Camila Baltazar| May 04, 2015


Siemens e o futuro da indústria no Brasil.

Veja como a Siemens contribui para o futuro da manufatura com produtos e soluções ágeis, adaptáveis, inteligentes e eficientes! Graças às nossas soluções em todas as etapas da cadeia de valor, somos capazes de fornecer produtos industriais cada vez mais eficientes para clientes do mundo inteiro.

Living Energy| May 04, 2015

Dr Michael Weinhold - CTO of the Siemens Energy Management Division

Weinhold’s Power Lines: Brains and Brawn - The Electronics Revolution and the Energy System

What is power? In human interactions, the term often refers to physical strength, but we also speak of “the power of information” as a way of shaping and directing the course of events. Power is the ability to influence the world in both material and immaterial ways – through intelligence and muscles, through brains and brawn. The same is true for the way in which electronics has reshaped the energy system. It was the invention of the transistor and its first commercial usage in the 1950s that ...

Gerhard Stauss| May 04, 2015

SMT Siemens

Siemens at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015 – Focus on Industry software solutions for electronics and mechatronics manufacturing

Industry Software for the Electronics Industry: At this year’s SMT Hybrid Packaging Fair, Europe´s leading event on System Integration in Micro Electronics, May 5. - 7. 2015 in Nuremberg Industry software solutions for electronics and mechatronics manufacturing take center stage at the Siemens booth. Due to increasing product diversity and new technical options, innovation cycles for products of all types have been drastically shortened. At booth 524 in Hall 7 Siemens will show how industry soft ...

Gerhard Stauss| May 04, 2015

SMT Siemens

Siemens auf der SMT Hybrid Packaging 2015 – Industriesoftware-Lösungen für die Elektronikindustrie im Mittelpunkt

Industriesoftware für die Elektronikindustrie: Auf der diesjährigen SMT Hybrid Packaging, Europas führender Messe für Systemintegration in der Mikroelektronik, in Nürnberg stehen vom 05. bis 07. Mai 2015 die Industriesoftware-Lösungen für die Elektronik- und Mechatronik-Fertigung im Mittelpunkt des Siemens-Auftritts. Aufgrund zunehmender Variantenvielfalt und neuartiger technischer Möglichkeiten haben sich die Innovationszyklen bei Produkten drastisch verkürzt. Auf Stand 524 in Halle 7 zeigt das ...

Press Team Industries| May 04, 2015

MS1504 DFPD PRTermine OTC 1

May 4-7 2015: OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) in Houston, Texas

Every year at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), energy professionals meet to exchange ideas and opinions to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources and environmental matters. In 2015, OTC will take place from May 4-7.  Founded in 1969, OTC has grown into the largest show in the Oil & Gas industry. In recent years, it has attracted between 75,000 and 100,000+ participants, and more than 2,000 companies per year. Reflective of the global industry it represents ...