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Herman Coello |

Product Spotlight: SITRANS LU150 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Siemens has recently introduced the new and enhanced SITRANS LU150.

The SITRANS LU150 is an integrated level transmitter, which is a transmitter and ultrasonic sensor in a one-piece sealed unit. It is based on the well-known and proven Siemens ultrasonic level platform, and is part of a family of products that have provided solutions in more than a million level applications.

The level monitoring reliability is based on Sonic Intelligence echo processing algorithms that have been refined over several decades in simple to complex applications. These algorithms make it possible to differentiate true level measurement from false signals that result from acoustic and electrical noise, which is often present in tanks or vessels across many industry processes.

Designed for simple level measurement, the SITRANS LU150 works best in liquids applications in the environmental, water and wastewater, and energy management industries. The SITRANS LU150 is also ideal for non-contacting continuous level measurement of liquid and slurries in open and closed short-range vessels.

Key applications are

  • Chemical storage vessels
  • Filter beds
  • Mud pits in Oil "Gas
  • Liquid Storage vessels
  • Food applications

This loop-powered device is a cost effective, easy to configure and low maintenance solution that requires only two wires and a simple setup via its two-key interface that gets your process operational in minutes.

To learn more about the SITRANS LU150, please click here.

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