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Rachael McGovern |

A New Look for Siemens' Blog

Siemens Industry, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with answers and solutions to the challenges that you face on a day-to-day basis. With the Measuring Success blog, we believe 'to measure is to know,' and knowledge is the key to success.

To ensure that you have access to expert-insight into the current industry trends and challenges, we have changed our platform to make it more user-friendly. You can read the blog as a “guest,” or you can login using your social media accounts or create an account with your email. We recommend that you login or create an account so that you can follow our authors, keywords and Siemens’ blogs. Our goal is to foster conversation. This new platform makes commenting much easier than in the past!  So bring on your comments and questions!

On the home page, you can select the blog you’re interested in (e.g. Process Automation), or you can read trending articles, search by authors and/or by all topics! There is also a search field in case you can’t find the article or subject you’re looking for. 

The Measuring Success blog will be re-titled as “Process Automation.” To access the Process Automation articles from the home page, please click on “All topics” and scroll down. You will see the latest two articles from the Process Automation blog and will be able to click for more information. You can also add favorite keywords; for example: “Process Instrumentation” or “Process Analytics” so that these blogs appear when you first log in. 

Intelligent Process Automation is crucial for the competitiveness in the process industry. On the Process Automation Blog, we share our application and industry expertise in an effort to give you the tools to stay competitive.  

To access the new blog platform, please visit:

To access Process Automation blogs directly, please click here.

We recommend using Google Chrome to access the new blog as the format makes it easier to read. Please note that over the next few weeks we will be migrating our existing content and adding new material.

We’d love to hear what you think of the new platform and any topics that you’re interested in. Feel free to drop us a line at

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