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Ursula Lang |

MindSphere – new apps and digital services - Panel discussion on open cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens




Nuremberg, Germany. Within the framework of the SPS IPC Drives 2017, on the second day of the show a panel discussion was held to debate the innovations as well as the new applications and digital services offered by MindSphere. MindSphere is the open cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens. Dr. Jan Mrosik, CEO of the Siemens Digital Factory Division, met representatives of partner companies to discuss concrete applications and their benefits for the customers.


Joining the open panel to discuss case examples and customer applications in detail were Dr. Jan Mrosik, Gilles Grapinet, Senior Executive Vice President of Atos, Andreas Oroszi, Senior Vice President Digital Business at Festo, Stephan Sonnenberg, COO evosoft GmbH, and Manuel Grenacher, CEO Coresystems.


An app offered by Festo in MindSphere, for instance, enables customers to achieve up to 30 percent energy savings. Andreas Oroszi talked about the benefits: “Thanks to open business platforms like MindSphere we can deliver our own Smart Services based on adequately developed business models to a wide field of customers worldwide.” One of the benefits of MindSphere for Atos is the capability of the ecosystem to be simply and rapidly integrated into existing environments. Gilles Grapinet explained: “MindSphere is an important basis for digitalization in the manufacturing industry. Because of its many years of experience in this market, Atos can provide the most suitable consulting, development and integration services for customers aspiring to accelerate their digital factory.” Atos already makes available 15 apps to its customers in MindSphere, including the Manufacturing Sustainability App and the Production Confirmation App. For evosoft, the major benefits associated with MindSphere include the flexibility of the operating system, the scope for delivering a wide range of out-of-the-box solutions, and simple link-up to the system, as Stephan Sonnenberg explained: “In particular for mature IT and automation system landscapes, it is important to use a flexible and easily integrated, secure platform to implement such use cases - this is what MindSphere fulfills and what we place our trust in.” Manuel Grenacher envisaged interesting scope for the joint exploration and development of new markets. The first app to be developed by Coresystems, for instance, allows significantly more efficient and more flexible coordination of engineering services in response to a machine fault – including the involvement of freelance servicing engineers.


And as Jan Mrosik pointed out, the development does not stop here: “With the new Version 3.0, we’re driving the expansion of MindSphere forward still further. Now available for the first time on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it links the global scalability of the leading Siemens automation portfolio with AWS, the leading provider of cloud services. The new version features a more efficient development environment with an open API (Application Programming Interface), advanced analytics and extended connectivity, enabling the faster development of robust Industrial IoT solutions”, explained Jan Mrosik, CEO Digital Factory, Siemens AG. Mrosik’s words clearly resonated with his Siemens partners on the podium, as an inquiry into “plans for 2018” produced a unanimous response:To develop more apps and link even more customers to MindSphere.



On the second day of the show, the panel discussion to debate innovations and the possibilities offered by MindSphere took place in the MindSphere Lounge.

“MindSphere is going global”: this statement from Dr. Jan Mrosik (CEO Digital Factory at Siemens) opened the panel discussion, which was also attended by Manuel Grenacher (CEO Coresystems). 

Driving digitalization forward: (left to right) Gilles Grapinet (Senior Vice President at Atos), Andreas Oroszi (Senior Vice President Digital Business at Festo) and Stephan Sonnenberg (COO evosoft GmbH)


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