Jonas Norinder| Apr 21, 2016


What are some of the challenges governing the U.S. chemical industry? Part 2

In the first part of this blog, I talked about the impact that safety and unplanned downtime has on the daily operation of a chemical plant. I also touched upon how process instrumentation fits into this and how they can help address some of these challenges. In part two, I’d like to focus on two additional challenges, which includes the increasing focus on saving energy and globalization.Since chemical processing is an extremely energy-intensive industry, there is a lot of focus on making proce ...

Sheldon Shepherd| Apr 14, 2016

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What are the challenges of measuring level in cement?

The number one problem with solids is dust. In contrast, most of the time, liquids in bulk storage offer a relatively easy environment for level measurement. The liquid surface is large and flat, offering excellent reflection properties for non-contacting technologies. For contacting devices, liquids present no abrasion issues or strong tensile forces that might be cause for concern. The environment above the liquid surface is typically placid. On the other hand, solids materials can present an ...

Jonas Norinder| Apr 08, 2016

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What are some of the challenges governing the U.S. chemical industry? – Part 1

Typically, the chemical industry is considered part of the downstream oil and gas segment where products are refined and processed by means of very high temperatures and pressures. A further segmentation splits the industry into basic chemicals and specialty chemicals (see Graphic A). Basic chemicals are manufactured in a continuous process so that low cost and a repeatable process is key in this segment. Many basic chemicals are used as feedstock for specialty chemicals, which are typically mad ...

Martin Dingman| Mar 24, 2016

O-GBlog - MD2

Drilling for offshore oil: How do you turn process data into value?

With the Siemens Oil & Gas Innovations Conference 2016 coming up next week, a few topics that I’m looking forward to chatting with people about are the challenges of drilling for offshore oil and the instruments that can be used to turn process data into value.One area that has presented challenges for years is how to accurately measure the flow of drilling mud. Drilling mud is pumped through the drill string to lubricate and cool the drill-bit as well as to remove borehole cuttings. Accurat ...

Justin DiNunzio| Mar 17, 2016

Valve Positioner-Assembly Blog Pic

The eyes and ears to your valve assembly

Control valves can be fickle pieces of equipment. If we take a step back and say, “What are we asking the control valve to do?” The answer is: we are asking this piece of mechanical equipment to provide the same type of precise movement time and time again. There are many factors working against this goal including tight tolerances in the valve assembly, mechanical wear, system issues, mis-sized valves/actuators and even installation/operational errors. Over time, many of these issues compound a ...