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Chris King |

Green Button access expands to 36 million homes and businesses

This week the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy hosted an Energy Datapalooza to spotlight the many ways energy consumption data can help people use power more wisely. Green Button (the consensus-based, industry-developed energy data standard adopted by the North American Energy Standards Board) continues to make great progress on this front.

Now the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is also capitalizing on Green Button -- and many utilities also have jumped on board.

EPA will use Green Button to augment its free online Home Energy Yardstick. This tool helps consumers compare their home energy use to others across the country, to see how their home "measures up." EPA has announced it will add Green Button to its Yardstick to make it easier for consumers to import their actual energy data.

Also, recent utility commitments have expanded Green Button to cover nearly 5 million new U.S. households and businesses. A dozen utilities and energy providers have joined 23 others which already agreed to adopt Green Button.

In total, these 35 companies will enable more than 36 million households and businesses to use energy-related web and smartphone apps. These tools can help them choose the best rate plan, get customized energy efficiency tips, appropriately size and finance rooftop solar installations, and download virtual energy audit software which can cut costs for building owners and help get retrofits started sooner.

The utilities and electricity suppliers making new or expanded Green Button commitments are:

  • Bangor Hydro Electric Company, serving 117,000 customers in Maine.
  • Central Maine Power, serving 620,000 customers in Maine.
  • Consolidated Edison, serving over 3.3 million electric customers in New York. Initially Green Button will be available to approximately 2,500 large building owners.
  • Efficiency Vermont, serving 330,000 customers in Vermont.
  • JEA, serving 430,000 customers in Florida.
  • Northeast Utilities, serving over 3 million electric and natural gas customers throughout New England through the following regulated utilities: Connecticut Light and Power (CL"P), Yankee Gas, Western Massachusetts Electric Company (WMECo), NSTAR Electric, NSTAR Gas, and Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH).
  • Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation (Georgia) and Kootenai Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Idaho), together serving 3,000 residential customers.
  • The United Illuminating Company, serving 324,000 customers in Connecticut.

eMeter, a Siemens business unit, is among those who have committed to implementing Green Button in its products.

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