Herman Coello| Sep 22, 2016

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Discovering Sensible Solutions for Today’s Water Treatment Needs at WEFTEC

With almost 30 workshops and over 100 technical sessions, the 2016 WEFTEC Expo is the place to be. Wait a minute, you are not going? Just visit the 2016 WEFTEC website and your mind will be changed. I mean, where else will you find experts talking about the latest trends and challenges, and companies sharing application stories where technologies and/or strategies worked – and where they didn’t WEFTEC allows you to take advantage of the opportunity to learn ways you can optimize your process whi ...

Jack Roushey| Aug 11, 2016

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How can you maintain pure drinking water?

Lead in drinking water has become a very visible issue over the last few months. While municipalities across America have been scrutinizing the quality of their drinking water, it should at least be some consolation that manufacturers of measurement instrumentation have taken serious steps to assure that they are not contributing to the problems that have been encountered.What are some of the steps that have been put into action to counteract lead consumption? In January of 2014, the Reduction o ...

Lonnie Barker| Jul 21, 2016

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How can you maximize the value of your oil flow?

As the price of oil has been so tumultuous the past few years, it’s important to maximize the value of your oil flow and ensure that you’re only paying for oil and not entrained gas. The costs associated with entrained gas can range from a nuisance to seriously costly! Easier said than done though, right?It may be easier than you think! One easy way to maximize the value of your oil flow is to figure out a way to remove all the excess gas out of your flow stream. In the normal course of oil prod ...

Jonas Norinder| Jun 28, 2016

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How do you optimize your process with smart device and process control integration?

As we’re gearing up for the first full day of sessions at the Siemens Automation Summit in Las Vegas, NV, there’s a ton of sessions opening the conference concerning smart manufacturing, cyber security and modernizing processes. So how do you modernize your process and make your system more efficient? There are several benefits of integrating smart instrumentation devices into your control solution. “Smart instrumentation” is process instrumentation that has more advanced device and process diag ...

Justin DiNunzio| Jun 23, 2016

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How do you reduce water hammer by utilizing your valve positioner?

Water hammer is a very common term in the world of water. Not only can this phenomenon happen in water treatment plants but it can also happen in just about any pumping system and even in steam systems. The effects of water hammer vary from loud banging noise to pipe vibration, pipe breakage, equipment damage and, sometimes, total system failure. What is water hammer and what causes it?   In valve applications, water hammer is the result of a valve suddenly closing in a system. The water (fluid ...