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Harald Mayer |

Smart analysis instead of reading coffee grounds

Customer Service employees are experts in evaluating energy systems. Unlike other companies, we use standardized software, so that in the end you know how your equipment is really doing.


When resources are limited, it is important to make adjustments only where they truly need to be made. That’s not such an easy task for grid operators and energy providers. After all, many critical pieces of equipment exist within a complex energy system: high-voltage switchgear, circuit-breakers, transformers, medium-voltage components, and the list goes on... At Customer Services, service engineers use specially developed software to visualize how the particular grid components are actually doing. This approach is essential for sustainable maintenance strategies.


When our service experts go out into the field to perform a standardized audit, they always take along the decades of experience that their Siemens colleagues from development have to offer. The detailed engineering knowledge that they have accumulated is incorporated directly into the audit software used for condition assessment. That makes it easy for our service colleagues to systematically and precisely check, one step at a time, the parameters that are crucial for diagnosis.


A systematic, standardized approach


To do this, the service technicians collect all plant-specific data on site in a first step. In a second step, they enter the plant, evaluate the installation environment, analyze plant load, assess the secondary systems and carry out initial function texts. But it is the extended diagnosis of the primary systems that reveals the energy system’s actual condition and weaknesses. This includes, for example an SF6 gas analysis and measurements of important physical values, such as the resistance which is present at the main contacts.


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