Andrea Kerber| Feb 19, 2015


Simple drive solution lowers energy consumption by about 90%

NLT Norder Lagertechnik GmbH & Co. Maschinenbau KG (NLT) in Norden, Germany, has made a name for itself around the world with an innovative range of products for finishing in stainless steel, steel, and non-ferrous metal rolling mills. It joined forces with Siemens to develop a solution to reduce the hydraulic energy consumption of strip steel cutting systems for its affiliate company, Norder Bandstahl GmbH. The energy efficiency of the new solution is impressive: Compared to the previous so ...

Andrea Kerber| Feb 19, 2015


Einfache Antriebslösung spart rund 90% Energie

Die NLT Norder Lagertechnik GmbH & Co. Maschinenbau KG (NLT) hat sich mit einer innovativen Produktpalette für die Adjustage in Edelstahl,- Stahl- und NE-Metall-Walzwerken in aller Welt einen Namen gemacht. Sie entwickelte gemeinsam mit Siemens für ihr Schwesterunternehmen, die Norder Bandstahl GmbH, eine Lösung zur Senkung des hydraulischen Energieverbrauchs von Bandstahlschneideanlagen. Die Energieeffizienz der neuen Lösung beeindruckt: im Vergleich zur bisherigen Lösung sind die hydraulik ...

Living Energy| Feb 17, 2015


Instead of flying to Bornholm, Professor Jacob Østergaard (right) can steer the EcoGrid EU project remotely from his base at Danish Technical University, DTU

The island in building 329

It's a cloudy day in the outskirts of the Danish capital Copenhague, and the yellow-brick building the team of Living Energy is about to visit looks just like so many others at Danish Technical University (DTU). But once inside, that impression changes quickly. Behind a crowded workshop lies a modern control room, checking the energy supply of an entire island, as Professor Jacob Østergaard points out.The biggest experiment One in ten inhabitants of the Danish island of Bornholm is partaking in ...

Matthew Logeman| Feb 13, 2015

Grain Blog 2015 Feb

How do you create a safe environment while increasing operational efficiency?

Over the past 50 years, there have been more than 900 instances of grain engulfment with 62% of those cases resulting in death. In 2010, over 26 fatalities, the highest number of U.S. deaths occurred due to grain engulfment. Companies need to be aware of how to reduce the chances of their employees becoming the next statistic.Grain engulfment can occur when an employee has to climb to the top of a storage bin to manually measure the level of product and is trapped in flowing grain. Occupational ...

Smart Grid Watch Team| Feb 13, 2015


DistribuTECH 2015: Utility industry reflects on, reassesses technology, trends

Last week, at DistribuTECH 2015, utility industry professionals from North America and elsewhere took the opportunity to reflect on how they can enable "prosumers" while preparing their grids and businesses for more third-party players -- and for the unknown. Who are the prosumers? In his summary of DistribuTECH, Jeff St. John of Greentech Media described this emerging group of customers as, "the solar-equipped, battery-backed, EV-driving, Nest-thermostat-enabled customer who expe ...