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Herman Coello |

Product Spotlight: SITRANS LR250 FEA

Non-contacting level measurement is simple to implement, configure, and is low in maintenance. Since its introduction into the process industry, radar level transmitters have been enhanced and radar technology is on the fast track to becoming the technology of choice for a plethora of level applications.

The SITRANS LR250 family has a new member, the SITRANS LR250 FEA (Flanged Encapsulated Antenna). This new radar transmitter has a TFM 1600 lens that totally seals the process in tanks. This new model can take temperatures as high as 338 F° and pressures of up to 232 psi, and it has all of the Process Intelligence and proven field experience of the SITRANS LR250.

The SITRANS LR250 FEA is designed to tackle level applications, primarily in the chemical industry.  With its FDA approved TFM 1600 lens, it’s also well-suited for many level applications in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical markets. It is truly a cost-effective solution when compared to exotic metals that are often needed in highly corrosive applications.

With its ease of setup and configuration, the SITRANS LR250 FEA redefines simplicity.

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