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Billy Jenkins| Feb 20, 2013

Get control over measuring wet wells / lift stations.

Previously I reviewed contacting technologies that can be used for monitoring, and in some cases, control of a lift station.  This time I’m reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of non-contact methods of level measurement.  In my opinion, I think these technologies are the better choice, especially when it comes to monitoring the level in a lift station. These work horses — lift stations — are rarely thought of until they stop working properly, a spill occurs or potable water does not get ...

Billy Jenkins| Feb 15, 2013

Are lift stations a big part of your day?

There are many challenges to measuring the level in a wet well or lift station.  Lift stations are a critical part of the overall water and waste water pumping systems.  These work horses bring the waste discharged into the sewer system to the treatment plant or they take the potable water through the drinking water system.  Lift stations are rarely thought of until one stops working properly and a spill occurs or potable water does not get to its destination.  The main component o ...

Jessica Oler| Nov 16, 2011



Does radar live up to the hype in the water and wastewater industry?

The following blog post was contributed by Scott Holzborn  (pictured above).  Scott has almost 20 years of instrumentation experience in the Water & Wastewater Industry, and is currently working for Siemens Water Technologies. A lot of water industry professionals are choosing radar level measurement based on the technological innovations that it offers and, frankly, the hype. It’s understandable: it’s new, it’s cool, and it’s got a lot of functionalit ...