deliver the keynote ...

Michelle Candelaria| Apr 18, 2014

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Transforming the utility business while staying ahead of the regulatory curve

Around the world, shifting regulatory requirements are supporting more innovative energy options (such as distributed generation and time-varying pricing) and mandating operational changes (such as integrating ever more renewables). As utilities expand beyond their traditional business model, how can they plan for an evolving regulatory landscape as well as rapidly evolving energy technology? A session at the Siemens Smart Grid Software Leadership Conference (May 5-7, Orlando, Fla.) will explore ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Apr 08, 2014


Siemens, Accenture join forces in new smart grid joint venture, Omnetric Group

Today Siemens and Accenture unveiled the completion of their new smart grid joint venture, Omnetric Group. This company will combine Siemens' leading energy product portfolio with Accenture's recognized smart grid systems integration, consulting and managed services. Initially announced at European Utility Week 2013, Omnetric Group is now ready to provide utilities around the world with advanced smart grid solutions and services. The focus will be primarily on data management and systems integra ...

Ken Geisler| Apr 07, 2014

Grid Design

Distributed generation is driving significant changes in grid design

Distributed generation offers rich opportunities to address power grid challenges. But to really make these projects succeed, utilities should consider not just where generation resources are located, but also the bigger picture of the infrastructure supporting them. Ultimately, a more robust and resilient energy distribution grid might eventually look like a patchwork of energy districts interconnected through the local utility infrastructure. This could significantly enhance grid efficiency an ...

Chris King| Apr 01, 2014

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Apps for Energy Challenge: Help choose winners by April 4

When energy data is put to work, its value becomes obvious. One way to make energy data useful is to use it to power desktop or mobile applications that help people, organizations or utilities understand energy use or make better energy decisions. In the U.S., the current Apps for Energy Challenge has attracted dozens of entries by U.S. developers. Each of these apps are built using one or more of these "featured inputs" (publicly available U.S. energy datasets): Green Button Data Stan ...