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Chris King |

Training May 29-31: Using analytics for business intelligence

Later this month in San Francisco, eMeter, a Siemens business, will offer a special three-day, hands-on workshop. Here, utilities will learn how to use eMeter"s Analytics Foundation to solve problems and support core business goals.

Kathy Corcoran, training manager for eMeter, explained that this course will cover some key aspects and capabilities of the latest version of the Analytics Foundation (1.2):

  • Data model. How meter, grid and customer data are integrated in the Analytics solution.
  • Reports. Review 30 out-of-the-box reports and understand the supporting table structure.
  • Managing analytics. How Analytics Foundation and eMeter"s Energy IP work together, so utilities can pull data from across the smart grid.
  • Use cases. How to apply analytics to spot and solve business problems, monitor your system, and create new opportunities with the integrated business intelligence toolkit

What kind of difference can this tool make? Corcoran noted a recent example of how analytics helps utilities in the real world.

"Right now in California"s Bay Area it"s pretty hot. Yesterday at eMeter headquarters we received a request to reduce the energy we used for the day. This warning went out from the California ISO, because the analytics tool informed them that today"s forecasted peak load will come within 15% of the available capacity," she said.

"With our analytics tools and training, any size utility would be able to accurately forecast stressful grid conditions and proactively reach out to customers -- either through demand response programs or just simple warnings. And that"s just one way analytics can help your business, your grid, and your customers."

Who should attend: This course will benefit utilities of any size which are using the Analytics Foundation. Even if you haven"t yet upgraded to version of 1.2, the hands-on demos and use cases will help you understand how to glean direct business value from any version of Analytics Foundation.

Also, utilities using eMeter"s data aggregation product (EnergyIP Aggregation Services) can benefit from this training, since the latest Analytics Foundation represents the next step on that path.

REGISTER NOW! E-mail Siemens to reserve your seat.

Cost: $3,000. See more course details. This training is held just a few days before the Siemens Smart Grid Software Leadership Conference 2013 (June 4-6, San Francisco).

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