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Herman Coello| Nov 29, 2012


Have you winterized your radar level transmitter?

I imagine that you are asking yourself: winterize what? Well, in a recent trip to the Bakken Shale field in North Dakota, I learned that some customers are resorting to extra measures to deal with the nuances caused by ice buildup in horn antennas during winter. The problem I see with this approach is:  how does one know which device needs tender care? It surprised me to learn that that some people in the upstream sector would spend over $100 per jacket (hood) to put on their ...

Ricardo Ochoa| Aug 03, 2011


How do antennas and frequency affect my radar level measurement?

I once had a customer with a lime slurry application where a low frequency radar unit was utilized. The unit was unable to monitor the level accurately when the dry lime product was added to the mix. By replacing the low frequency radar unit with a high frequency radar device, we improved the performance when the lime product was being added. What is the difference between high and low frequency radar? High frequency radar transmitters are more susceptible to condensation and product build-up on ...