John Dronette| Apr 23, 2014


We’re so proud! Siemens Milltronics MSI Belt Scale has been voted 2014’s Best Industrial Scale

With more approvals than any other scale in the world, the Siemens Milltronics MSI is heavy-duty, high accuracy full frame single idler belt scale used for process and load-out control. The MSI belt scale is a proven-technology in a wide range of tough bulk material handling applications from extraction (in mines, quarries, and pits) to power generation, iron and steel, food processing, and chemicals. In particular, the MSI is well-suited for measuring products such as aggregates, coal, grains, ...

Martin Dingman| Apr 18, 2014

clamp-on family

What’s the right tool to deliver sophisticated flow and interface measurements?

We’ve all heard the horror stories on what can happen when your technology isn’t producing accurate measurement; however, when you’re dealing with natural gas, precise flow measurement is particularly critical. Since even the slightest error in calculating gas flow will translate into a significant error in dollars. You need to ensure that your operation has accurate measurements for high value product.So, what’s the answer?Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters are designed to leverage sophisticated f ...

Billy Jenkins| Apr 15, 2014


Product Spotlight: The RD300 Remote Display: Turning your simple instrument into a controller solution.

In the world of sensor displays and controllers, the more advanced the product is, the better your results will be. Therefore, Siemens is introducing the SITRANS RD300 to its line of remote displays – a universal remote display for level, flow, pressure, weighing, and other process instruments. The biggest change that the RD300 brings to the line is its dual line function. Installed on the bottom of a tank, the RD300 gives you access to the process variable from the device on top of the tank. W ...

Denny Petrovich| Apr 09, 2014


How do you make milk production safer?

No one wants foreign objects floating in their milk, but that can happen if the manufacturing processes that make milk containers are not strictly controlled. New technologies have come along that help container manufacturers do this effectively and efficiently.There are numerous processes associated with the production of food containers. The epoxy coating process is just one of many that requires a fine touch—since it separates the food from its container (e.g. metal contaminates). Since the e ...

Martin Dingman| Apr 07, 2014


Which flow technology and communication protocols are you using for your cold water and hot water measurements?

The old saying “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” has never been more relevant. With today’s HVAC systems accounting for over 50 percent of a building’s total energy usage, it is important to know where and when that energy is being consumed. Incorrect usage data negatively impacts a building’s operating costs and can significantly reduce efficiency.Siemens is addressing this issue by helping to create intelligent buildings that manage energy usage effectively and in real-time. One of the ...