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Ryan Shea |

What do you look for when purchasing new process instrumentation?

What is the most important factor to you when purchasing new process instruments?

Is it the product cost, fancy features, fast delivery or warranty period? Or, is it the extensive cost of process downtime, proper regulatory reporting, or safety and reliability features of the equipment?

Whatever your motivation is, there is no doubt that fast, accurate and reliable device configuration is critical to your process. So, what options do you have to ensure accurate configuration while managing any hurdles that may arise?

While training sessions are extremely effective and can teach you to become an expert, is this an option for you? Do you travel frequently or are you in a position that has you running around constantly? If something does happen to your instrumentation, do you have a plan in place?

In a world where “time is money” and keeping costs down to a minimum is the ultimate goal in every business, what options are available to you as a maintenance solution?

If you haven’t taken training sessions in the past, you would need to call someone fast and hope to get the next available field service opening. Planning ahead would avoid costly service calls and protect you from lost downtime.

Our factory start-up service provides you with the peace of mind that your instrumentation investment is maximized. And, using a factory trained technician to commission your devices keeps your team where they are needed most: operating your process.

With Siemens factory start-up service, you are able to benefit from: 

  • Factory trained technicians who are familiar with the devices and their operation
  • Fast start-up and commissioning reducing process downtime, penalties and lost revenue
  • Verification of properly applied technologies and identification of any potential issues
  • Proper device configuration for maximum accuracy, reliability and safety
  • Reporting documentation for legal, regulatory and safety requirements
  • Keeping your operations and maintenance crews working on daily responsibilities
  • On-site training through observation by your team
  • A 12-month extended warranty

Start-up services by Siemens factory trained technicians will provide you with the maximum value for your instrumentation investments. By choosing factory start-up, not only are your instruments properly configured, but you keep your total cost of doing business to a minimum.

Visit our services webpage for more information on our start-up and commissioning services, as well as our full service and training offering at:  

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