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Michael Sherenian |

Want to take the uncertainty out of pump control?

How did the city do it?

Good question. Read on.

So, what’s the problem?

In a peaceful city in Canada, one of its wastewater pumping stations had difficulties with its existing level controller. Pumps were turning on and off randomly – and not at the desired set points. This type of malfunctioning can result in potential flooding of the well or can cause damage to the equipment. Add in the fact that most of the city’s wet wells are located near houses, businesses, and industry, and wastewater flooding could be a real problem. No one wants a city’s wastewater in their basement! The cleanup required would be quite costly, requiring repair of damaged buildings and property as well as remediating the environmental impact.

What was the solution?

After investigating and considering all of these factors, operators installed a SITRANS LUT400 ultrasonic level and pump controller. They easily connected it to a transducer, which was mounted in the wet well. Programming only took a few minutes, as the operator simply connected the controller to his laptop with a USB cable. He used the device’s web browser software to configure the unit – no special programs needed!

What are the resolutions and benefits? 

Immediately after installation, operators noticed that the signal strength and signal-to-noise ratio improved dramatically. Under the same electrical noise conditions as before, the SITRANS LUT400 Ultrasonic level controller reported accurate level measurements and reliably controlled the pumps. These results have continued creating a number of benefits to this pumping station, such as lower maintenance, cost savings and increased safety.

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By Vijay Acharya,

Is the SITRANS LUT400 ultrasonic level controller a modern solution for your city’s wastewater treatment system?

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