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Ford Cheeseman |

Who do you turn to when you don’t have engineering or solutions support in-house?

What is the most important factor you consider when selecting an outside solutions or engineering provider?

Do you look for companies that are geared only to the products you have in-house, or do you look at companies that can offer guidance on an array of products? How about lead time? Are you looking for an immediate solution, or can your system set-up support a lengthy downtime depending on the solutions provider? What about the specifics of the services? Are you interested in a solutions provider that customizes their services to whatever you need, or one that has packages that you can choose from?

Regardless of the solution you seek, all factors mentioned above will play a role in your experience with outside engineered solutions providers. You must have complete confidence that the engineering team working on your project will meet all of your process control needs.

How can you ensure the most competent engineers in the field will be working with you?

If your company is looking for a solutions provider, it is best to begin by considering providers that specialize in the products needed for your project. The next step involves identifying the service and support requirements for your project, and eliminating companies that aren’t up to your standards. Finally, you want to make certain that your solutions experts are actually experts – ensure that their engineers have extensive experience with similar applications and can supply the high quality products you desire.

Investing the time and research necessary to identify a high-quality solutions provider is costly and time consuming work. So, what’s the best way to save time and money while still finding the most qualified provider?

If your project includes process instrumentation products, I recommend reaching out to the company that you initially purchased the instrumentation from. These companies may have a department for their products or would be able to recommend a third-party that would be able to advise you.

Recently, Siemens announced a new department that provides custom engineered solutions for process instrumentation. With a wealth of expertise along with an expansive portfolio of products and services, our handpicked engineers are able to design effective and integrated solutions for your process control challenges, without having to reach out to third-party providers!

Siemens engineering solutions team offers experience and insight into the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical
  • Food and Beverage
  • MAC (mining, aggregate and cement)
  • Water technology
  • Power Generation

What challenges do you experience when looking for outside solutions assistance?

For more information, please contact Dave Thomas.

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