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Charles Fialkowski |

What SIL level should your burner management system achieve

A few weeks ago I attended a technical conference in Alaska where Mr. Mike Scott from AEsolutions was a presenter.  Mike"s presentation title was "Safety Instrumented BMS" which of course I was extremely interested in hearing someone else"s take on this.  Mike talked about the potential risks associated with any application with a flame (boilers, heaters, thermal oxidizers, process heaters, etc..) and in summary he concluded that all the applications he sees would require a SIL 2 BMS to reduce the risks to a tolerable level. 

Ok, let"s think about that.  Most prescriptive standards (i.e. NFPA) define a BMS protection layer that should provide the minimal level of performance required to manage the risks.  This might be SIL 1 or maybe SIL 2, but it"s just not very clear.  

I liked Mike"s point of designing towards SIL 2, and stop weaseling around with the prescribed standards that might or might not provided the amount of Risk reduction that your company requires. 

I"d be happy to hear from Mike on this.....(stay tuned)   

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