Lonnie Barker| Aug 27, 2015

GVF Eliminator blog pic

How much are you paying for air?

With the current cycle of low crude oil prices, many in the oil and gas industry are looking at new technology that will improve profits, and lower costs while at the same time protecting the environment with less emissions and spills.Any process that separates or blends a liquid entrained gas or air is a major issue that has to be dealt with. If it’s not managed, the entrained gas or air in a liquid adds volume and the value of the liquid is determined on that volume.So, how do you remove unwan ...

Jonas Norinder| Aug 20, 2015

CNG Follow-up blog

FCS200 for CNG dispenser applications – how can we make it happen?

As Eric Heilveil recently blogged, the SITRANS FCS200 CNG flow sensor and SIFLOW FC070 Ex CT transmitter has received approval to be used in any CNG application where ownership or money is being exchanged for compressed natural gas. But, the approval is only given to manufacturers who let their meter undergo a rigorous test. The first step is to establish a baseline for the evaluation. This is done by conducting an initial performance test that can last several days, depending on the size meter ...

Ford Cheeseman| Aug 11, 2015

engineering hub blog

Who do you turn to when you don’t have engineering or solutions support in-house?

What is the most important factor you consider when selecting an outside solutions or engineering provider? Do you look for companies that are geared only to the products you have in-house, or do you look at companies that can offer guidance on an array of products? How about lead time? Are you looking for an immediate solution, or can your system set-up support a lengthy downtime depending on the solutions provider? What about the specifics of the services? Are you interested in a solutions pro ...

Tim Matthews| Jul 16, 2015


How much water is used in the oil and gas market?

Quick quiz: How much water is needed to drill and frack a horizontal well?a) 25,000 gallonsb) 250,000 gallonsc) 2,500,000 gallonsIt may seem crazy but each new well requires over 2.5 million gallons of water for completion. Not only that, besides the water needed for drilling and fracking, industry experts have found that for every one barrel of oil produced, over seven and a half barrels of water are also produced. For the production of one million cubic feet of natural gas, over 260 barrels of ...

Justin DiNunzio| Jul 09, 2015

Valve Performance Test Picture

What are valve positioner diagnostics and how are they important to your valve?

Industrial plants are being tasked with reducing costs and increasing production. To achieve this, they must exploit plant efficiencies while simultaneously reducing their workforce. This forces plants to rely on their suppliers for the know-how solutions and advice to accomplish these tasks.Quickly realizing that it’s not just about cutting costs but maximizing operational efficiencies, plants that are thriving during this time are choosing equipment and suppliers that offer value.The valve and ...