Adam Wesoly| Apr 30, 2013


Siemens study: New approaches to boosting energy efficiency in the industrial sector

 This is a guest article witten by our colleagues from Siemens Financial Services. The world’s growing need for energy and the rising costs of it are among the biggest challenges facing industrial enterprises today. For this reason, the use of more energy-efficient technologies is becoming increasingly important.  A new study by the Financial Services unit of Siemens analyzes the obstacles associated with investments in energy efficiency: While steadily rising energy costs, in particular for e ...

Dorothee Andris| Apr 30, 2013

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The EEX: Helping shape Europe’s energy future

High above the city, on the 19th to 23rd floors of the City Tower on the Augustusplatz in Leipzig, are the offices of the European Energy Exchange (EEX). The Exchange moved here about five years ago due to an acute lack of space, explains Daniel Wragge, Head of Political Communications. Around 20 new employees were hired in 2011, with similar increase in 2012. This was just one consequence of the Exchange’s ambitious growth in recent years aimed at “being a driver in the further development of ...

Dorothee Andris| Apr 30, 2013

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The European Energy Exchange (EEX) – an interesting background

With over 220 trading participants at present, and a trading volume of 931 TWh in power derivates only in 2012, the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig is the leading energy exchange on the European continent. Normal consumers generally have no direct contact with the Energy Exchange since it is reserved for wholesalers like industrial customers. Here are some interesting facts about the EEX: The Exchange handles trades with electricity, natural gas, CO2 emission allowances, and coal. Pri ...

Michael Süß| Apr 29, 2013

Example Bavaria: The energy transition can succeed!

So much is certain: The challenges of restructuring Germany’s energy system – the energy transition – are immense. The job here is to establish a secure, ecofriendly and economical energy supply! Bavaria faces an additional difficulty in restructuring its energy system: The state still has the highest share of nuclear power in its energy mix compared to all other states: 44 percent. By 2021, nearly all nuclear power plants will also be closed down here, and this generation capacity has to be rep ...

Adam Wesoly| Apr 23, 2013


Hannover Messe 2013: Daily Perspective of a fair visitor

This perspective is that of Rainer Reisinger, CEO of Weitblick Systems – a machine vision and software engineering company from Austria. This is my first visit to the Hannover Messe – and it’s actually a very fleeting one – as I’m only here for the day. But I’m really looking forward to going around with a view to coming here again next year for a longer period so I can get more out of the experience. My company produces machines that inspect parts for the automotive industry so quality and ef ...