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Entries » Blog » How is the Oil and Gas Industry Going Green?

Lonnie Barker |

How is the Oil and Gas Industry Going Green?

In an effort to reduce environmental and safety hazards,  government regulations in the oil and gas industry becoming ever-more stringent  Specifically, there has been an increased focus on the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

What can the industry do to reduce VOC? 
Invest in Vapor recovery units (VRUs). VRU’s are designed to capture light hydrocarbons and other VOCs that escape and collect in the space between the liquid and the fixed roof of the storage tank.

While VRUs are able to reduce VOC emissions by at least 95%, the stigma attached to VRUs is that they act more as a hindrance rather than a benefit since they are time-consuming to install and expensive. Despite these hindrances though, VRUs can actually save you money rather than the opposite.

A few months back, I discussed the necessity of VRUs and how the good can outweigh the bad, by millions of dollars in a short time. If you missed that post, you can read it here.

With the recent EPA-mandates requiring oil sites to install remediation measures, Unimac LP, a part of Dallas, TX-based Air-Mac, recognized the need to comply and began to develop a way for oil wells to implement solutions.

Leading the way to identifying these solutions, Unimac introduced a new VRU specifically design for oil wells. Within Unimac’s new VRU design, they used differential pressure transducers to provide unprecedented precision control within narrow ranges.

Unimac’s new design is geared to help oil and gas producers adhere to to EPA mandated emission levels by effectively capturing crude oil vapors for reuse or sale. The recovery efforts have been successful enough to yield equipment payback periods as short as seven months, in some cases, and have enabled producers to establish new profit centers.

To read more on how Unimac has designed their VRU and how it can assist you with your oil well, please click here.

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