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Martin Dingman |

Finding it difficult to accomplish ‘more with less’?

Regardless of what industry you work in, you’ve heard of – or at least have seen in practice ‘doing more with less’. It’s not as common to hear as it had been in 2008, but I don’t think there’s been a time within the past six years or so that I haven’t missed hearing or seeing it practiced on an annual basis. Unfortunately though, there still doesn’t seem to be that golden answer – the one solution that will make ‘doing more with less’ easier to achieve.

At Siemens, we believe that if there’s any industry that should be able to accommodate the need to do more with less, then it should certainly be Industrial Automation. After all, our goal is to gain the maximum productivity from your process. That is why Siemens recently launched their Process Instrumentation Education Program.

How can a process instrumentation education program help you?

Simple. With Siemens’ Process Instrumentation Education Program, Siemens experts are available to help you understand the differences between technologies and instruments, what new technologies are available to help you increase your yield, and the fundamental principles of operation.

And, knowing that you are busy, we can provide you with the knowledge that you need in a variety of ways – in our training centers, at your site, or online. Our local partners can help you meet your specific needs – be it industry knowledge, specific technology knowledge, and/or a timing or location issue. You can find your local partner, here:

Share with us what your company has done to keep up with doing more with less.

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