Elitza Bastian| Jun 23, 2016


From the digital idea to the finished vehicle

The automotive industry faces dramatic changes in the years to come, both in terms of the car itself as well as production. The shift from classical engine concepts to e-cars, autonomous driving cars, autonomous production systems, and composite materials requires innovative production processes. Customers want highly individualized cars and automotive manufacturers must be able to respond quickly to changing market demands. In light of this, our automotive customers require a highly flexible an ...

Siemens Brasil| Jun 22, 2016


Werner von Siemens com seus filhos, 1876

Por toda a vida, Werner von Siemens teve grandes valores familiares. Ele veio de uma família grande e era pai de seis filhos. Esta foto mostra nosso fundador, com cerca de 60 anos, e seus filhos. Da esquerda para a direita: Arnold, Käthe, Wilhelm e Anna de seu primeiro casamento; Werner von Siemens com Hertha no meio; e à direita: sua segunda esposa Antonie com o filho mais novo, Carl Friedrich.

Claudia Ehrler| Jun 22, 2016


Commanding and Signaling Devices - Exquisite delicacies

According to a popular German saying, food should be a feast for the eyes, too. The palate and the stomach are directly influenced by impressions that attract the eye. But of course, the most important thing is that the unique dish set before the diners should taste delicious. "Sirius Act" from Siemens is a modular menu consisting of commanding and signaling devices that is also a visual treat. Both designers and users of machines and plant equipment are impressed by the elegance of ...

Claudia Ehrler| Jun 22, 2016


Befehls- und Meldegeräte - Feine Leckerbissen

Der Volksmund sagt: Das Auge isst mit, wenn kulinarische Spezialitäten serviert werden. Gaumen und Magen sind direkt verbunden mit den Eindrücken, die das Auge verzücken. Und: Vor allen Dingen muss das einzigartige Gericht bekömmlich schmecken. „Sirius Act“ von Siemens ist ein modular aufgebautes Menü aus Befehls- und Meldegeräten, das optisch gelungen ist. Sowohl Konstrukteure von Maschinen und Anlagen als auch Anwender sind von der Eleganz der neuen Taster und Schalter beeindruckt. Und: Nic ...

David Petry| Jun 22, 2016

MS PDPA FernwirkstechnikWismar 1

Smart connection - Telecontrol combined with new controller generation

Wismar, Germany. Wismar’s municipal disposal and public transport services EVB opted to use the new controller generation from Siemens to modernize a pumping station. To ensure that the latest technology is compatible with the existing Sinaut system, EVB is using the Simatic S7-1200 controller from Siemens in combination with a newly developed communications processor. This allowed the existing Sinaut system to be retained, saving considerable investment costs. The modernized pumping station now ...