Stefanie Assner| Apr 17, 2014


Australia: Government invests billions in climate protection

The Earth Day on April 22, 2014, focuses on the unique environmental challenges of our time. Australia set a good example and invested billions in climate protection. The Industry Journal has taken a closer look to find out exactly which measures the government has taken.  Colorful natural spectacles along the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock stand in stark contrast to extreme periods of heat and chaotic weather conditions: Even if tourists don’t always see it at first glance, Australia has bee ...

Bettina-Susanne Schoene| Apr 17, 2014

industryjournal-digitalisierung DE

Der digitale Vogel fängt den Wurm

Nur die schnellen und flexiblen Unternehmen sind in den Märkten der Zukunft wettbewerbsfähig. Unternehmen, die konsequent auf die Digitalisierung setzen. Das „Industry Journal“ befasst sich deshalb in seiner neuesten Ausgabe schwerpunktmäßig mit dem Thema „Digitalisierung der Industrie“. Das Industry Journal, die Kundenzeitschrift des Sektors Industry von Siemens, deckt ein breites Spektrum ab: von Big Data und der Datenstandardisierung über Human Factor Engineering und Robotertechnik bis hin zu ...

Bettina-Susanne Schoene| Apr 17, 2014

industryjournal-digitalization EN

The digital bird gets the worm

In the marketplaces of tomorrow, only the quick and agile will survive – business that are resolute in their strategy of digitization. The latest issue of Industry Journal gets this message out with a focus on the “digitalization of manufacturing.”Industry Journal, the customer magazine of the Siemens Industry Sector, covers a broad spectrum: from big data and data standardization to human factor engineering, robotics, data-driven services, and best-practice examples of digitized manufacturing.G ...

TheEnergyBlog Team| Apr 16, 2014

michael-weinhold-cto-siemens-energy-blog2 story

Hannover Messe 2014 - Energy storage opportunities are everywhere

Part 3 of Prof. Dr. Michael Weinhold’s insights into the future of energy from an interview given at Hannover Messe on April 8:  “I like to think of storage in the widest sense,” says Dr. Weinhold. “It’s not only about storing electricity for later use. It’s also about crossing over into other infrastructures like mobility. For example, we see it now in electic and hybrid cars that carry batteries. (As an aside, at Dr. Weinholds university institute they converted a Trabant into an E-Trabi as fa ...

Peter Jefimiec| Apr 16, 2014


What in fact is “Smart Water”?

What is “Smart Water”? When do we call something smart, and what makes this type of solution smart compared to any normal application? In advance of the International Water Trade Fair IFAT 2014, due to be held from May 5- 9 in Munich, we talked to Ronald Vrancken, General Manager Water & Wastewater at Siemens Industry. As Smart Water is set to be a central theme at the Siemens booth in Hall A1, Ronald Vrancken was able to provide some exciting insights into the subject, using concrete examp ...