Jack Roushey| Mar 04, 2015

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What fracking mag meters do you use?

When it comes to process instrumentation in the oil and gas industry, particularly as it relates to hydraulic fracking, you need a variety of technologies and instruments that can be applied to each step of the product cycle.The product cycle consists of three steps:1. The characterization of raw materials2. Monitoring and on-line control of intermediate steps in natural gas processing and refining3. And, finally, the production of fuels and supplied products in refining, petrochemical and fine ...

Lonnie Barker| Feb 19, 2015


The time is NOW to take a fresh look at upgrading technologies

Since late-2014, the price of crude oil has consistently been dropping lower and lower. Already, we’ve already seen a decrease in drilling, fracking and production cuts, not to mention thousands of layoffs. The predictions of when prices will be back into the $70 BBL mark have ranged from July 2015 to the second quarter of 2016. While this may seem like a cruel (short-term) eternity, this could actually be a blessing in disguise for the industry. With dropping crude prices, it’s the ideal time t ...

Matthew Logeman| Feb 13, 2015

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How do you create a safe environment while increasing operational efficiency?

Over the past 50 years, there have been more than 900 instances of grain engulfment with 62% of those cases resulting in death. In 2010, over 26 fatalities, the highest number of U.S. deaths occurred due to grain engulfment. Companies need to be aware of how to reduce the chances of their employees becoming the next statistic.Grain engulfment can occur when an employee has to climb to the top of a storage bin to manually measure the level of product and is trapped in flowing grain. Occupational ...

Herman Coello| Jan 21, 2015

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How can you simplify your grain level measurement?

Here is the situation: a grain handling company in Minnesota needed level measurement for a cluster of eight grain silos. This seemed like a usual, run-of-the-mill request. However, the cluster consisted of six 120 foot tall concrete silos that were arranged in such a way that they formed additional storage, which resulted in two interstice or star-bin silos. Narrow tall silos present problems of their own, but the more complex geometry of interstice or star-bin silos is truly a challenge for mo ...

John Dronette| Jan 15, 2015

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How are you weighing your frac sand?

When you think of a well site where hydraulic-fracturing (also known as fracking) is done, what equipment comes to mind? You have the basic essentials like high pressure pumps, blenders, water storage and sand storage, and then you have process instrumentation for level, flow, and pressure measurement…but, what about weighing technology?While flow meters, level and pressure transmitters are able to measure and monitor many of the liquids and gases throughout the fracking process, they aren’t the ...