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Ursula Lang |

Reliably on the boil - Industrial boiler manufacturer automates plants with modular solution from Siemens



Berlin/Mittenwalde; Germany. Viessmann Industriekessel Mittenwalde GmbH (Viessmann) manufactures boiler systems for worldwide industrial application. Its customers appreciate in particular the economy and green credentials of Viessmann’s hot water and steam boilers. For control of its boiler systems, Viessmann relies on automation solutions from Siemens. The convenient and intuitive user interfaces, simple handling, reliable data transmission and backup and also the modular system structure of the Siemens technology it uses enables Viessmann to cut development and engineering time by around 20 percent. The integrated solution also offers an optimum basis for future link-up to the cloud and to MindSphere, helping Viessmann on the path towards digitalization.


Efficient energy systems and plants have a major impact on the economy of industrial applications, and provided they are efficiently automated, can generate tangible competitive benefits. Stephan Lange, Head of the Industry Service & Switchgear Construction Division at Viessmann, puts it in a nutshell: “The plant controller not only has to ensure that the boiler is working at the optimum operating point, it also needs to supply the plant operator with all the relevant boiler-related information, provide support for plant operation, and provide comprehensive information about performance and operational behavior.” To address all these different needs, Viessmann opted to use Siemens technology for its system automation.


Modular solutions
A Nanopanel PC Simatic IPC277E with touch screen operation is used to control the plant and also for archiving process-relevant information either locally or by means of remote transmission. The data is not only collected and locally stored (Big Data) over the distributed I/OET200SP, but also analyzed and processed (Smart Data), and so used by Viessmann and its customers to optimize the plant’s operating behavior. Controller configuration takes place largely automatically on the basis of the plant’s technical equipment. “Our plants are intended to be integrated into the customer’s existing production environment and infrastructure. This means that we not only have to map out individual requirements in terms of performance, energy source and waste heat recovery, but also enable connection to different networks,” explains Lange. The modular structure of the I/O accommodates this need by enabling supplementary functions to be rapidly and simply added. Viessmann uses the TIA (Totally Integrated Automation) Portal as a uniform environment for visualization and for programming the controller, enabling development and engineering time savings of around 20 percent.


Leveraging opportunities of digitalization

“We are currently working together to develop a solution which will allow our planning to be integrated using Eplan Software over the TIA Portal’s Openness interface into a cohesive engineering process. This will undoubtedly offer additional streamlining potential,” says Falko Paech, Head of Switchgear Research and Development at Viessmann. According to Lange, the next development step could be a move towards a cloud solution:“Currently the operating data from our boilers is archived and analyzed locally. In future, another option could be to make this and other information available in an industry cloud such as the Siemens MindSphere. This will allow us not only to extend and improve our service offering, but also to offer our customers added value by providing a more individual service and information concept. We’ve already carried out internal prototyping with this in mind.”



Viessmann Industriekessel Mittenwalde GmbH produces steam and hot water boilers for industrial plants, supplying customers all over the world.

To ensure reliable plant control, Viessmann opted to use automation technology from Siemens which keeps the boilers working at the optimum operating point for outstanding efficiency at all times.

Using the ET200SP distributed I/O, plant data is collected and then processed for detailed status analyses.

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