Jonas Norinder| May 14, 2015

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How do you increase batch process safety in a silo?

Over the past few months, my colleague, Michael Sherenian, and I have covered several aspects related to tank overfill protection and how to design a system with focus on safety. Although today’s topic is not related to tank measurement or overfill protection, it is still associated with plant safety and reducing workplace hazards. When you think of chemical plant hazards, what usually comes to mind? Chemical exposures, poisoning, and fires or explosions due to volatile changes in the chemical m ...

Ryan Shea| May 07, 2015

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What do you look for when purchasing new process instrumentation?

What is the most important factor to you when purchasing new process instruments? Is it the product cost, fancy features, fast delivery or warranty period? Or, is it the extensive cost of process downtime, proper regulatory reporting, or safety and reliability features of the equipment? Whatever your motivation is, there is no doubt that fast, accurate and reliable device configuration is critical to your process. So, what options do you have to ensure accurate configuration while managing any h ...

John Dronette| Apr 30, 2015

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Siemens MSI’s repeat performance marks it as the Best Industrial Scale for the second year running!

For the second year in a row, the Siemens MSI conveyor belt scale has won the Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Award for Best Industrial Scale.  The MSI’s use of the parallelogram load cell allows high accuracy, easy installation and low maintenance. The parallelogram load cell removes horizontal forces caused by the belt being pulled across the scale, allowing the MSI to achieve accuracies up to 1/8% when used in a 3 idler configuration. This design eliminates the need for pivots, which are norm ...

Martin Dingman| Apr 21, 2015

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How do you measure flare gas effectively with clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters?

With the Siemens Oil & Gas Innovations Conference 2015 running this week, a few topics that I’m looking forward to chatting with people about are the EPA’s recent proposals concerning industrial flare and air rules for the oil and gas industry, and how to stay compliant.As the EPA mandates accurate representation of the amount of gas that is being flared off, how do you ensure that you have measured the correct amount?If you flare-off gas rather than use a vapor recovery unit (VRU), or even ...

Justin DiNunzio| Apr 16, 2015

SIPART PS2 Justin DiNunzio PS2 BLOG 04162015

Product Spotlight: Siemens introduces new features to the SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner

The Siemens SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner demonstrates the versatility and reliability that you have come to expect from Siemens. While Siemens leads the market with safe, uninterrupted performance, we’re striving to develop new technologies to meet the changing market needs and expectations.With that in mind, this year we are introducing new functionalities to our SIPART PS2 Valve Positioner:1. Fail in Place TechnologyTraditionally, upon loss of power to a valve positioner, the device will fail t ...