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Debbie Boatman |

We’ve got the Product of the Year!

Siemens MAXUM Modular Oven has won the ISA-Analysis Division “Product of the Year” Award for 2013! The modular oven is the latest addition to the MAXUM Gas Chromatograph (GC) platform to simplify maintenance and shorten repair times for a range of GC applications. It’s an airless oven design where entire chromatograph analytical hardware are mounted on removable modules that snap into the analyzer’s oven.
Some of the award-winning benefits are:
• Higher analyzer availability – entire analytical module can be removed by taking off a single bolt and replaced in mere minutes for an overall mean-time-to-repair of less than one hour.
• Lower installed cost – smaller size of the analyzer reduces the shelter installation requirements.
• Lower cost-of-ownership – due to the modular design reducing the level of training needed for maintenance
The modular oven MAXUM GC is available in a variety of configuration to meet a wide range of applications.
For more information on the modular oven, click here.

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