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STEMingBoredom 29: world record paper planes

There are paper darts (which fly for a metre or two and then crash) and there are paper planes. Paper planes are proper pieces of engineering – which is what we are all about.

Would you believe that there’s a design on paper plane that holds the world record for the longest flight at 69.14 metres – and that’s seven times longer than a London double decker bus, and nearly as long as one of our mammoth wind turbine blades being manufactured in Hull.

How to do it:

Siemens is great at many things – wind turbines being just one that we could mention – but we’ve never tried to create a world record breaking paper plane. So, we’re going to hand you over to someone who has.

You’ll need:

A4 paper
A ruler

Simply follow the instructions in this video of the design from world record holder John Collins:

Happy flying!

Extension task:

Devise your own completely original design that can fly more than 3 metres.

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