Sheila Oliva| Mar 30, 2014

D3 chart

Uprated 3.2 MW Siemens D3 wind turbines launched

The Wind Power Division has uprated its D3 onshore platform wind turbines. The new SWT-3.2-101, SWT-3.2-108 and SWT-3.2-113 machines feature improved performance from 3.0 to 3.2 megawatts (MW) and implement the sum of design and operational experiences. The uprated products will enter serial production by the end of 2014. They will be available with 101 and 108 meter rotors for IEC class IA sites, and a 113 meter rotor for IEC class IIA sites. The 3 MW version will remain available for project s ...

Sheila Oliva| Mar 26, 2014

EWEA2014 floor

Siemens Wind Power Stands Strong at EWEA 2014

The launch of the new uprated Siemens D3 wind turbine, televised interviews on Windpower Monthly TV, and the fun and educational Siemens Wind Challenge are among the highlights of the activities the Wind Power Division carried out at EWEA 2014. The European Wind Industry Association’s annual exhibition and conference took place in Barcelona, Spain between March 10-13, 2014. Uprated D3 platform wind turbineSupported by the ‘Watts up!’ tagline, the launch of the uprated 3.2 megawatt (MW) direct dr ...

Sheila Oliva| Mar 17, 2014

20140128 helicopter crew 800x600

Reducing crew transfer times while increasing offshore distances

This post orignated from an article written by Noelia Parada Fernandez for an internal Siemens publication. Our Wind Power Division has implemented concepts from the aviation and oil/gas industries. As offshore wind power projects move further from shore, distances to be completed by our crew transfer vessels (CTV) gets bigger and consequently the time required for transferring our employees also increases. Further, our employees are even more exposed to rough weather conditions. Wind Power is c ...

Sheila Oliva| Dec 10, 2013


Nation’s First Flex Plant Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Last month, the Lodi Energy Center (LEC) celebrated its one year anniversary in commercial operation. The plant has an installed capacity of 300 megawatts (MW) and is located in Lodi, California. The LEC has demonstrated over 240 starts with 99.7% reliability averaging 20 fired hours per start. The Siemens Flex-Plant™ can reach an electrical capacity of approximately 200 MW within 30 minutes. With an efficiency of over 57 percent and low startup emissions, the LEC is one of the cleanest fossil p ...

Sheila Oliva| Aug 07, 2013


Shuweihat S3

Shuweihat S3 brought to life in Abu Dhabi

The first of four gas turbines of the Shuweihat S3 power plant was successfully ignited in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi on July 8. This first firing marks an important milestone on the path to commercial start-up of the power plant, which is scheduled for the beginning of 2014. With an installed electrical capacity of 1,600 megawatts (MW) and an efficiency of approximately 54 percent, it will be one of the most powerful and efficient power plants in the United Arab Emirates. The Shuweihat S3 combine ...