John Dronette| May 07, 2013


How do you control the blend of raw materials in a cement plant?

  Controlling the blend of the raw materials like slag, shale and limestone in a cement plant is critical to maintain a quality product.  Most cement plants use weighfeeders to control the blend of these materials.   In many cases these weighfeeders must operate 24/7 in extremely harsh environments.  At the heart of the weighfeeder is the belt scale.  The scale must remain in good working order for the plant to maintain product quality. A major cement plant in Florida that has gone through seve ...

Dorothee Andris| May 06, 2013

Wind turbine nacelle 80m above

Harvesting the wind at Europe`s largest onshore plant

The wallpaper on Daniel Scobbie’s computer screen is 18 years old – a photo of a small wind farm in the Scottish Highlands. “That was my first wind farm,” he relates, “600-kw turbines were state-of-the-art back then, and the machines were just half the height. But even then, it was clear to me: Wind is the new oil – and I wanted to work with it.” Daniel’s enthusiasm is contagious. On his computer he shows me current innovations for harvesting wind before we head out to one of Europe’s largest si ...

Sheila Oliva| May 06, 2013

Refinements for the refineries

When Zhen Gu receives a message, it’s because there’s a problem. As is the case now: A customer is asking for help as his refinery’s monitoring system is displaying an alarming value. With the help of the Siemens XHQ software, Zhen Gu, computer expert for the Oil & Gas Division, supports customers in monitoring plant safety, quality management, and maintenance. The software allows him to quickly check the system, discovers a measurement error, and rectifies the software problem in a matter o ...

Peter Neumeier| May 03, 2013

03-05-2013 15-22-13

Display Simulator für die Simatic S7-1500 – Funktionen einfach ausprobieren

Die neue S7-1500 ist in vielerlei Hinsicht eine Neuerung auf dem PLC-Markt. Schon beim ersten Blick sticht das Display als zentrales Element der neuen CPU ins Auge. Aber was kann das Display der Simatic S7-1500 überhaupt? Wo geht’s denn hier zum Handbuch? Nun gäbe es die Möglichkeit, in diesem Blogeintrag auf ein Handbuch zu verweisen, das all die tollen Features des Displays auflistet und dann das jeweilige Menü ausführlich erklärt. Aber ein Handbuch ist für gewöhnlich nicht gerade das, mit de ...

Peter Neumeier| May 03, 2013

03-05-2013 15-22-13

Display Simulator for Simatic S7-1500 – simply try the functions out

The new S7-1500 presents, in many ways, innovation on the PLC market. At first sight, the display already stands out as a central element of the new CPU. But what is the display of the Simatic S7-1500 actually able to do? Where do I get to the manual? Well, there would be the option to refer to a manual in this blog entry, where all the great features of the display are listed and the respective menu would be subsequently explained in detail. However, reading a manual is not usually an enjoyabl ...