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Kevin Arlott |

Siemens Curiosity City - Hack Manchester Junior

 At this year’s Manchester Science Festival, Siemens is supporting Hack Manchester Junior - an exciting day that brings junior hackers together to code solutions to real problems. 


At Siemens, we’re all about making life easier for people. Whether it’s moving them across the country safely and on time with high-tech trains, creating life-saving health technologies or developing the latest green energy innovations to keeps people’s lives powered.  With this in mind, we’d like you to put your coding and engineering skills to work and build a physical object that triggers a virtual action, or vica versa.  You can make it as a fun and as noisy as you want!


Siemens Curiosity City

Visit Siemens Curiosity City to explore different engineering challenges and topics, and create some code to find a solution to a problem that will make life easier for Curiosity City citizens.


Here are some ideas to get you started:

Trains: How do train companies tell their passengers of delays to their services in a better way? Text messages?  An app? Write the code that could support a solution for train companies.

Buses: Ever watch empty buses go by, while you wait for a bus that eventually pulls up completely full? Could you create some code that could divert empty buses to busier bus routes?

Health: Could you code an app that would remind a patient to take his/her medicine at the right time?

Airports: Could you write some code to direct planes to the right gates?

Wind turbines: Could you write some code to turn the turbine on an off? Or change directions with the wind?


Judging Criteria - what our judge is looking for in the winning entry:

  • Originality of idea - can it solve the problem effectively?
  • Execution of the idea and quality of the code produced
  • How well you work in a team


Prizes for the winners

Each team member will win:

  • A ticket to Alton Towers
  • A £25 Maplin voucher
  • Your team’s code will be featured on the Curiosity Project blog


Ajibola Fatimelehin


Competition judge – Ajibola Fatimilehin

I studied Electrical Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester and I’m now on the Siemens Energy Sector Rotational Graduate Programme, currently working as a Control Systems Software Engineer.


Why I love engineering

Engineering is basically problem solving, which I really enjoy! I love engineering a solution that’s fit for purpose, despite challenges like time and financial constraints. For me, studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering was a no brainer, I liked gadgets and always tried to understand how they functioned. Now my love for engineering has evolved. I spend my working days finding solutions to problems related to energy for a better, greener and sustainable future.


Good luck! We look forward to seeing you!

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