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Gerhard Stauss |

Optimum nutritional content - Infrared oven for defrosting and preparing food uses Siemens technology


Limburg, Belgium. Infrabaker International (Infrabaker) develops, builds and markets infrared ovens for food preparation. In response to a special customer request, the company had to re-engineer its existing concept to enable the defrosting of frozen fish, which required infrared radiation not only from above but also from below. When it came to the control system, drives and safety of the new oven model, Infrabaker opted to use components from Siemens. Technology deployed in the new solution includes an Integrated Drive System (IDS) and engineering in the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal, which allows the company to benefit from greater efficiency, improved reliability and lower engineering costs. Added advantages for Infrabaker were the extensive trade-specific expertise brought to the table by Siemens and the comprehensive support available to its employees.


The major advantage of preparing foods using infrared technology is that this gentle cooking method does not destroy valuable nutrients. Working in cooperation with fine sheet metal specialist Wegra, Infrabaker had developed a series of modular design infrared ovens which allowed the standard model to be extended as required. However, this approach was not adequate to meet the needs of All Freez, a fish and shellfish wholesaler looking for a way of defrosting its products efficiently without compromising their nutritional value. Not only were the dimensions of the standard ovens too big for All Freez, the company also required a solution that could be flexibly deployed in different locations without the need to dismantle and reassemble it. In addition, the standard solution did not allow the fish to be heated as required from above and below simultaneously. Infrabaker took all these requirements on board and went to work on the development and implementation of a mobile, compact new oven.


Integrated solution for greater efficiency

Right from the beginning, the developers were in no doubt that they would be using the integrated portfolio of solutions from Siemens to implement the new oven. The radiation intensity of the infrared lamps is controlled by the Siplus HCS (Heating Control System), for instance, while the Integrated Drive System (IDS) comprises precisely coordinated and finely tuned Sinamics V90 und Sinamics G120C converters. The individual components are connected over a Simatic ET 200SP distributed I/O to a Simatic S7-1500 control system and are operated from a user-friendly Safety and Comfort Panel. The technical equipment used is rounded off by Sirius Industrial Controls and a Scalance S615 router to ensure optimum network security. All the components are engineered in the TIA Portal. Infrabaker is also able to track the status of the devices remotely over the Siemens VPN (Virtual Private Network) router, and intervene if required.


Technology partners across every project phase

Choosing a complete solution from Siemens for its new infrared oven has provided Infrabaker with a whole range of benefits: Using TIA Portal has meant particularly simple and cost-efficient engineering, and the same benefits apply to the integrated drive solution. In addition, by working with Siemens Infrabaker may rely on a technology partner with extensive trade-specific expertise capable of providing wide-ranging support to its employees – both before, during and after commissioning.




Infrabaker International (Infrabaker) based in Limburg develops, builds and markets infrared ovens for the food industry.


The infrared ovens are based on the modular principle which allows the standard model design to be extended as required.


In answer to a customer request, Infrabaker developed a totally new concept for a mobile oven with integrated control and drive technology from Siemens.


Using a complete solution from Siemens provided Infrabaker with a whole range of benefits: particularly simple engineering using the TIA Portal, an Integrated Drive System (IDS) solution and also convenient, secure remote access to the devices.


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