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Richard Williams| Jun 25, 2013


Got Gas?

In the oil & gas industry, there are instances where you would use natural gas to move control valves.  Why spend money on a compressor for producing instrument air and additional electricity costs when you have ample natural gas available?  There are issues, however, in using the gas for these applications, particularly if the valve is being controlled by an electronic signal. Gas isn’t always easy.The most important question you can ask yourself is:  what is in the gas?  Gas can be great, ...

Dick Colony| Jan 08, 2013



Siemens' PS2  intelligent positioner provides a flexible  solution for all types of control valves, incorporating intelligent  valve  diagnostics and communications via HART, Profibus PA or Foundation Fieldbus.  Equipped with standard comprehensive diagnostic functions, the PS2 continuously checks the actuator and valve, so it will provide advanced failure warnings during operations. Siemens’ PS2 is resistant to most hostile environments, offers a flameproof enclosure  for C ...

Dick Colony| Sep 29, 2011

How do you save $600,000?

A large tobacco company was about to spend in excess of $600K for an additional utility building compressor. The facility air system was failing to meet pressure requirements based on the overall demand of the existing system with 2,500 positioners. By explaining key benefits of the PS2 valve positioner (click here to see for the benefits for yourself) and running a few tests, we were able to give them the air (and dollar!) savings needed to skip the purchase of a new compressor. Could you be in ...