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Ursula Lang |

Digitalization in mind - Siemens and Neptune Energy finalize Co-Creation partnership agreement



Lingen/Erlangen/Munich, Germany. Siemens and Neptune Energy Germany have signed a partnership agreement joining development efforts in the field of digitalization. Neptune is an exploration and production company, part of the globally active Neptune Energy Group, and is an expert in the production of hydrocarbons. The Co-Creation partnership agreement allows both companies to combine their know-how – Neptune with its expertise in the field of oil and gas production and Siemens with its automation, IT and data analysis skills. The objective is to bundle their knowledge and experience with a view to optimizing the capture and evaluation of data in oil and gas extraction in order to increase the productivity and security of extraction facilities.


“New possibilities in the field of digitalization mean we are able to undertake preemptive repairs before an anticipated fault occurs,” says Arno Spies, CEO at Neptune Energy in Germany. “This agreement will provide us with a platform for employees from a range of disciplines to develop joint solutions for the future in order to increase the efficiency and security of operations.” The Co-Creation agreement is all about evaluating both historical and real-time data from the feed pumps in operation as a first step. This data will then be backed with mathematical functions and the resultant image analyzed by experts. Special software detects imminent anomalies and algorithms in the technical systems and recommends action for operating and maintaining the facilities. “We would like to use this approach to look into the future of technical facilities in the future so that we can carry out predictive maintenance, helping to make significant improvements in planning reliability,” explains Stefan Engelshove, Vice-President Oil&Gas at Siemens Deutschland.


Presentation at the Hannover Messe

A vital part of the collaboration is the use of the MindSphere cloud-based, open IoT (Internet of Things) platform from Siemens. MindSphere makes it easier for customers to develop new apps. The focus here is on digital solutions for feed pumps from the oil field in order to collect the data generated by the pumps and then to be able to use it in a meaningful way. “The first results of the collaboration will be presented at the Hannover Messe 2018,” says Bernhard Reichle, Process Industry Sales Director.



Siemens and Neptune combine their expertise in a Co-Creation partnership agreement - from left: Bernhard, Reichle; Dr. Harm-Jan Wubs; Frank, Barenkamp; Arno Spies; Wolfgang, Remme; Manuel, Krebs, Dr. Jan Weinreich, Rainer Oeding-Erdel, Stefan Engelshove; Dirk Oberhaus

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