Herman Coello| Feb 04, 2016


Don’t get lost in the maize at GEAPS

If you have been tracking GEAPS’ progress over the years, GEAPS 2016 is said to be the biggest and largest in its history. I recently read an article stating that because it is such a large event, it may be intimidating to navigate through it. True, this is an event where people from all over the globe converge to be educated, find solutions or simply meet face-to-face with other folks in the industry. Visiting everyone you have in mind may not even be possible due to its sheer size! I, personal ...

Jack Roushey| Jan 21, 2016

Power Generation - Blog

How do you make the most out of your energy system?

There was a time when the concern surrounding powering an energy system simply involved the cost of the fuel and the cost efficiency in burning that fuel. However, in a world where global warming and other environmental issues are gaining a higher and higher level of importance, there are more factors than ever being taken into consideration.  Consider a U.S. company that specifically develops energy technologies that are environmentally sustainable in order to provide their customers with the a ...

Rich Chmielewski| Dec 17, 2015

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Do you have effective process alarm management?

How can you help an operator focus on the most important alarms to run a plant successfully and safely?Effective alarm management can improve your plant’s productivity by displaying the right information at the right time to the operators. The International Society of Automation (ISA) has developed a number of standards to help automation professionals, like you, use best practices. One standard in particular, the user-developed ISA 18.2 alarm management standard, provides a blueprint to help yo ...

Lonnie Barker| Dec 10, 2015

Flare Gas Pic

How can you measure the flare gas in your storage tank?

With new EPA regulations, flaring off gas has become a hot topic. The industry can no longer just flare the gas; it will either have to be captured using a VRU unit or burn completely off with a combustion unit. However, safety still demands flare as a backup safety measure so it will not go away completely. With the EPA Quad O regulations, the accurate monitoring and data gathering for the gas being flared off has been a challenge and must be addressed.So, now the question becomes, “How do we m ...

Michael Cushing| Dec 01, 2015

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What has been your experience with measurement and control of compressors?

Compressors offer unique challenges for proper design due to the risk of compressor surge. Traditionally, the challenge has been a trade-off between safety and efficiency. Fortunately, today’s most modern instruments can resolve this issue.The most notable improvements concerning the instrumentation industry are differential pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters and valve positioners.Differential pressure transmitter performance – recognized for its speed-of-response, total performance ...